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11 Incremental Games Like Idle Dice



For those who are obsessed with Idle Dice, the following games are all similar in style and should be enough to satisfy that endless desire for more incremental gaming!

1. Incremental Cookie Clicker

Incremental Cookie Clicker

(Image Credit: Cookie Clicker Wiki – Fandom)

In case you haven’t played it yet, Idle Dice is a game where you’re constantly getting new dice that have better tech, and you can spend that tech on other things to get more money. The game’s name comes from the fact that your dice don’t do anything by themselves; they just sit around idle until you click them.

Incremental Cookie Clicker is also an incremental game, but instead of rolling dice each day to earn income, you click cookies to make them bake in an oven. The baker then sells the baked cookies for profit which goes towards upgrading equipment and building new bakeries so he can bake even more cookies!

If this sounds familiar to Idle Dice fans, it’s because Incremental Cookie Clicker was designed as a clone of the original cookie-clicking game (if there is such a thing). However, unlike Idle Dice (or its successor: Idle Evolution), Incremental Cookie Clicker doesn’t use any microtransactions or ads—instead it has been built so people can play for free forever!

2. Incremental Pizza Clicker

Incremental Pizza Clicker

(Image Credit: Yandex)

Pizza Clicker is an incremental game that has you like a pizza chef. You start with one oven and a few ingredients, then build your restaurant up until you can hire enough staff to cook pizzas for all of your customers before they leave.

The game is free to play on Kongregate, but there are ads that occasionally pop up between rounds. There are also in-app purchases available if you want to pick up some extra coins or add another oven to your restaurant early in the game.

3. One Screen Dungeon

One Screen Dungeon

(Image Credit: Morrus’ Unofficial Tabletop RPG News)

One Screen Dungeon is a dungeon crawler and a clicker game, with some incremental elements thrown into the mix. If you enjoy games like Idle Dice or Clicker Heroes, then One Screen Dungeon is definitely worth checking out.

One Screen Dungeon’s gameplay revolves around rescuing people trapped in dungeons while defeating monsters along the way. Each dungeon has its own unique theme, whether that be an underwater cave or a volcano-filled cavern. The more people you rescue, the more items you earn which can help you defeat tougher enemies later in your adventure.

As mentioned earlier, One Screen Dungeon is an idle game at heart but it does have some aspects of traditional gaming mixed in there as well (like action). You will move around each room by clicking on squares and then clicking on enemies to fight them off until they are defeated or killed by another enemy before moving onto another area of this grid-based world map system that exists within this style of RPG/Action-Adventure universe where players must venture deeper into these dungeons until reaching their ultimate goal: saving everyone trapped inside!

4. Incremental Garden

Incremental Garden is a small, simple incremental game where you can build your own garden and grow plants. The game increases the size of your garden with each new level, and it also increases the number of plants that are available to plant in it. Furthermore, as you progress through levels, more sources of water become available which makes growth more efficient and faster. Additionally, there are seed packs that can be purchased in increments (or sometimes for free) that give you extra seeds so that you can plant even more! Finally, fertilizer is a resource that helps increase growth speed so if you’re looking for a way to speed up production rates then this might be worth checking out.

5. Incremental Pong

Incremental Pong is an incremental game where you play pong. Yes, that’s right: you get to play the classic video game on your screen as it gradually becomes more and more rewarding each time you play. As you progress through levels, there are new upgrades available for purchase and new players will join your team.

The game is definitely worth checking out if you’re looking for a fun way to kill some time in between other things!

6. Particle Clicker

Particle Clicker is an incremental game that shares many similarities to Idle Dice. You click to earn money and spend that money on upgrades, but what sets Particle Clicker apart from other incremental games is its focus on upgrades that change how you play.

You can buy new upgrades with your money, which double your clicks, or make them worth more than they used to be. However, these upgrades only last for a certain amount of time (usually one day) before they expire and you have to collect another one if you want their effects again.

This means that instead of focusing on getting as much money as possible over a long period of time, players must decide whether it’s worth it for them now or later—as well as how much they value saving up for other things like buying permanent improvements or unlocking new features in the game itself

7. Idle Hacker

A lot of incremental games are similar to Idle Dice, so you’re probably wondering what makes it different? You’re in luck! Here’s a list of some other idle games that are similar to Idle Dice:

  • Idle Hacker (incremental game)
  • Candy Inc. (incremental game)
  • Pizza Clicker (incremental game)
  • Garden Clicker (incremental game)

8. Candy Inc. – Idle Tycoon Game

Candy Inc. is a well-known incremental game and one of the best examples we’ve seen of an idle tycoon game.

It’s available on both iOS and Android, with a browser version coming soon. You play as the owner of your very own candy factory, where you have to produce sweet treats to make money and unlock new machines that will help increase your profits even more!

This is an idle game at heart, but there are some pretty cool features that make it unique: for example, you can upgrade your factory equipment in real-time (meaning if another player upgrades their machine too much it won’t affect yours) or use power-ups to get special benefits like faster production times or even making candies appear instantly in storage!

9. Oil Tycoon – Idle Clicker Game

Oil Tycoon is an incremental game where you mine oil and sell it for cash. You can also buy upgrades to increase your oil production.

Oil Tycoon has two gameplay modes: normal and hard. In the normal mode, you can only mine one oil well at a time; however, in the hard mode, you are allowed to mine two wells at once!

10. Idle Ants – Incremental Simulator

Idle Ants is a fun incremental game where you manage an ant colony. The game starts off slow enough that it’s easy to get into and make some progress, but as the game progresses, it becomes more difficult to maintain your ant colony.

While it may not have the same cute graphics or a unique art style as Idle Dice does, Idle Ants has a lot of similarities with it. It’s also worth noting that this game is one of the few games on this list that are free-to-play and don’t rely on microtransactions like most other games in its genre do.

11. Clickpocalypse II

Clickpocalypse II is an incremental game where you must click on buttons to earn money. It’s the sequel to the original Clickpocalypse, and all of your progress in that game carries over into this one. You can also upgrade your clicking power, which will help you earn more money per click!

If you think we’ve missed a great game, let us know in the comments below. If you’re looking for more clicker games, take a look at our incremental game list here.

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