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Metroid Dread Walkthrough: A Step-by-Step Guide



Metroid Dread Walkthrough: A Step-by-Step Guide

Welcome to Metroid Dread walkthrough, the newest game in the celebrated Metroid series. In this walkthrough, you’ll learn all the secrets of our most challenging entry yet: how to get 100% completion.

This guide will show you how to find every collectible item in the game, unlock all difficulty modes, and unlockables like gallery images and Chozo archives.

Whether you’re new to Metroid games or a veteran player looking for some extra challenge, we hope this guide helps!

100% Unlockables Metroid Dread Guide

There are several essential unlockables in Metroid Dread. Some of these will come naturally as you progress through the game, while others can be obtained by completing specific tasks.

The following guide will help you to obtain all gallery images and Chozo archives, solve all speed booster and shine spark puzzles, find all stations and teleportals in the game, identify all recharge station locations on your map, and discover where each network station is located in the game world and where each saves station can be found.

All Missile Tank Locations

  • The tutorial will give you one missile tank.
  • The first room in the first sector will give you another.
  • The first room in the second sector will give you another.
  • Finally, there’s yet another in the first room of the third sector at a dead end with a supply drone that drops missiles when killed (it’s sitting on top of an energy tank).

All Energy Tank Locations

As you explore each planet, you’ll come across energy tanks. You can find energy tanks in the following locations:

  • Energy Tank 1: Save Station A-1
  • Energy Tank 2: Save Station B-1
  • Energy Tank 3: Save Station C-1
  • Energy Tank 4: Save Station D-1

All Power Bomb Tank Locations

Metroid Dread Walkthrough

Power Bomb Tanks are hidden throughout each level. These unique items are used to unlock secret areas and reach new areas.

A red icon represents them, so they won’t be hard to spot once you know what to look for!

  • [Level 1] – If you have trouble finding the Power Bomb Tank in this level, refer to our Metroid Dread Walkthrough and follow our instructions on how to get it!
  • [Level 2] – The power bomb tank can be found in an area behind some rocks near the beginning of this level (before heading through any doors). Just look for some rock formations near a wall and crawl through them with Samus’ Morph Ball ability!
  • Beat the game once to get all images from the first playthrough.
  • Find all of the Gallery Images to unlock an additional gallery.
  • Find all of the Chozo Archives to unlock another gallery.

How to Solve All Speed Booster and Shinespark Puzzles

There are several puzzles, or “puzzles,” as we call them, in Metroid Dread that require the Speed Booster and Shinespark.

We’ve included them all in our walkthrough for your convenience. You’ll need to use these items to get through some areas, so be sure to check back here when you’re stuck.

You can find all speed booster and shine spark puzzles in the walkthrough!

All Stations and Teleportals

Stations and Teleportals are your most essential tools in the Metroid Dread walkthrough. They are essentially the same thing, but each takes you to different places.

Stations take you from one station sector to another (or back to where you started). You can tell where a station is by looking up at any given point and seeing what color it is:

  • Red: Takes you back to your ship’s hangar bay.
  • Blue: Takes you to another station sector (usually an area that has not yet been explored).

All Teleportal Locations

You’ll unlock the first teleporter by completing the game in normal mode. The second, third, and fourth teleporters are unlocked by beating each area on hard difficulty.

As you can see below, there are four save points to choose from:

  • Checkpoint – the blue save point icon is your starting point
  • Save point – the white save point icon is where you last used a teleporter
  • Boss arena – this is where bosses spawn after beating them in their respective areas

All Recharge Station Locations

There are 17 recharge stations in total, and they are located in the following rooms:

  • Cargo Hub
  • Docking Bay Access (Note: This room will not be accessible until you have finished the game)
  • Quarantine Access
  • Command Chamber
  • Commonwealth Access (Note: This room will not be accessible until you have finished the game)

All Network Station Locations

As you progress through Metroid Dread, you will encounter several Network Stations. These critical points serve as hubs for unlocking new map areas and expanding your knowledge about them. If you’re having trouble understanding how these work, here’s how each one works:

  • Unlock Map Data – Each time you unlock this station in a new area, it will show up on the map with an icon (a triangle with three dots). This allows Samus to see what’s available in that area before she gets there. Once unlocked, it can only be accessed using the Morph Ball and rolling under some barrier or obstacle—or jumping into another room on top of an invisible ledge!

All Save Station Locations

Save Stations are the only way to save your game. They are scattered throughout the station in random locations, usually in hard-to-reach spots or behind locked doors.

You can find them by using your scanner as you explore new station areas, and they’ll appear on your map as a blue square when you scan them once they’re close enough.

You can use Save Stations to:

  • Save your game immediately after finding it. This will create a save file with all of the things you did leading up to that point in time; you’ll be able to load this file later so long as there’s room on your save card (which we’ll talk about soon). If you don’t have any room left on your card, this option will not be available until some space opens up again!
  • Recharge Life Energy or Reserve Energy if needed (and if there is any power left in that particular station). Remember: Life Energy cannot be recharged without finding another power source (such as an enemy), so don’t let yourself get too low before looking for one!

All Map Station Locations

In the Metroid Dread walkthrough, there are three Map Stations. The first is unlocked by completing the game once, the second unlock by completing it in hard mode, and the third is unlocked by completing it in rookie mode.

If you have already completed these games and have never used a map station before, follow these steps:

  • Go to your ship’s computer in Sector 3 (or 4)
  • Pull up Data Management
  • Select Maps from the menu that appears
  • Choose the Map Station option from this list of options
  • Select “Map Station” from this list of available maps

How to Unlock Hard Mode

To unlock Hard Mode, you must:

  • Beat the game once.
  • Collect all items. This includes the missile expansion pickups and energy tank expansions, gallery images, Chozo artifacts, and other miscellaneous items such as power bombs and energy tanks.

The game is also played in a different order from Normal Mode; if you’re following this guide closely, you’ll want to start at Crateria instead of Brinstar (unless you like swimming around in lava).

How to Unlock Rookie Mode

The Rookie difficulty can be unlocked by beating Metroid Dread on any difficulty.

How to Unlock Metroid Dread Mode

You’ll need to start by powering up the Varia Suit to unlock Dread Mode. You do this by collecting two missiles and then the third missile.

The first two are easy—just shoot them at the door in the room where you enter Dread Mode, and they’ll break through it.

The third missile is a bit trickier since there are no enemies around, but once again, all you need to do is use a Power Bomb on it until it breaks open to reach it.

How to Unlock Boss Rush Mode

Boss Rush Mode is unlocked after you beat the game on Dread Mode. To unlock Dread Mode, you simply need to beat it once.

This doesn’t mean that Boss Rush Mode will be available if you’ve beaten the game once but haven’t beat it on Dread Difficulty.

To ensure that you have access to all modes and options in the Metroid Dread walkthrough, I recommend playing through each difficulty at least once before starting again on a higher difficulty setting.

How to Unlock Survival Rush Mode

To unlock Survival Rush Mode, you must complete the game. In this mode, you will fight every boss in the game in sequence. This is a great way to practice your skills and prepare for Dreadnought Mode.

How to Unlock Practice Mode

To unlock Practice Mode, you must complete the game on Hard Mode. After this, you can then play the following modes to unlock more.

  • Beat the game in Rookie mode.
  • Beat the game on Dread mode.
  • Beat the game on Boss Rush mode.
  • Beat the game again on Survival Rush mode (this gives you access to all enemies).

Bottom Line

This guide is designed for players just starting with Metroid Dread or returning to it after a long hiatus.

We hope you find the information helpful in your quest to save the galaxy from Phaztos and his evil minions.

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