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10 Best Math Puzzle Games for iPhone and iPad



10 Best Math Puzzle Games for iPhone and iPad

So, you’re looking for a game to play on your iPhone and iPad that will make you think and have fun simultaneously? Well, guess what? You can do just that with these ten math puzzle games:

1. Picross Pro

Picross Pro

Picross Pro is first on our best math puzzle games list for iPhones and iPad. It is a simple puzzle game found in the App Store. The gameplay is straightforward to learn. Players are tasked with solving puzzles by filling in blocks to complete the picture. You need to get these blocks filled in as quickly as possible, so you will want to look for patterns when deciding which blocks should be filled first.

You can create your own level packs or download them from other players through the game’s community levels ecosystem. There are over 1,000 puzzles available online, so there’s plenty more where that came from!

It’s also worth mentioning that Picross Pro was created by Nintendo, who have been making games since 1889 (yes, 1889!).

2. Maths Pro

Maths Pro

Maths Pro is second on our list of best math puzzle games for iPhone and iPad. This app is a fun way to learn and practice maths. The app has many questions, from basic arithmetic to geometry and algebra problems.

The app features an in-app shop where you can buy more coins if you run out of them for completing the levels. The coins can also be earned by watching videos or sharing the level completion with friends on Facebook or Twitter.

3. GridMatch Plus

GridMatch Plus is a grid puzzle game that requires you to find the number that fits in the grid. You can play against the clock or use relaxed mode if you’re not in a hurry. The game offers three levels of difficulty: beginner, intermediate and advanced.

The grid size can be changed from 3 by three to 10 by 10; this means there are 90 different grids available for each difficulty level! With its level of difficulties, GridMatch takes the third spot on our list of best math puzzle games for iPhone and iPad.

4. GridMatch – Math Puzzle Game

GridMatch - Math Puzzle Game

GridMatch is a fun math puzzle game where you have to match the numbers on the board to the numbers on the grid. This is done by using the grid, which you can use to work out how many squares are in your equation (4 x 2 = 8).

Once you have worked out how many squares there are in your equation, you must drag them over from the grid into their correct positions on your board. The faster you complete each round of 80 puzzles, the more points you will receive!

You can play GridMatch without having any time limit or pressure from other players if that’s what suits your needs best – however, if it’s speed and competition that gets your blood pumping, then why not try playing against friends and family?

5. Perfect Paths

Perfect Paths

Perfect Paths is simple yet addictive. It’s a great way to kill time on your commute, take your mind off the day’s stresses, or just have fun with your kids while they’re learning.

The game’s concept is simple: you’re given a series of dots and must connect them in straight lines. The longer the line, the higher your score; however, there are obstacles that can only be crossed in specific directions (i.e., “no left turns”). You’ll need to plan if you want more points!

6. Primorz

Primorz is a fun and challenging math puzzle game for iPhone and iPad that requires you to slide numbers around to form simple equations. The game’s object is to get as many points as possible by solving puzzles with equations with one or more digits.

The first thing you’ll notice about Primorz is its beautiful graphics and the high-quality audio sound effects they use throughout gameplay.

Hundreds of puzzles are available, but they are divided into categories so you can choose which difficulty level works best for your skillset (Easy, Medium, and Hard).

For these levels to be genuinely challenging, though, it would be helpful if there was an undo button for when mistakes are made or if there were some sort of hint system available since there isn’t one currently implemented within this app just yet (but who knows what updates will bring).

7. Additionblast – How Good are Your Addition Skills?

Additionblast - How Good are Your Addition Skills?

The goal is to answer questions quickly, which means you have to solve math problems in your head. If you aren’t good at that, you might want to try one of these other puzzle games instead. The game starts easy enough: Addition and Subtraction but then moves on to include multiplication and division. You’ll also encounter mixed operations (like addition with multiplication), fractions (3/4 plus 1/3), and more!

8. Count 10 – Brain Training Math Puzzle Game

Count 10 is a counting game, math puzzle and memory game all rolled into one. The app’s goal is to count the number of objects on each level. You will be presented with two images, and it’s your job to determine which image has more items than the other image.

The simple design and bright colors make this app appealing to kids and adults alike. Count 10 challenges you as you progress through different levels by asking you to count progressively higher amounts until reaching 100! Counting up from 1-100 isn’t easy, but it keeps things interesting for those who love math puzzles!

Counting games are excellent for helping children learn numbers from 1-10 and basic addition skills such as adding 1+1 together to form a total sum of 2 objects instead of just seeing two separate objects.

9. Kitten Matching Game for Kids!

Kitten Matching Game for Kids! is a cute game that children or adults can play. It’s appropriate for kids but also fun for grown-ups to play with. You can even play it with your child if they like kittens. It features adorable kittens needing adoption and lots of matching fun to keep you returning.

10. Math Patterns! – Learning Fun for Kids and Adults! (Patterns)

One of the best math puzzle games for iOS, Math Patterns! is an excellent game for kids and adults. It’s fun, it teaches math, and it’ll help you improve your skills. If you’re looking for a way to kill time or pass the time in a productive way, this is the game for you!

If you’re looking for a way to spend your time while simultaneously improving your math skills, these games are the perfect way to do both.

You just need to choose one of these math puzzle games to have fun and improve your math skills simultaneously.

Regarding mental exercise, puzzles are some of the best games for your brain. They force you to use logic and reason to solve problems and answer questions, which is good for boosting your intelligence overall. These puzzle games are an excellent option if you’re looking for a fun way to improve your math skills.

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