New World Engineering Leveling Guide and Tips

New World Engineering Leveling Guide and Tips
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New World Engineering Leveling

Engineering is a profession in the game New World. It utilizes metal and materials to create weapons and armor. This New World Engineering Leveling guide will help you level up your engineering skills as quickly as possible so that you can become the best engineer on Aeternum.

This guide will tell you how to level up your engineering skills.

It’s a crafting profession, and you’ll be using materials to craft items. You can also sell your crafted goods for gold, which you can use to buy more crafting materials or new items. It’s all very easy to understand!


This is the most important thing you need to know as a beginner: resources. There are two types of resources in this game: metal ore and hide.

Metal Ore is one of the main resources that players use to craft items, which can then be sold for money or used in more advanced crafting recipes.

The hide is another resource used in some crafting recipes. The hide that you get from killing monsters will vary depending on the type of monster and its difficulty level; harder monsters give more hide than easier ones do!

New World Engineering Leveling Guide
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Leveling Engineering 1-550

The first thing you’ll need to do is get your engineering skill up to 550. To do this, you can craft items using resources from the community resource gathers or by gathering them yourself. If you want to gather resources for yourself, there are a few ways of doing so. You can go out in the wild and try your luck at finding them by killing monsters or breaking down trees/rocks/etc., but it’s much more reliable to visit an auction house and purchase what you need there (although it will cost more).

Leveling Engineering 1-300

As you level up your Engineering skill, you’ll be able to craft higher quality items and develop new schematics that are more powerful. You can also get resources by harvesting or by using the community resource gathering feature. These resources will help you make better items for use in combat and crafting!

Apprentice Engineering (1-75)

If you’re starting out, the best thing to do is craft items. You can use the community resource gathering feature to get resources, but it’s also good practice to learn how to gather resources yourself.

Journeyman Engineering (75-150)

The second tier of crafting is Journeyman Engineering. You will start gaining access to new, higher-tier recipes and equipment as you level up. The most important thing to know about Journeyman Engineering is that the second tier’s rank 2 recipes are unlocked at various levels. For example, you need to be level 75 in order to craft a rank 2 longbow but only level 50 in order to craft an iron pickaxe.

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The third tier of crafting is Expert Engineering, which has its own set of Ranks 3 and 4 items and recipes available for crafting once you reach certain ranks (ex.: Rank 3 Longbow and Iron Pickaxe).

The fourth tier of crafting is Artisan Engineering; this unlocks Ranks 5 through 7 items/recipes (Ex: Legendary Longbows & Forges). Lastly comes Mastercrafting! This unlocks Rank 8 items/recipes such as Epic Forge Tools & Weapons

Expert Engineering (150-225)

Crafting Expert Engineering items is a great way to make money and work on your character’s crafting skills. You can begin to craft Expert Engineering items at 150, but you will need more materials than you had for Basic Engineering. Once you reach 150, go to the Auction House and buy Focusing Crystals from other players—it’s cheaper than buying Metal Ore or Focusing Crystals directly from the node vendors. You may also be able to get some Metal Ore from your community’s resource gathering function, but it is unlikely that this will be enough for any serious production efforts.

Artisan Engineering (225-300)

Artisan Engineering requires you to be level 225 to craft Artisan items. You will need Metal Ore and Focusing Crystal to craft the items. You can get these resources by harvesting them or by using the community resource gathering feature.

Extra Tips

There are a few ways to gather resources. The fastest way is to use your Community’s Resource Gathering function to gather them automatically. However, if you’d like to do it yourself, there are several ways of acquiring the resources that you need:

  • You can engage in harvesting activities and use the community resource gathering feature to get the resources you need to craft items
  • You can also go out into the world on your own and gather materials by killing monsters or picking up plants/rocks/etc…

If you’re crafting armor, then you need Hide and Metal Ore.

If you’re crafting armor, then you need Hide and Metal Ore. If you want to craft weapons, then you’ll need Wood Plank and Metal Ore.

To get hide, head to the open world and go to your nearest resource gathering point. You can also use the community gathering feature in order to collect hide. To get metal ore, head out into the open world or use the community resource gathering feature in order to collect metal ore.

For weapons, you need Metal Ore and Focusing Crystal.

Your first item will be a level 1 weapon. To craft it, you’ll need Metal Ore and Focusing Crystals. You can get both of these through either gathering or buying them from other players.

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To gather resources, you first need to go back to your Home Base and then select the “Resource Gathering” tab in the top right corner of your screen. This will bring up all of the available resource locations on your map—you’ll want to go to one that has plenty of Metal Ore deposits nearby so that you don’t spend too long traveling between them. When you arrive at a node, click on it once to start gathering metal ore (this costs no energy). When you’re done collecting metal ore from one location, click on another node!

If there aren’t enough ore nodes around for gathering materials, try purchasing some Focusing Crystals or making friends with other players who have them available for sale or trade!

You can use the Community’s Resource Gathering function to gather resources automatically.

There are a few ways to get resources in New World Engineering. You can engage in harvesting activities and resource-gathering activities, which will give you a chance to gain more resources. For more information on these activities, please refer to our guide for Harvesting and Resource Gathering!

You can also gather resources (and other loot) yourself in a few ways.

In addition to gathering resources, you can also acquire other loot by harvesting it yourself. When you kill a mob or open a chest, there’s a chance that it will drop an item with which you can trade or sell for gold. You’ll also find some items in the world that aren’t obtained this way—for example, if another player opens their own chest and drops something into it, anyone else who accesses that same chest has a chance of acquiring the dropped item as well.

You can engage in harvesting activities.

You can engage in harvesting activities and use the community resource gathering feature to get the resources you need to craft items. The community resource gathering feature lets you gather resources automatically, while also allowing you to manually gather them yourself.

Harvesting activities include mining, fishing, and logging. Mining is done by using a pickaxe on ore deposits that are found within the environment of New World Engineering. Fishing can be done by using fishing rods on bodies of water within New World Engineering (such as lakes). Logging involves using axes on trees in order to acquire wood for crafting other items or for selling on marketplaces such as Trade Central Market or Black Market.*

The community resource gathering feature allows you to receive skill points from engaging in these activities with your friends who also have access to this feature turned on (they must have it turned off). You can see how many skill points each action will earn by hovering over it with your mouse cursor once selected from its menu options.”

We hope that this guide has been helpful for you. Now go forth and make amazing things with your engineering skills!

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