Metroid Dread Walkthrough: A Complete Guide with FAQs

Metroid Dread Walkthrough - A Complete Guide with FAQs
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Metroid Dread Walkthrough is designed to help you complete the game as quickly and easily as possible. We cover where to find all the items in Metroid Dread, like Missiles, Grapple Beam Upgrades, and Super Missiles. We also have a FAQ section that covers some of the most common questions about Metroid Dread.

Metroid Dread Walkthrough

Let’s get started!

First up, head over to the left and use your X-Ray Visor to find a morph ball tunnel. Enter it and follow it until you emerge into a room with some metal boxes stacked on top of each other. Destroy them with missiles and then look down at the floor below you. You’ll see that there are three spider-like creatures crawling around down there (they’re called Arachnus). You can’t kill them yet—you need to wait until later—but they’ll make their way up here eventually so don’t leave this room without getting them out of your way first. Just keep jumping back into the tunnel until they’ve all gone away, or use hyper mode if they get too close for comfort.

Next, jump down onto the ledge below using either morph ball form or just regular jumps if you prefer not being able to shoot while moving around. To continue through this section of Metroid Dread Walkthrough: A Complete Guide with FAQs please refer back to my guide!

Frequently Asked Questions

How to get a Nintendo Switch Online subscription For Metroid: Dread

How to get a Nintendo Switch Online subscription?

You can buy a Nintendo Switch Online subscription from the following sources:

  • The Nintendo eShop.
  • The Nintendo website.
  • A retailer likes Amazon, Best Buy, or Walmart. You’ll have to make sure you’re buying the right version of their service (Gold or Platinum).
  • A third-party provider such as PlayStation Store, Xbox Live Gold, and Game Pass – prices may vary depending on your location, so check with your local retailers first!

What is Metroid: Dread?

Metroid Dread Walkthrough Guide
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Metroid: Dread is a new 2D Metroid game for the Nintendo Switch, complete with unique gameplay and an all-new story. You are tasked with exploring an area called Zebes where you must fight through waves of enemies in order to find your way out. The game is being developed by a group of fans who want to make something they think would be fun and interesting while also staying true to what makes Metroid games so great.

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Complete Walkthrough

  • Complete the main story
  • Complete side quests to unlock new areas and power-ups
  • Access secret areas, like the Pirate Hideout or Research Lab, by using their corresponding power-ups
  • Search for hidden items and artifacts, such as Missile Expansions and Energy Tanks (ETS)

Where to find all the items in Metroid Dread?

In Metroid Dread, you can find the items in different places on each difficulty level.

When you pick up an item, it will show up in your inventory. Items appear as icons that are of different colors depending on their type (blue heart containers and yellow energy tanks). You can use these later on to restore health and energy at save points.

Where to find all the Morph Ball items?

  • Morph Ball bombs are always found in crates in the very first room of a new area. Since it’s always in the same spot, you shouldn’t have to hunt for it.
  • Morph Ball Spikes are found on narrow passages that require you to use your Morph Ball mode to pass through them. They can be slightly tricky to find if you’re not paying attention, so keep an eye out for them!
  • Morph Ball locks alternate between being open and closed depending on what form of energy is available around them (plasma or cold). If it’s open when you come across one, use your Screw Attack to jump up and grab onto its top side. You’ll then be able to make your way across any gaps between platforms by walking along this path until you reach another lock that needs opening or closing; once this has been done, return back down using Screw Attack again. Once all locks have been opened (and all plasma/cold doors), go through into the next room where there will be another set of locks waiting patiently for someone with manners like yours 🙂

Where to find all the Ice Beam items?

The Ice Beam is a weapon in Metroid Dread that you can pick up at the end of a boss fight. Once you defeat the boss, they will drop an Ice Beam. You’ll want to make sure you have at least 31 missiles when entering into this fight, as it is one of the most difficult fights in the entire game.

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Where to find all Grapple Beam items?

The Grapple Beam is very easy to miss, so it’s important that you know where each one is located. This section will help you find the four Grapple Beams in Metroid Dread.

The first Grapple Beam item can be found at the beginning of your journey. Once you enter the room with an orange-colored floor, look up and left at a panel on the wall. You’ll spot a grapple point above this panel; shoot it with your Varia Suit’s arm cannon to claim your first Grapple Beam!

The second Grapple Beam item can also be found near the beginning of your adventure: just past where you fought two large robots (one red and one blue), there will be a small chamber with several ledges off to each side of its entrance point—use these ledges as platforms to reach higher places than normal while fighting enemies below them until they’re defeated by using special attacks like Charge Shot or Plasma Beam shots directly into their faces! Once all enemies are gone, look under one of these former platforms for another grapple point that leads back down into another room containing some valuable pickups such as missiles as well as health refills if needed; once inside this secret area again after getting out using either door A or B (it doesn’t matter which), walk straight forward towards another set of doors leading outside again until reaching another place where we’ll need our headlamp switched off so we don’t get distracted by lights nearby that could reveal our presence there…

Where to find all Missile Launcher upgrades?

The Missile Launcher upgrades can be found in the game’s store. You will find them on the main menu, where you can spend real money to purchase more missiles for your missiles.


This completes our Metroid Dread walkthrough. We hope that this guide helped you understand the game better, and let you get past all the puzzles and obstacles. We hope you’ve enjoyed this guide, and we look forward to hearing from you in the comments section! If you’re still having trouble with Metroid Dread, check out our FAQs below.

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