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Destiny 2: Where Is the Wayfinder’s Compass Quest?



Destiny 2- Where Is the Wayfinder's Compass Quest?

It’s been some time since Destiny 2: Beyond Light was released, but there’s still much to do in the game.

That includes an exciting — albeit lengthy — process to get your hands on one of the coolest new sparrows in the game.

But how exactly do you get it? And where is this quest? Well, allow us to help! Here’s how to get your hands on the Wayfinder’s Compass Sparrow.

The Quest to Get the Wayfinder’s Compass Is Pretty Straightforward

The quest to get the Wayfinder’s Compass is pretty straightforward. The first step is to talk to Ana Bray, who can be found in the Tower. She’ll tell you she needs your help with an errand and give you her last Vex data core.

Once you have this data core, talk to Ana Bray again. She’ll tell you she needs an additional Vex data core, so head over to Mercury and complete the quest “Beneath the Surface.”

With these items in hand, return them to Ana Bray for your reward: a Wayfinder’s Compass!

Step 1: Reach Level 50 and the Soft Cap

To start the Wayfinder’s Compass quest, you’ll need to be level 50 and have reached the soft cap.

The soft cap is a player’s level that allows them to do endgame activities like raids, Nightfall Strikes, and Trials of the Nine.

The hard cap refers specifically to a player’s Power level. Once they reach this number, no matter how much they grind out or get lucky with drops in-game, they won’t be able to progress any higher until they’ve completed specific goals, such as completing certain missions or opening specific exotics (exotic weapons).

Once you’re at both levels required for this particular activity (50 and soft), head over to Zavala at The Tower, he should have an option for you now that says “Wayfinder’s Compass.”

This will launch into another mission chain where you’ll have multiple tasks along the way that need doing before your final goal: finding all five pieces of what used to be called Exotic Engrams from Destiny 1: exotic weapons and armor sets that are extremely rare loot drops from various activities throughout Destiny 2’s various planets.

Step 2: Complete the “Beneath the Surface” Quest

The next step is to complete the “Beneath the Surface” quest, which is a unique mission for each class.

Solo players or fireteams can complete this quest, but it’s worth noting that there are some sections where you may want to bring along some friends.

This one-time quest is unlocked at level 50 and takes place on Mars. Warmind releases with the new Raid Lair called “Spire of Stars”—a dungeon made up of six bosses and a final encounter against Savathun, the Witch Queen.

You’ll need to decide whether you want to wait until later in your Destiny 2 journey or if you’re up for tackling this challenge right away!

Step 3: Talk to Ana Bray

Once you have all the required items, head to Ana Bray in the European Dead Zone.

You’ll find her by taking a left at the Spider’s Lair and walking up into a small area of rocks. You can also see her from above; she is sitting on a rock, talking to someone else.

Two other people nearby will give you some excellent tips about using your new compass.

When you talk to Ana Bray, she will give you an item called a Wayfinder’s Compass that allows for fast travel between destinations on Earth and Mars.

Step 4: Complete These Series of Quests in Any Order

You’ll need to complete these series of quests before advancing any further:

  • A Better Understanding – This is the first step in unlocking the Wayfinder’s Compass; you can start it anytime. Speak with Devrim Kay in The Tower, and he will give you this quest. He also gives a Fireteam Medallion, which allows you to start up a fireteam of two other players for free whenever you want! If you don’t want to do this right away, feel free to wait until later when I tell you how to find him again so we can finish this first step together.
  • Lost Sectors – These side missions are scattered throughout the game world and can be accessed from Patrol zones or Public Events that appear on your map as yellow exclamation points (!). They’re also marked by a large yellow circle on your HUD that looks like an upside-down pyramid with an eye in it (I know…). Once inside one of these areas, look for various colored lights shining down from above—these indicate where Lost Sector entrances are located! Entering each one will reward great loot as well as contribute toward leveling up your character faster than anything else available currently except maybe grinding Public Events over time…but only if they drop something good like Exotic gear since those items are worth far more than anything else out there right now besides legendary weapons themselves!
  • Quests with Exotic Rewards – Some quests grant-specific Exotic rewards upon completion, including the “Ace Of Spades” sniper rifle questline given by Cayde-6 himself, while others require certain conditions to be met before giving access, such as having reached Level 20 first and then completing two additional missions prior along with having 30 Power level which increases over time after reaching certain milestones such as completing questlines starting here…but not.

Destiny 2 - Where Is the Wayfinder's Compass Quest?

Story Completion (A Matter of Time)

To get the Waypoint Compass, you must complete the mission “A Matter of Time.”

This is a straightforward story mission and will likely be one of your first significant activities in Destiny 2. Completing it will reward you with a Waypoint Compass.

This compass shows where all of the main story missions are on each planet and what side quests are available for each planet.

It also allows players to travel fast from any point instead of going back through menus or following long paths on foot (unless there’s an exotic chest nearby).

To unlock this item and begin using it, you’ll need to complete A Matter Of Time by finding five chests scattered throughout Nessus: one at The Spine Of Keres; one near The Shattered Coast; one near The Hollows; one near The Black Garden; and finally another inside Ishtar Sink which leads into the Pyramidion space station where Cayde-6 was last seen before he went missing during his broadcast with Zavala after being summoned by the Speaker at the Tower.

Collect These Things in Spider’s Territory on the Tangled Shore

To begin, you’ll need to collect the following items in Spider’s territory on The Tangled Shore:

  • 5x Spider’s Eggs
  • 5x Spider’s Eyes
  • 1x Spider’s Venom
  • 1x Spider’s Fang

Story Completion (Bad Neighbors)

This is a straightforward quest: you need to kill 20 enemies. You can use any class, gear, weapon, or subclass you like to complete. No special requirements for this one!

Talk to Ana Bray Again

You’ll get a cutscene, and then you’ll have access to the quest “The Gateway.” Go back and speak with her again for another cutscene.

Ana Bray will tell you about the gateway, where Destiny 2: Forsaken begins. Once you cross over to The Dreaming City, grab one of those fancy sparrows. It looks like they’re going to be limited-time items!

Head Back to Mars

When you’re ready, head back to Mars and find the gateway. The quest will start automatically. Once you’ve accepted it, follow through with whatever dialogue happens next (we won’t spoil that for you).

Afterward, a chest will appear on top of the portal—open it up and grab your new way finders compass!

This Quest Isn’t Too Difficult if You Know What You’re Doing

If you’re just starting Destiny 2, the Wayfinder’s compass quest can feel like a bit of a maze. It’s not difficult to find—you know where it is from the start—but knowing what to do with it is another matter.

Like many other things in Destiny 2: Forsaken, this quest isn’t very complicated when you know what you’re doing.

The first step is finding the Wayfinder’s compass and interacting with it, which will open up a new mission called “There Be Giants.”

This mission will guide you through an easy task that involves killing three different types of monsters (giant spiders and scorpions) on Io before returning to Failsafe for your reward: 1x Wayfinder’s Boon loot box.

And that’s all there is to it! This quest isn’t too bad if you know what you’re doing and where to go. If you’re still confused, check out our other post on the Wayfinder’s Compass quest.

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