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List of Xbox One Games for Kinect (Updated 2023)



List of Xbox One Games for Kinect (Updated 2022)

The Xbox One Kinect is a motion-sensing game controller that allows you to control games using gestures and voice commands. It’s great for casual gamers and families but also has enough depth that hardcore gamers can use it as well. The best part? There are tons of games available that support the Kinect! In this article, we’ll go over some of our favorites:

1. D4: Dark Dreams Don’t Die

List of Xbox One Games for Kinect (Updated 2023)

The game is played from a third-person point of view, with the player controlling David Young, who has been hired as an agent for an organization known as D4. The player moves about by gestures and voice commands, such as pointing at objects and saying “Move” or tapping parts of the screen to make him run towards them. The game features several different modes: Story Mode, Free Play Mode, and Agent Mission Mode.

In the first mode (Story), players move through a series of stages where they must solve puzzles using their wits and hands to navigate the environment. The second mode (Free Play) lets players explore any stage unlocked in Story Mode with fewer restrictions than before; additionally, there is also an option called “Agent Mission,” which allows players to complete various challenges set by D4’s head office while playing through any stage of either mode. D4 is my top pick from my list of Xbox One games for Kinect.

2. Dance Central Spotlight

List of Xbox One Games for Kinect (Updated 2023)

Dance Central Spotlight is a dance-based rhythm game for Xbox One. The game contains 60 tracks with more than 100 songs, including “And I Am Telling You I’m Not Going,” “Jailhouse Rock,” “Let’s Get It On,” and more.

  • Dance Central Spotlight lets you choose from five modes: Workout Mode, which features several routines that include stretching exercises at the beginning of each song; Party Mode, which includes fun dances such as Cupid Shuffle; Crew Challenge Mode, where you can compete against your friends; Single Player Mode; and Multiplayer Mode (more on that later).
  • You play by miming movements with your arms and legs to match on-screen prompts using Kinect motion tracking technology. As you progress in the game and unlock new moves, they will be available to use during performances of other songs within their respective modes.
  • One cool feature is that if there are two players in front of one TV screen instead of just one player using Kinect motion tracking technology (it’s called single player), both players can work together to score points while having fun singing along with the music while competing against each other at the same time! This type of gameplay makes it easy for anyone who wants to get into dancing games but isn’t sure how much time commitment might be required because there aren’t any complicated moves needed – just have fun dancing along!

3. Doodle Jump

List of Xbox One Games for Kinect (Updated 2023)

Doodle Jump is an endless jumping game with you jumping from platform to platform, avoiding obstacles, and collecting coins. The goal is to get as high of a score as possible while doing so.

The controls are simple: jump by pressing A on your controller and use the left stick to move around (you can also tilt your controller instead of using the left stick). The longer you hold down on A, the higher you’ll jump; it’s easy to control how high you go with this single button press.

As for what else happens in Doodle Jump? You have access to power-ups that give different abilities, such as being able to double tap for extra height or shrink down in size for smaller platforms. But be careful—it’s all over when you die in this game! There’s no respawning here—once a character dies, they’re gone from play forever until someone else starts up another round of Doodle Jumping again later down their own timeline somewhere else across the space-time continuum…

4. Double Fine Happy Action Theater

List of Xbox One Games for Kinect (Updated 2023)

Double Fine Happy Action Theater is a Kinect game for Xbox One that up to four people can play at once. It is a collection of mini-games, including one in which you draw objects on the screen and then watch them come alive.

If you want something fun to play with your family or children, this game might be just what you need. You can also use it as an active exercise routine while having fun simultaneously!

5. Fighter Within

List of Xbox One Games for Kinect (Updated 2023)

The game’s description reads: “Fighter Within is a fighting game where you can unleash your inner fighter with the power of Kinect. Use your body to control your fighter on screen as you compete in one-on-one battles against opponents in an attempt to become champion.”

You can also track your progress with achievements, which include:

  • Unlock five new characters
  • Fight 100 matches in Freeplay mode
  • Complete 50 training sessions

6. Fruit Ninja Kinect 2

List of Xbox One Games for Kinect (Updated 2023)

Fruit Ninja Kinect 2 is a sequel to Fruit Ninja Kinect, which was released in 2011. In Fruit Ninja Kinect 2, you use your body to slice fruit thrown at you from all directions by an army of ninjas who have kidnapped your friends. You can also slash bombs with your sword to clear the screen and earn points.

The game was developed by Halfbrick Studios and published by Activision on Xbox One and Xbox 360 platforms in 2015.

7. Gunstringer 2 – Wicked Possession

List of Xbox One Games for Kinect (Updated 2023)

Gunstringer 2 – Wicked Possession is the sequel to Gunstringer, a Kinect game that puts you in control of a gun-slinging puppet and allows you to shoot your way through various levels. This time around, though, there’s more focus on platforming than shooting.

The gameplay has changed from the original, so this game features more movement and jumping than shooting. The storyline deals with a character named Mr. Ash, who is trying to take over the world with his army of puppets (or at least he was before being defeated by Gunstringer). When Mr. Ash returns for revenge after losing his powers in their last encounter, it’s up to players—who have assumed control over Gunstringer—to stop him again by using their own power: controlling puppets using their minds!

One of the most notable things about Gunstringer 2 – Wicked Possession is its length; it usually takes players between 4-6 hours to complete this game, depending on how quickly they complete each level (which includes collecting all jewels). Another thing worth mentioning here is that while this isn’t an overly tricky title like some other Kinect titles out there today, younger children may struggle with some aspects such as aiming precisely or understanding fully what’s required from them during certain parts of gameplay (especially when trying hard mode).

8. Guacamelee Super Turbo Championship Edition

List of Xbox One Games for Kinect (Updated 2023)

Guacamelee Super Turbo Championship Edition is a side-scrolling action platformer that lets you play as Juan Aguacate, a Mexican luchador. The game combines the Metroidvania style of level design with action platforming gameplay similar to Castlevania: Symphony of the Night or Super Mario World. You use your fists and feet in combat to defeat enemies and explore the world around you. In addition to traditional combat, special attacks can be performed by holding down certain buttons when striking an enemy.

There are two difficulty modes in Guacamelee: Normal Mode and Hardcore Mode (which is unlocked after completing Normal Mode). The former is designed for players who want a more straightforward experience while playing through levels; however, Hardcore Mode presents more significant challenges regarding gameplay and story elements like collectibles or boss fights.

Guacamelee has received favorable reviews from critics who appreciate its unique art style and sense of humor. It blends together classic Mexican pop culture moments with modern references like tequila commercials featuring Luchadores.

9. I Am Bread

List of Xbox One Games for Kinect (Updated 2023)

I Am Bread is a game about a slice of bread that can move around and make toast. The Kinect will let you control the slice of bread with your hands, making it move around and even jump over obstacles.

The game is aimed at children and adults alike because everyone loves to laugh at how ridiculous it looks when someone flails their arms around like an idiot for no reason whatsoever.

10. Just Dance 2014

List of Xbox One Games for Kinect (Updated 2023)

Just Dance 2014 is the latest entry in Ubisoft’s popular dance game series, which has been available on all significant systems since its inception. Just Dance 2014 was first released on the Xbox One and featured a total of 40 songs, including “Radioactive” by Imagine Dragons and “Happy” by Pharrell Williams.

The game also includes five modes: Sweat Mode for fitness, Kids Mode for children and families, Crew Challenge for passing off moves between players, and Dance Battle, where you can compete against others online or locally through split-screen play (no Kinect required), Party Master where you take charge of your own playlist with up to 4 players joining in at once (again no Kinect required), Party Master Pro allows players who have earned three stars on each song in Party Master mode access to more advanced avatars and high-level options such as automatically adjusting difficulty levels based upon sweat rate or dancer skill level.

11. Just Dance 2015

Just Dance 2015

The Just Dance series is a dance video game developed by Ubisoft. It has been released for the Wii, PlayStation 2, Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, Nintendo DS, and Wii U. It was first released in 2009 and has had yearly releases since then. The game was also ported to the Xbox One platform with Kinect support in 2014.

The list below contains games from all over Europe that use Kinect technology:

12. Kinect Sports Rivals Preseason

Kinect Sports Rivals Preseason

This is the game you want to play if you’re looking for a Kinect Sports experience that’s fast-paced and easy to pick up. It features various game modes, each with its own gameplay mechanics.

In Preseason Mode, you can choose from four sports: BMX, Wakeboarding, Street Basketball, or 3-on-3 basketball. Each mode has various difficulty levels and replayability options like medals and badges to earn based on your performance during gameplay. The more difficult settings will give players a higher score multiplier, increasing their final score after competing against other players online (if they choose).

There are also several single-player modes, including Freeplay, where you can practice any game without worrying about competition from anyone else worldwide! There’s also a Training mode where the Coach is available so he can help teach players how best to learn how to play each sport without making mistakes themselves firsthand too often or too early into playing them just yet either…

13. Knights Contract

Knights Contract

Knights Contract is a third-person action game for the Xbox One that features a story mode, co-op mode, and survival mode. In this game, you can buy weapons, armor, and upgrades in an in-game store. The game has a variety of enemies who will try to stop you from completing your missions, as well as other players who are playing co-op mode with you.

14. Minecraft Xbox One Edition

Minecraft Xbox One Edition

Minecraft is a game where players can build constructions out of textured cubes in a 3D procedurally generated world. The game’s crafting system allows players to build with various blocks and place them anywhere in the game world. Other activities in the game include exploration, resource gathering, crafting, and combat. Minecraft is one of the best-selling games on all platforms.

15. PowerUp Heroes

PowerUp Heroes

PowerUp Heroes is a quirky and fun party game where you can choose from 20 different characters, each with their own unique abilities like throwing explosive bombs, lifting heavy objects, and more. You’ll have to destroy the evil robots that are trying to take over the world by collecting power-ups, defeating them in battle, and destroying their bases.

Gameplay: The gameplay consists of three different modes: Story Mode, Free Play Mode, and Offline Multiplayer Mode. In Story Mode, you will go through different stages as you work your way towards taking down the villainous Dr. Doom and his army of robots. Each stage has specific objectives you must complete before moving on, such as defeating a certain number of enemies or completing specific tasks within time limits, so make sure you keep track when starting out!

Controls: You control your character using motion controls, so simply move around in front of Kinect for Xbox One (or use any other available controller) while interacting with objects within each level, such as opening doors or jumping across platforms which requires precise timing since there isn’t much room for error!

Difficulty & Replay Value: PowerUp Heroes isn’t very difficult, but since it is a fighting game advancing through each stage may prove challenging depending on how good you are at gaming overall, so deciding whether this could be suitable depends on how much patience they have when learning new skills while playing something unfamiliar can become frustrating quickly if they aren’t careful enough about what actions are being taken during gameplay sessions which might lead down paths where one becomes exhausted quickly if not careful enough about what actions being taken during gameplay sessions which might lead down paths where one becomes exhausted quickly if not careful enough about what actions being taken during gameplay sessions which might lead down paths where one becomes exhausted quickly if not careful enough about what actions being taken during gameplay sessions which might lead down paths where one becomes exhausted quickly if not careful enough about what actions being.

16. Rabbids Invasion – The Interactive TV Show

Rabbids Invasion - The Interactive TV Show

The Rabbids Invasion – The Interactive TV Show is a TV show and a video game. You can interact with the characters and play games on your Xbox One Kinect while you watch the show. You can even dance along with them!

17. Rayman Legends

Rayman Legends

Rayman Legends is a platform game developed by Ubisoft Montpellier and published by Ubisoft for the Xbox One and PlayStation 4 in September 2014. The game is a sequel to Rayman Origins, which was released on multiple platforms in 2011. In Rayman Legends, players control Rayman, his friend Globox and the new character Barbara as they recover the Teensies (a type of fairy) that the evil Dark Teensie has captured. The game contains several musical stages based on rhythm games similar to Guitar Hero. Players may also use their environment as an instrument during some levels.

The game won awards, including Best Platformer at E3 2013, Best Wii U Game at IGN’s Best of E3 2013 Awards, and Best Multiplatform Game from GameSpot. It received critical acclaim upon release; reviewers praised its visuals, level design, and music tracks.

18. Ska Studios – Charlie Murder

Ska Studios - Charlie Murder

Charlie Murder is a 2D brawler game with a lot of humor, violence, blood, and gore. You play as Charlie, who has returned to his hometown after a long time and realizes that things have changed. His friends have gone missing, an evil cult occupies his house, and he needs to save them all before it’s too late!

The gameplay consists of combat with melee weapons like bats, swords or axes, and guns (but don’t worry—this isn’t doomed!). There are five different characters in the game who offer different stats when leveling up: Max can use strong attacks; Franky has a ranged attack; Jimmy uses fire guns; Tiffany throws knives from afar; Johnny uses magic abilities.

19. Skulls of the Shogun

Skulls of the Shogun

Skulls of the Shogun is a strategy game for Xbox One Kinect. In Skulls of the Shogun, you control an army as you try to defeat your enemies on the battlefield. This game also features voice and motion controls. The gameplay is simple: just walk around and select things with your hands, but it’s still fun!

20. Skylanders SuperChargers Racing

Skylanders SuperChargers Racing

So you’re a fan of racing games and the Skylanders series? Well, this is the game for you! Skylanders SuperChargers Racing is a spin-off of the Skylanders series that features racing. It’s also the first game in the series to feature racing, so it’s got that going for it too! If you like racing games, this one comes highly recommended.

21. Kinect Sports Rivals

Kinect Sports Rivals

Kinect Sports Rivals is a video game developed by Rare and published by Microsoft Studios. The game was released on April 8, 2014, in North America, April 9, 2014, in Europe, and on April 10, 2014, in Australia.

The game features seven sporting events: rock climbing (Team or Solo play), boxing (Team or Solo play), soccer (Team or Solo play), target shooting (Team or Solo play), wake racing (Team or Solo play), bowling (Team only) and table tennis (Solo only). Each event has three challenges with its own difficulty levels: Bronze, Gold, and Platinum. Each challenge also has its own leaderboard so you can see how your friends are doing compared to you.

We hope we’ve been able to give you some new ideas for your Xbox One games. This is just a small selection of what the console offers, but there are many more games with Kinect (now discontinued) support out there for you to discover. If there’s anything else you want us to add or take away from this article, please let us know in the comments below! Happy gaming!

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