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Nintendo Switch OLED Gets a Splatoon 3 Edition—Here Are All the Details



Nintendo Switch OLED Gets a Splatoon 3 Edition—Here Are All the Details

In preparation for the release of Splatoon 3, Nintendo will release a special OLED model of the Nintendo Switch that is themed after the game.

A Nintendo Switch OLED system with a Splatoon 3 motif is going to be released, according to an announcement made by Nintendo earlier today (link opens in new tab). The special edition console comes with a dock that has paint splatters on it, as well as a set of Joy-Con controllers in the colors green and purple, both of which are painted with artwork from the Splatoon video game. The launch date of the system is slated for August 26, 2022, which is only fourteen days before the game Splatoon 3 will be available.

Along with the Switch, Nintendo will also be releasing a Splatoon 3-themed Nintendo Switch Pro controller. This controller will have a yellow and blue color scheme that is slightly different from the Switch’s but is still easily recognizable, and it will also feature artwork that is themed around Inklings. To put the cherry on top of everything, you will also soon be able to get your hands on a Switch OLED case that matches your themed console so that you can store it safely.

In the past several weeks, we have gained a lot of knowledge about Splatoon 3, and this is just one of those insights. In point of fact, earlier this week we also got a glimpse at one of the new multiplayer levels for Splatoon 3, which is called Mincemeat Metalworks. On this map, players will engage in combat in and around a defunct scrapyard.

We have also seen a handful of pictures of the next third-person shooter. Some of these screenshots give the impression that Splatoon 3 is significantly more expansive than the games in the series that came before it.

Additionally, Nintendo has recently submitted a number of patents, some of which may or may not be utilized in the development of Splatoon 3 in the future. Fans are speculating that a recent patent for an anti-cheat system and mini-map could eventually wind up being used with Splatoon 3, despite the fact that Nintendo has not officially revealed the feature.

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