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Bauchi Town Postal Code

Bauchi Postal Code is 740001 – 740281. This town is located in Bauchi LGA (local government area), Bauchi State, North East Geopolitical Zone of Nigeria.

For more details on the list of ZIP codes or Postal codes for Bauchi City , find the code along with the area and location.

Postal Code for Bauchi

Area/Location Postcode Type City
Wunti 740001 Facility Bauchi
Gidan Mai 740002 Facility Bauchi
Federal Secretariat 740003 Facility Bauchi
Toro 740004 Facility Bauchi
Yalwa 740005 Facility Bauchi
Dass 741001 Facility Bauchi
Tafawa balewa 741002 Facility Bauchi
Ningi 742001 Facility Bauchi
Army Barrack 743001 Facility Bauchi
Abubakar Tafawa Balewa University 740272 Urban Bauchi
Abubakar Umar State Secretariat 740261 Urban Bauchi
Army Barracks 740281 Urban Bauchi
Bacas 740212 Urban Bauchi
G.R.A 740271 Urban Bauchi
Gumi Hill 740231 Urban Bauchi
Kofar Jahun 740211 Urban Bauchi
Kofar Wambai 740222 Urban Bauchi
Kofar Wasa 740221 Urban Bauchi
Lushi 740262 Urban Bauchi
Railway Station 740241 Urban Bauchi
Tafawa Balewa Housing Estate 740213 Urban Bauchi
Tambarari Village 740251 Urban Bauchi

Abubakar Tafawa Balewa University

Street Postcode
Bununu Rd․ 740272

Abubakar Umar State Secretariat

Street Postcode
Arzo Rd․ 740261
Bubayero Rd․ 740261
Commercial Rd. 740261
Kara Rd․ 740261
Maigari Rd․ 740261
Makurdi Cl․ 740261
School Rd․ 740261
Sokoto Cl․ 740261
Ziki Rd. 740261

Army Barracks

Street Postcode
Bunun Rd․ 740281
Maiduguri Bye Pass 740281
Jos Rd. 740281


Street Postcode
Ahmadu Bello Way 740212
Ajiya Ashiru Rd․ 740212
Aminu St․ 740212
Cathedral Rd․ 740212
Hospital Rd Rd․ 740212
Iya Rd Rd․ 740212
Murtala Mohammed Way Way 740212
Nursery Rd․ 740212
Old Maiduguri Rd․ 740212
Tudun Wada Rd․ 740212
Usman Maleka Rd․ 740212
Wunti Rd. 740212


Street Postcode
Akko Cl․ 740271
Bendel Rd․ 740271
Bununu Rd․ 740271
Dukku Cl․ 740271
Gongola Ave. 740271
Jama’are Cl․ 740271
Lere Cl․ 740271
Nnamdi Azikiwe Rd․ 740271
Plateau Rd․ 740271
Southern Inner Ring 740271
State Ave. 740271
Toro Rd. 740271

Gumi Hill

Street Postcode
Inkil Rd․ 740231
Abbatoir Rd․ 740231
Bauchi State House of Assembly Complex. 740231

Kofar Jahun

Street Postcode
Faruk St․ 740211
Gwallaga St․ 740211
Ilela St․ 740211
Kobi Ave. 740211
Nassarawa Rd․ 740211
Dutsen Tanshi. 740211

Kofar Wambai

Street Postcode
Bakari Dukku Rd․ 740222
Bununu Cl․ 740222
Danaikka Rd․ 740222
Deba Rd․ 740222
Futuk St․ 740222
K․ Madaki Rd․ 740222
Pindiga Rd․ 740222
Sade Cl․ 740222
Sultan Abubakar Rd․ 740222
Tula Cl․ 740222
Wazirin Kara Rd. 740222

Kofar Wasa Scretariat

Street Postcode
Dumi Rd․ 740221
Emir’s Dve․ 740221
Gwangwagwan St․ 740221
Karufin Madaki St․ 740221
Shagari Rd. 740221


Street Postcode
Commercial Rd․ 740262
Custom Headquarters 740262
Kagadama Rd․ 740262
Rafin Zurfi Rd․ 740262
Yelwa Lebra 740262
Yelwa Tudu. 740262

Railway Station

Street Postcode
Akure Cl․ 740241
Ashaka Cl․ 740241
Ibadan St․ 740241
Idustrial Rd․ 740241
Lagos Rd․ 740241
Sambo Limi Cl․ 740241
Samuel Ilimi Rd․ 740241
Station Rd․ 740241
Yadagungume Rd. 740241

Tafawa Balewa Housing Estate

Street Postcode
Abeokuta Rd․ 740213
Bauchi Kari Rd․ 740213
Budo Rd․ 740213
Fada Rd․ 740213
Ganjawa Rd․ 740213
Hadaura Rd․ 740213
Minna Rd․ 740213
Owerri St․ 740213
Port Harcourt Rd. 740213

Tambarari Village

Street Postcode
Ashaka Rd Rd․ 740251
Asbestors Complex 740251
Idustrial Estate 740251
Steyr Complex. 740251
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