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AddMotor M60 Electric Bike Review



AddMotor M60 Electric Bike Review

With the AddMotor M60, you’ll have no problem getting up those hills or around town. This is the perfect choice for commuters, casual riders, and those with physical limitations who want to continue enjoying life on two wheels. Read on to learn more about the AddMotor M60 Electric Bike in this post.

The M60 is a Fat Tire Electric Bike with a Lot of Power

The M60 is a fat tire electric bike with a lot of power. It has a 750W 48V Bafang e-motor, and it’s a beast of an e-bike. The combination of the powerful motor and the large tires make for one hell of an experience. You can easily pedal up steep hills with this bike, even if you’re not used to riding an e-bike yet.

Clean and Comfortable

The AddMotor M60 electric bike is made from aluminum alloy, which is considered to be the most modern and comfortable material for bikes. Aluminum alloy is lightweight but extremely durable, making this bike easy to maneuver as well as maintain. Additionally, the design of the frame makes for an aesthetically pleasing piece of equipment.

The AddMotor M60 has clean lines that are appealing to the eye and is built with comfort in mind: The seat is padded and adjustable, allowing you to sit at whatever angle feels best; there’s enough room between pedals so you don’t have to worry about banging your heels against them while pedaling, and it has shock absorbers on both wheels (not just one) so that bumps in the road are less jarring when riding over them. The AddMotor M60 will make any rider feel like they’re flying through traffic or zipping along mountain trails thanks to its innovative technology.

AddMotor M60 Comes with Hydraulic Disc Brakes and Front and Rear Tektro Auriga Hydraulic

The M60 electric bike disc brakes provide greater stopping power than rim brakes because the pads are mounted on the hub rather than in contact with a rim. Additionally, the disc brake system is more durable and responsive than its rim counterpart, and because there is no mud to clog the pads, it requires less maintenance.

Key Features of the M60 Electric Bike

The key feature of this electric bike is the Bafang mid-drive motor, which gives you 20mph of pedal assist on flat terrain and up to 28mph if you’re willing to work for it. This means that even if you’re not in shape to ride at that speed, the motor will help out when you’re tired or don’t want to exert yourself too much.

The frame is made of aluminum alloy, making it lightweight and easy to carry around when folded up a nice feature for commuters who need to take their bike upstairs or store it in limited spaces. The tires are 32C road tires with a 700C hoop size (around 27 inches). You’ll have great traction on pavement but might find yourself sliding around on dirt or gravel roads if they aren’t well maintained (or if they’ve been rained upon).

The Shimano Deore derailleur can handle upshifts and downshifts easily as long as your chain isn’t loose; otherwise, it could slip off your gears without warning. The Shimano hydraulic disc brakes provide excellent stopping power even when wet weather makes braking more difficult than usual.

AddMotor M60 Has a 750W 48V Bafang

The motor is a 750W, 48V Bafang. It’s well-suited for off-road riding and provides the propulsion for this beast of an e-bike. The motor is powerful, reliable, and quiet. It’s also easy to maintain and should last for years if properly maintained and treated. This bike uses a chain drive system which means that you’ll never need to worry about replacing your chain or cassette (gears).

In addition to being powerful, the motor is strong and durable as well; it won’t break down from everyday use like many other mechanical components on other electric bicycles would. However, while its strong construction makes it long-lasting there are still some areas where you can improve performance by upgrading parts such as tires or adding accessories such as lights or racks that are designed specifically for mountain bikes but still work well with road bikes.

The M60 from AddMotor features a powerful battery, strong brakes, all-weather tires, and an adjustable seat height to give you the most comfortable ride possible. AddMotor also includes a clean and comfortable frame design that looks great on any type of bike you choose to pair it with. If you’re looking for something that can handle rough terrain or long travel distances then this will be right up your alley.

Final Wrap Up

All in all, the AddMotor M60 is a strong contender for the most powerful e-bike on the market today. It’s not only extremely fast but also has a lot of great features that make riding long distances more comfortable and convenient. The large capacity battery provides plenty of range to take it from city streets all the way through rugged terrain without needing an extra charge or having to pedal at any point. The frame is made from high-strength aluminum alloy material which has been stress tested using advanced fatigue tests, making sure that this bike will last for many years down the road so you don’t need to worry about durability issues either.

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