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Google Snake Game: How to Make More Apples



Google Snake Game: How to Make More Apples

The Google Snake game is one of the oldest computer games. This game requires only a single keystroke, and it is simple but not easy.

The goal of this game is to make a way through food by eating them and not hitting any walls or yourself.

This article will teach you about the Google Snake game and how to make more apples.

What is Google Snake?

Google Snake is one of Google’s most popular games that started over two decades ago. Google Snake Game is a simple game that can be easily played with a mouse, but it still has a few tricks up its sleeve.

The main objective of this game is to eat apples while avoiding obstacles such as walls. The goal is to get every apple before your snake hits any obstacles.

About Google Snake Game

In 2001, Google introduced a new game for its search engine, “Google Snake.” The game was meant to be an Easter egg or a hidden feature appearing after you enter specific commands into the search bar. Since then, it has been updated several times over the years.

The goal of Google Snake is to collect as many apples as possible by navigating around the snake’s body and avoiding hitting walls or colliding with itself.

If your snake hits either of these two obstacles, you’ll lose some apples, but making it past one without hitting anything will fill up your score meter at the top right corner of your screen (this also happens when collecting apples).

How to Play Google Snake Game

Google Snake Game
Hoever / YouTube

In this game, you need to control the snake to eat apples. You can move the snake with arrow keys or a mouse.

The length of your snake is limited; if it touches any obstacle, like walls, your game will be over.

There are five different worlds in this game that have different difficulty levels. You must avoid your snake’s head hitting any wall or eating another part of its body. If any of these two happen, your snakes will die, and your game will be over.

When you complete each level, you will get reward points that help you unlock new levels easily. Don’t worry if you fail because there are no lives in this Google Snake game, so you can play as many times as possible until completing all five worlds successfully.

How to Make Apple on Google Snake

The Apple is a unique item earned when the player passes or completes a level. It appears as a green apple with eyes and teeth.

Apple may be used in several ways. It can destroy any snake segments, even if they are not touching your snake’s head.

This makes it helpful in removing toxic snakes or other dangers from the playing field without having them reach your head first.

If you press the spacebar after collecting an apple, all enemies on the screen will turn into apples (even if there was only one), making more apples for you.

You can also turn the snake by pressing left/right (or A/D) on a hexagonal grid to make more apples.

You can also force future apples to spawn directly in front of the snake by typing ‘HUNGRYSNAKE’ (while not pausing) and then collecting an apple or apples.

Tips to Win the Snake Game

Playing the snake game is more fun if you are the one winning the game; it may not be easy winning the snake game, but here are some tips to help you win the snake game.

  • Don’t Rush When Playing Snake.
  • Be on the Edges of the Snake Game
  • Zig-Zag Your Way Through the Snake Game
  • Regular Practice of the Game

Don’t Rush When Playing Snake

This is one of the most essential tips to win the Google Snake game. It can be very tempting to rush, especially if you’re excited or nervous, too focused, and/or frustrated. But rushing will only lead to losing more often than not. The best way to avoid this is by taking your time and staying calm during gameplay.

Be on the Edges of the Snake Game

The most important thing to understand about the Google Snake game is that it’s all about patience.

If you’re the kind of person who likes to win now and wants an instant gratification reward (and let’s face it, who isn’t?), then this tip probably isn’t for you.

But if patience is one of your virtues, then know that this strategy involves taking your time when playing the snake game and trying not to get ahead by thinking too far ahead regarding how much progress you’ve made.

Zig-Zag Your Way Through the Snake Game

Zig-Zagging your way through the Google Snake game is an excellent strategy for winning. The traditional way to play the game is to move in straight lines, which can often result in your snake hitting the walls of the screen or getting too long.

Zig-Zagging will help ensure you don’t bump into yourself or run into any walls, making winning easier.

Regular Practice of the Game

Practice playing this classic game, so you’re familiar with handling all its challenges before attempting a speed run.

When practicing, make sure not to let your snake get too long unnecessarily, or it’ll be much harder to control when trying for a real win.

Bottom Line

You must keep your snake’s head on track when you play the Google Snake game. The apple will appear on a random path, even when you create more apples. If the snake head hits any wall, then the game is over.

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