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How to Make a Mii for Nintendo Switch Sports



How to Make a Mii for Nintendo Switch Sports

There are a couple of reasons why you might want to make custom Miis for Nintendo Switch Sports. The Nintendo Switch Mii Maker can be hard to understand, mainly if you’ve never used it before.

But don’t worry, you’re almost there! Below are the most common questions about the Mii Maker: Why do I have to tap A twice to delete unwanted hairstyles? How do I move part of my Mii’s face and body around?

Is it worth spending coins and diamonds on premium Miis? Will I be able to transfer these Miis into other games on my console later? How come the clothes aren’t showing up on my Mii? How come my face still looks different no matter which faces type I choose? How does the Face Type Work? My first few tries at making a Mii didn’t seem to work, and it gave me an error message.

What do I do?

I explain it all here.

The Nintendo Switch’s Mii Maker is a bit different than the Wii’s and Wii U’s — you can’t make Miis from scratch anymore, for example — but it’s still possible to use your creations in games like 1-2-Switch. And using a custom Mii means you have an avatar that looks just like you and can be used to customize your experience in various Nintendo Switch games.

For newbies, it can be intimidating to think about how to use the Mii Maker. You might not understand how the system works…or you might be scared that you’ll accidentally override a favorite Mii with your creation and ruin it.

In truth, the Mii Maker is designed with simplicity in mind. It’s super easy to use and even easier if you already have some Miis saved on your Switch console or an SD card. Here’s what you need to know:

  • Once you launch a game that uses the Mii Maker (like 1-2-Switch), press the B button (the one by the A button) and then select “Create a new custom Mii,” like so:
  • Next, pick a hairstyle for your character—it doesn’t matter which one because they’re all different—and use some facial features from Nintendo’s library of Miis for inspiration.
  • Your character will get its unique color scheme based on your selections here. Pick something that looks good from far away and matches other characters’ wearing in other games. The more uniform your color scheme is across all games, the better!
  • Remember that custom Miis look just like people! They don’t wear hats or shoes but are supposed to look like you when viewed up close. One way of doing this is by selecting each face individually and giving it different hairstyles, eye colors (usefully at night), and beards/mustaches (for men). When choosing hairstyles or eyes, remember that there is 23 possible combinations total!

How to Find Your Mii In Nintendo Switch Games

To access your Mii when it’s time to shoot some hoops, this is what you do:

  • Select the Profile icon on the top left of your screen when viewing a game’s main menu.
  • Scroll down to the Mii logo and select it. From there, the game will prompt you to choose from one of four Miis that can be used in its game modes. Once you’ve selected it, you can view and edit your Mii by selecting it with A or via touch controls on Switch Lite.

Finding Your Mii In Any Game

Once you’ve created a Mii, you can find it in any game that supports it by selecting the Profile icon on the top left of your screen when viewing a game’s main menu. From there, scroll down to the Mii logo and select it. Note that not all games support Miis; at this point, 1-2-Switch is the only one that does.

If you’re playing with friends who also have Nintendo Switch consoles and/or copies of 1-2-Switch, they’ll be able to see your Mii in their copy of 1-2-Switch. If you want to play against someone who doesn’t have access to your Mii (or even if they do), use the “Create Random” option and select your Mii from that list.

How to Make A Mii on Nintendo Switch

On the Nintendo Switch, you can go to System Settings > User > Mii. In this window, select Create/Edit a Mii. From here, you’ll be able to create your Mii from scratch using various facial features and customizing them however you like. You can also choose from various pre-made templates that look similar to celebrity Miis or other characters you might recognize. If you’re creating your Mii from scratch, it’s best to take a photo of yourself with the Switch’s camera first and use it as the basis for your design. This way, your face will look more like yours when it’s finished!

While there are no Mii Maker apps available as of yet, it won’t take long to make your customized character. You can also use the same process to load up a custom profile picture.

Hopefully, we’ve provided you with a step-by-step guide to creating your Mii for use in Nintendo Sports. Whether playing with friends or trying to create the perfect team for a season, now you can have the player you have always wanted!

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