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How to Protect Your Game Against Theft



How to Protect Your Game Against Theft

When you’ve spent hours, days, or even months developing a video game, it can be heartbreaking when your work is stolen. But there are steps you can take to protect your game and prevent theft. Let’s go over some examples of what you can do to keep your IP safe from others using it without permission.

Make Sure You Own It

The first step to protecting your game is verifying that you own it. This means proving that you have the right and ability to use the IP, as well as being able to demonstrate this with evidence.

You not only need to prove that you created the game, but also that you own it or have a license from a third party (such as a publisher). The easiest way to do this is by demonstrating that someone else has authorized the use of their intellectual property through an official contract or agreement which stipulates what rights are granted for usage. You may also want to keep records of conversations between yourself and other parties involved in the creation or distribution of your work—these can become invaluable when proving ownership down the road.

Put It in the Public Domain

The most common way to protect your game is simply by putting it in the public domain. This means that you give everyone permission to use your work, and any other work derived from yours, free of charge. You can also choose to make a few conditions on how others may use your game—for example, asking that they credit you as the original creator or that they do not sell copies of their derivative works (this is often called “copyleft”).

This approach doesn’t offer much protection against theft; there’s nothing stopping someone from copying your game wholesale and selling it as their own product. However, if this happens anyway because your protections weren’t strong enough or were too inconvenient for people who want an easier solution than making their own games, then going open source can still help get some publicity for yourself since news outlets will report on this story when it happens—and hopefully mention both the original creator’s name and theirs!

Use a License Plate on Your Game

A license plate is a unique identifier that can be used to protect your game from theft. A license plate is also a way to protect your game from plagiarism since it can help you prove ownership of the content if someone else tries to claim it as theirs.

It’s important to choose a good license plate for your game, especially if you want to use it as an identifier or copyright protection tool. The most effective license plates are usually short and easy-to-remember phrases or numbers that are highly unlikely to be confused with anything else in existence.

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Prevent Decompilation

The next step is to prevent decompilation. Decompilers are programs that read the object code of a program and convert it back into source code. In other words, a decompiler lets you see what was in your game before you encrypted it. You can use a license manager to help prevent this.

A license manager checks whether or not a player has paid for your game by checking their local machine’s unique ID number (often called an IP address). If the player has paid for the game, then the license manager allows them to run it; if they haven’t paid for the game, then it doesn’t allow them to run it at all!

Keep Your IP Safe From Plagiarism Attacks

Keep your IP safe from plagiarism attacks.

It’s important to protect your IP from other companies, developers, and players.

The best way to protect your game is by keeping it secure with a good password and making sure that nothing stops you from downloading the game files when you need them.

Be Careful With Employee and Contractor Contracts

If you’re working with an employee or contractor, make sure that they sign a confidentiality agreement. This is especially important if you don’t have your own in-house legal team who can draft one up for you.

A confidentiality agreement should include language that says something like this:

  • The person agrees not to copy or use your game in any way other than what’s specified in their contract.
  • They agree not to reveal any confidential information about your game, including the fact of its existence and technical details about how it works.

If possible (and depending on the situation), also include language that prevents them from using their work for a competing product later on:

Use Trade Secrets to Protect Your Confidential Information

To protect your ideas, you can use trade secrets. Trade secrets are a form of intellectual property. They’re also one of the most powerful ways to protect your game against theft and misuse. Trade secret protection is highly customizable and flexible—you can choose whether to rely solely on contractual agreements or instead pursue a combination of contractual and statutory protections.

Avoid Unlicensed Use of Your Trademark by Others

As you know, it is absolutely essential to trademark your game. If someone else creates a game with the same name as yours, they will be able to use your brand and market themselves as the original creator of that game. They can also produce merchandise under their own brand and sell it in stores without giving you any royalties, which will cut your profits significantly. This is why it’s important for you to trademark your game so that no one else can do this!

But before we talk about how to register a trademark for your product, let’s talk about what exactly trademarks are: trademarks are words or phrases that identify products or services offered by certain companies via advertising campaigns (e.g., Coca-Cola). They’re also used by businesses who want customers’ attention when shopping online because these marks set them apart from other competitors who don’t have any kind of distinction between their business and others available on the open marketplace (e.g., Amazon). And finally… trademarks protect against confusion caused by similar-sounding names between two different companies offering similar services at roughly equal prices; this way consumers aren’t confused into thinking one company might offer better deals than another even though they’re actually quite similar.”

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Take Care When It Comes to Slogans and Phrases

When it comes to choosing a slogan, think twice before choosing something that might be trademarked. If you’re making a game and want to name it after your hometown, for example, there’s no problem with using “New York” or “Chicago” in your title. But if you were thinking of using the phrase “Big Apple” as part of your game’s title, you might want to reconsider because Apple has trademarked that term for use with its own products (such as computers).

Likewise, when creating new video game ideas or characters for existing games and apps, make sure not only that they are original but also don’t infringe upon anyone else’s rights. This includes slogans; phrases like “Suck It Up” could cause problems if used by another company offering similar services (like vacuum cleaners).

Finally—and this is especially true when considering copyrighted material—consider whether it would be better to simply reference rather than actually use someone else’s copyrighted work in order to avoid prosecution under copyright law

You Can Prevent Theft of Your Game by Being Vigilant in Protecting It

You can prevent theft of your game by being vigilant in protecting it. This involves knowing the threat of theft, knowing what you can do to protect your game, and being aware of the risks.

In order for you to be vigilant in protecting your game, it’s important that you understand how hackers work and how they commit crimes online. Hackers are constantly devouring any information they can get their hands on regarding new games or big titles that have been announced by developers. They will use this information as a way to launch attacks against these games once they’re released so that they can steal them for themselves or sell them for a profit later on (or both!). It is important that we understand this process so we know what steps we need to take when protecting our own creations from becoming victims of hacking attempts!

The best way to protect your game is to be proactive in protecting it. There are many different ways that you can take steps towards doing so, and we encourage you to continue learning more about them. We’ve done our best to keep this post brief so as not to overwhelm you with information on the topic. That being said, it’s still important for us all as gamers to know what our rights are when it comes time for making sure our creations stay ours!

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