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Ride1Up 700 Series Electric Bike Review



Ride1Up 700 Series Electric Bike Review

The Ride1Up 700 series is an excellent electric bike for beginner and intermediate riders. Its geometry is comfortable and its motor is powerful, and the price point isn’t too bad. The Ride1Up 700 series is a solid commuter that will get you from point A to B without taking up much space in your garage or apartment.

Rise1Up 700 Series Electric Bike

The Ride1Up 700 Series Electric Bike is an affordable, high-quality, and versatile electric bike that can be used for commuting, exercise, or recreation. This bike comes with a full Shimano 7-speed internal gear hub, battery, and motor that all work together to produce a similar experience to riding a traditional bike but with the added benefit of being able to ride it up hills.

The Ruse1Up 700 series uses an internally geared rear hub which allows you to shift gears without pedaling. This means it’s easier on your knees when you’re climbing hills or going fast down them. The more gears there are in the transmission system, the smoother your ride will be because you won’t have as much need for acceleration when going uphill. The Shimano 7-speed internal gear hub offers 26 different speeds so whether you’re riding on flat land or up steep inclines; this bike will get you there at whatever pace feels comfortable for you.

Frame and Weight of the Ride1Up 700 Series Electric Bike

The bike has a steel frame, which is heavy compared to the aluminum frames that you find on most bikes. This makes it harder to maneuver and can cause discomfort if you have a bad back. The best way around this is to find somewhere with a good selection so that you can test ride them all out before deciding on one to buy. The bike weighs 62Lb including the battery pack and pedals. This makes it very heavy compared to other electric bikes but still portable enough for most people who feel comfortable lifting it off their car roof rack or pulling into an underground parking lot with ease.

Rise1UP 700 Series Electric Bike Battery and Range

The battery is a 48-volt, 10 amp-hour Lithium-ion pack that can be charged to 80% in about an hour and 100% in about three hours. The Rise1UP 700 series bike battery is removable, so you could conceivably swap it out if it ever dies or wears down from use. The battery is well protected against weather elements, though you can’t go swimming with it or anything like that.

The battery will last for a solid 20 miles on flat terrain at 20mph with no pedaling on full throttle mode (more than enough for most commutes). If you want more power and range from the motor, there are two buttons on top of the motor housing: one button turns off all assist features (including regenerative braking), while another one allows you to switch between three levels of pedal assist modes; however these modes max out at 20mph (32 KMH) even though the bike itself can go faster than this.

Rise1UP 700 Series Electric Bike Ride Modes

The Ride1Up 700 series has three riding modes: Eco, Sport, and Off. The Eco mode is great for beginners or people who are new to electric bikes or have never ridden an electric bike before. The Sport mode is best for long rides, as it gives you more power and acceleration so you can get to your destination faster.

This bike comes with a remote control that lets you change between the three riding modes while riding the bike. The eco mode is great because when climbing hills it helps save some battery power compared to using sport mode which uses up more battery power than eco mode does when combined with pedaling uphill at the same time.

Rise1UP 700 Series Electric Bike Brakes and Suspension

The bike is equipped with disc brakes that are powered by hydraulic fluid. The front and rear suspension systems are composed of steel springs and shock absorbers, which provide a comfortable ride.

Rise1UP 700 Series Electric Bike Display and Controls

The display is a simple LCD screen with large, easy-to-read numbers. It displays the current speed, battery level, and range (miles traveled). The controls are also simple to use. A single button powers the bike on and off, while another button switches between modes (turbo, eco, and standard).

You can see your current speed at any time by glancing down at the small readout next to where you pedal or by checking out the large numbers on the display panel above your handlebars. You don’t have to worry about being able to see it in all conditions though.

Final Wrap Up

The simple design, stable handling, and solid components make the 700 Series a great choice for those just getting into e-bikes or commuters looking to get between work and home with ease. The bike is a solid bike that offers good value for money.


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