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18 Best Android TV Games of 2022



18 Best Android TV Games of 2022

Looking for the best games for Android TV? Here’s our pick of the top titles currently available.

1. Faraway 3: Arctic Escape

Faraway 3: Arctic Escape is a futuristic escape game that tells the story of how you were trapped by villains in an arctic base. Your task is to find some valuable items and use them to create weapons, keys, bombs, and other tools to help you survive and escape from this frozen place.

You will need to solve puzzles, avoid traps and find hidden ways out of this lab full of secrets and dangers. The game has a fantastic atmosphere with beautiful visuals and realistic sounds that give it an immersive feel. A chill soundtrack also makes playing faraway three even more enjoyable!

2. Duck Souls+

Duck Souls+ is a roguelike game about ducks and souls.

The game’s premise is simple: you play as a duck who has to complete challenges to get more duck energy (Duck Essence). Your goal is to become the best duck globally, but it won’t be easy since many other ducks are out there trying to do the same thing.

As you progress through various levels and try to defeat your enemies, you can also unlock new “souls,” which will give your character unique abilities and help them overcome obstacles or defeat opponents faster.

The gameplay itself is challenging but not impossible if you’re willing to put some time into it. Duck Souls+ offers several difficulty levels so that everyone can enjoy this game at their own pace without getting frustrated by its difficulty level too quickly!

3. Holy Potatoes! We’re in Space?!

Holy Potatoes! We’re in Space?! is a roguelike strategy game that takes place in space. In this game, you play as potato-shaped characters and are tasked with exploring the universe, collecting resources, and saving your friends. Each level is procedurally generated, so no two games will be the same. You’ll also have to contend with enemies and other hazards.

The best thing about Holy Potatoes! We’re in Space?! is that it’s straightforward to pick up but also has a lot of depth for those who want to invest time into it (and there’s plenty of content to keep you busy). It’s perfect for anyone who wants something fun—without being too serious—to play on their phone or tablet with some spare time!

4. This Is the Police

The police is a tactical strategy game where you play as a police chief in a city. You have to manage your time, resources, and staff while dealing with crime. You can be a good police chief or a bad one, but there will be consequences.

5. The King of Fighters ’97 Global Match

The King of Fighters ’97 Global Match is a fighting game developed by SNK and released on Android in March 2018. While the game has plenty of modes, such as story mode, survival mode, and training mode, it’s the battle mode that makes it stand out from similar titles. You’ll be able to choose from over 60 characters from across the series to fight against each other in up to four-player matches. The controls are easy enough for beginners but still offer plenty of depth for hardcore players who want to spend some time mastering them.

The graphics are great, too, with excellent detail on character models that pop off your screen when you play them at 1080p resolution (although we recommend playing at 60fps). If there’s one thing we’d change about this game, though, it would be adding online multiplayer, so you could play against others around the world rather than just locally via Bluetooth or Wifi

6. Flipping Legend

Flipping Legend is one of the best Android TV games, but it’s also one of the most challenging. This game might not be for everyone—it’s easy to get frustrated with its difficulty and may even cause some people to give up before starting. Flipping Legend will be a fantastic experience if you can handle a little frustration!

You have to collect fruit and power-ups to win Flipping Legend by flipping over cards to score points. The game gets more challenging as it goes on because there are more cards per level (between 4 and 6) and more difficult cards you need to flip over (like ones that take five swipes instead of three). Also, once you reach higher levels in this Android TV game, particular abilities like bombs or lightning storms happen every so often, so remember: when life gives you lemons, make lemonade!

7. Sorcery! 4

This text-based adventure game is a great way to pass the time while doing something else. You play as a mage named Geldon, who can cast spells and make friends with magical companions. The game has multiple endings, so there’s plenty of replay value if you want to try again!

8. Reigns: GoT

If you love the Game of Thrones TV series, Reigns: GoT is a must-have for your Android. It’s just like the original Reigns game, but with more characters from the show and unique challenges.

You play as different characters from Westeros who have to make crucial decisions that affect how they rule and what happens next in their story. For example, will you marry another character? Will you choose peace or war? Will a dragon kill someone important to you? The answers depend on which cards come up in each round.

You’ll also need to keep track of your reputation and popularity throughout each playthrough—these numbers are shown at the top right corner of your screen. You want them both as high as possible because it affects how willing other characters are to help you out during tough times—a low reputation means no one will trust you, and if everyone hates their ruler enough, they could revolt against him/her!

The controls are simple: swipe left or right on any card (except special ones) to make decisions that impact gameplay immediately after each round ends (you also have access via pinch-to-zoom). You can even consult with advisors before making significant decisions, such as choosing whether or not to fight against an invading army!

9. Glitchskier

Glitchskier is a fast-paced first-person ski game where you can compete against other players online or try to get the highest score in the time trials. You ski down a mountain and have to avoid obstacles, but if you screw up and crash into one, there’s no penalty. It’s just another way to get back up and try again. The visuals are great, especially when played in VR mode on an Android TV or Shield device.

Glitchskier is free on Android and iOS devices and PC via Steam for PC gamers.

10. The Little Acre

The Little Acre is a point-and-click adventure game that follows the story of Aidan and his daughter Lily, who has just moved to their new home. The house has been in his family for generations, but rumors of dark things happen at night. As you explore your surroundings and try to solve puzzles, you’ll also encounter lots of humorous references to other games (including Pokemon) and popular movies like Harry Potter or Pixar’s Toy Story series.

The Little Acre 2 is currently available on Android TV devices with Google Assistant support; however, it can also be played on mobile devices if you want more freedom with movement controls or don’t have an Android TV device handy.

11. Pigeon Wings Strike

Pigeon Wings Strike is a game about flying around, collecting as many coins as possible, and avoiding various obstacles. The graphics are simple but colorful, and it controls well with your finger or thumb.

The gameplay is pretty straightforward; you tap the screen to fly in the direction you’re pointing at. You can also double-tap to jump, which allows you to avoid obstacles (like spikes) by jumping over them instead of waiting for them to fall out of the way when you pass through them. The difficulty increases as more powerups are introduced into each level. There are also achievements based on completing objectives such as collecting specific numbers of coins within a certain amount of time; this help give structure to an otherwise repetitive game loop where all that changes every time is what kind of obstacle appears next

12. Thimbleweed Park

In Thimbleweed Park, you play two characters: Ransome the Clown and Delores. The story is set in a tiny town called Thimbleweed Park, where a murder has occurred. Your job is to find out who did it, but it’s not as easy as it sounds!

You’ll have to solve puzzles and explore your surroundings if you want any chance of making sense of what happened in this small town.

Terrible Toybox Games LLC released Thimbleweed Park for Android TV on November 6th, 2017. It’s rated E for Everyone (and 4.5 stars out of 5) on Google Play right now, so I’m sure you’ll love it!

13. Minecraft for Daydream VR

Minecraft for Daydream VR is a great game for Android TV, and it’s available from the Google Play Store. It’s an excellent game to play with your family or yourself. It’s perfect if you like building things in virtual reality!

14. One More Dungeon – VR

One More Dungeon is a roguelike first-person shooter game that has you shooting and exploring your way through towers. The twist is that in One More Dungeon, you’re playing as a wizard who can summon weapons, powers, and even monsters to help in your quest.

The game was initially released for Steam on Android, but it has been ported over to other devices, including Google Play and Samsung Gear VR.

One More Dungeon features procedurally generated levels, so no two playthroughs are ever the same!

15. Motorsport Manager Mobile 3

  • Gameplay:  Motorsport Manager Mobile 3 is an official mobile game, so it’s designed to be addictive and easy to pick up. It’s also a simulation, so you can expect realistic elements like car damage and fuel consumption.
  • Controls:  The controls are simple and intuitive, with each action mapped to one of the buttons on your device.
  • Story:  Like most racing games, there isn’t much of a story here—just race against other drivers for cash (or whatever currency you use). If you want something more involved, check out other racing titles like Asphalt or Need For Speed instead!
  • Difficulty:  There are three difficulty levels in this game: Easy, Medium, and Hard – choose whichever suits your skill level best!
  • Replayability:  There aren’t any multiplayer modes available, but hopefully, they’ll be added in future updates? Plus, there are plenty more ways that we could improve upon things like this too!

16. Badland Brawl (Beta)

Badland Brawl is a multiplayer brawler for Android that lets you take control of one of several wacky creatures. You can play as a mushroom, snail, or toy robot. Each player has their unique special ability, which can be used to defeat your opponents in battle.

Badland Brawl features simple yet colorful graphics and sound effects appropriate for its theme. The game is free to download but offers in-app purchases that allow players to buy upgrades such as new characters or skins for their avatar.

17. Trick Shot Golf VR (Beta)

An excellent game to play with friends, this is a golf simulation game that you can play in virtual reality. You can choose between playing against an AI opponent or a friend. The game also features tournaments and challenges available in several areas, including courses and free play mode. In multiplayer mode, you can compete against other players worldwide by using your skills in this challenging sport!

18. Tilt Brush (Beta)

Tilt Brush is a game that allows you to paint in 3D space. It’s available on Android TV and Daydream and can be used with a controller, cardboard headset, or Daydream controller. Tilt Brush transforms your art into landscapes, sculptures, and even things like firework displays. The app is great for creating 3D drawings or having fun with friends by drawing in the air together!

In Conclusion

While we’re here, it’s essential to talk about the fact that there are some Android TV games that have better controls than others. For example, if you’re playing a game with a controller, it can be difficult to tap on something small with your finger, so instead, use the arrow keys on your remote control (or d-pad). The same goes for swiping left and right – these actions should be done using the joystick or directional buttons.

While many Android TV games are great fun on their terms, not all apps are created equal when it comes time to play them with different controllers, such as remotes vs. joysticks vs. touchscreens, etcetera. A lot of this depends upon how well designed each game is – some will have better support for one type than others, but in general, most developers seem pretty aware that users may want different options available depending upon what hardware they’ve got access to.”

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