Elden Ring: How to Beat Black Blade Kindred Boss Aggro

Elden Ring - How to Beat Black Blade Kindred Boss Aggro
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Elden Ring is a huge action RPG that gives gamers a ton of content to explore. There is a vast world to explore and there are many different things to do. This also means there are a lot of tough bosses you have to defeat in order to progress further into the game. One of these bosses is the Black Blade Kindred, and while it may not be the final boss in the game, it’s certainly one of the toughest ones you’ll come across in Elden Ring. However, this guide will help you beat this boss once and for all so you can continue on with your journey through Elden Ring!

About Elden Ring

Elden Ring is a fantasy world, set in the same universe as Dark Souls. It is an action role-playing game featuring weapons, magic, and shields. It’s designed to have the same difficulty level as its predecessors (very high), but with more freedom for players to choose their character build and playstyle.

The Black Blade Kindred Boss Aggro is one of many Legendary Enemies you’ll encounter on your journey through Elden Ring. This boss can be found in Gravewood Forest, inside The Garden of Thorns area (zone).

How to Beat Black Blade Kindred Boss Aggro
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The Kind of Boss You’ll Find in the Game

The Black Blade Kindred boss is a giant shadow archer that shoots arrows at you. The Black Blade Kindred boss is a giant shadow archer that shoots arrows at you, sometimes from far away. So, if your goal is to kill the Black Blade Kindred boss, you’ll need to figure out how to deal with its attacks. If you want to survive long enough to kill this massive monster, then you’re going to have your work cut out for yourself!

Defeating Black Blade

One of the most interesting parts about this fight is that it’s a boss battle in which you cannot win by defeating your opponent. Instead, you must learn how to avoid fighting them directly and find alternative ways to survive until their inevitable defeat.

The first thing that should be done is to take note of the terrain surrounding your location: Black Blade Kindred Boss Aggro will summon black blades all around himself and also some on top of his head. You should try hiding behind these so that they act as shields against his attacks while also allowing you free shots at him with ranged weapons such as bows or crossbows since he won’t be able to hit back due to being surrounded by too many enemies at once. This can be combined with other tactics like using explosive barrels near the area where Black Blade Kindred Boss Aggro stands so that when these explode they’ll damage some nearby enemies while leaving him unaffected; this would give an opening for attacking safely before moving away again once more while avoiding any incoming attacks from other enemies nearby who weren’t affected by said barrel explosion earlier on.”

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How to Beat Black Blade Kindred Boss Aggro Today
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1. Use The Pillars

  • How to use the pillars

The pillars are extremely useful for escaping attacks, but you can also use them to attack Black Blade Kindred. If you stand on top of a pillar and press Square (X), you will drop down and attack with a shockwave that stuns enemies. This is great if there’s an enemy right next to the pillar or in front of it so they get hit by your melee attack when they run into it. Be careful though, because if there’s too much distance between yourself and the enemy then this will not work as effectively since Black Blade Kindred won’t be able to reach him or her before he or she falls off again!

  • How to make the best use of them

If possible try not to fight BBK while standing on one of these pillars as they may push off before doing any damage! Instead, try using this technique after knocking back their shield using either your own sword or another weapon from within their arsenal which causes them some small amount of damage over time without having any effect whatsoever against their health bar itself (which means less waiting around!). This will allow us to access later on down the line when things get tough again without wasting too much precious time spent trying out different strategies – just remember where those pesky little things were located before going back for round two!”

2. Kill The Shadow Archer First

The Shadow Archer is an enemy that can be found in Elden Ring. He will spawn at the beginning of this fight, and his main role is to keep you from getting close to Black Blade Kindred. The best way to deal with him is by using a bow, sword, or magic spell.

3. Block At The Right Time

Block when you see the boss charging up his sword.

Block when the boss is about to attack.

Block when the boss is about to use his special attack.

Block when the boss is about to use his healing ability.

4. Use Your Magic

In order to beat Black Blade Kindred, you’ll need to use the magic that you’ve learned from playing Elden Ring. You may not have been able to use it before, but now is your chance!

The first thing that you can do is make sure that your party members are in good shape. Try to heal them when they are injured and give them buffs when they need them too (you can find out which buffs work best by using the “Learn” function). This way, even if one or two of them die, they’ll still be useful when they come back.

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The next step should always be disabling Black Blade’s ultimate attack, which he uses whenever someone dies or gets close enough for him to hit with his sword hand — usually, this means getting close enough for him to swipe at them with his sword arm instead of letting him kill another one of your comrades through melee combat damage alone!

The Black Blade Kindred is a tough boss you don’t want to fight head-on.

The Black Blade Kindred is a tough boss you don’t want to fight head-on. The best way to beat him is by using the pillars in the arena and timing your blocks, then attacking when he attacks you.

There are two phases for this fight: one where he’s on his own and one where he has help from shadow archers. You need to kill the shadow archer first before taking on The Black Blade Kindred himself, but it can be hard since they’re both aggressive and powerful.

The trickiest part of fighting The Black Blade Kindred is making sure you’re blocking at the right time so that he doesn’t knock you down or stunlock you into oblivion! He has multiple attacks that can do damage if they hit, so make sure not only are they blocked properly but also use magic if possible while moving around.

This Elden Ring boss can be defeated but it will take lots of patience and a lot of skill to beat it.

This Elden Ring boss can be defeated but it will take lots of patience and a lot of skill to beat it.

While there are many ways to beat this boss, the key is to figure out how they work and use their weaknesses against them. The first thing you should do is learn about their attacks so that you can avoid them as much as possible. The following section has details on all of their attacks:

  • Blade Spin: A quick attack that Black Blade Kindred uses frequently when he faces you head-on. It does not have a fixed damage output and often does less damage than his next attack, Whirling Blades.
  • Whirling Blades: A charged attack where Black Blade Kindred spins around in circles with his sword above his head before coming down on one spot with both hands in an attempt to hit you with all three blades at once (two swords and one shield). This move is usually followed immediately by Blade Spin if the player tries to get away or moves too far away from it upon execution, making this move especially dangerous since it often catches players off guard due to its delayed animation compared to other attacks like Blade Dance which also makes use of three blades but only when using one hand instead of two hands/three blades respectively during execution time frames as well

We know this boss is tough to beat. But stick with it and you’ll get it in no time!

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