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Sonic 3 to Feature Michael Jackson Songs, Creator Yuji Naka Confirms



Sonic 3 to Feature Michael Jackson Songs, Creator Yuji Naka Confirms

Sonic 3 will include music by the late “King of Pop,” Michael Jackson. This topic has already been the subject of speculation, with many people speculating about the details of the compositions. The “Sonic” inventor, Yuji Naka, asserted that this was accurate, and the upcoming game has corroborated this claim.

Yuji Naka, the inventor of “Sonic,” expressed his disappointment on Twitter about the choice to delete Michael Jackson’s song from “Sonic 3.” “the upcoming SEGA game. Additionally, the fact that Jackson composed a score for the game that the studio would employ supports earlier speculations about his involvement in the gaming franchise.

Naka claimed that despite incorporating songs by the late King of Pop, SEGA Official took the music out of the game.

The “Sonic Origins” remastered version of “Sonic the Hedgehog 3” is missing the component. According to this information, Jackson is solely collaborating with SEGA on the “Sonic” video games, which will feature his songs and compositions on the game’s official soundtrack.

Song Replacement in New “Sonic” Game, according to Yuji Naka

Additionally, Yuji Naka stated on Twitter that he just translated his words from Japanese to English using an online tool, and some of the information may not be true. It implies that the game’s designer may have misunderstood how to express his revelations.

Michael Jackson and Sonic

Michael Jackson is a huge admirer of games and popular culture, and his music has been used in a number of movies and video games that elevate both in terms of spirit. There are allegations that Jackson asked George Lucas about playing “Jar-Jar Binks” in the renowned “Star Wars” trilogy prequels, so it’s not just his music that has appeared in motion pictures.

“Sonic Frontiers,” the most recent game in the illustrious SEGA franchise, is still under production and is awaiting completion from the game’s creators. However, Naka claimed that this was not the most recent game to purportedly feature music by Michael Jackson, and it would be a different game to include the well-known song from the King of Pop.

Despite Naka’s disclosures on Twitter, pointing out the links to the public, the song he mentioned did not make it to the game’s official soundtrack list in its final form, and it may not even appear in it. However, this material revealed something to the public and dispelled rumors about Jackson’s involvement in the undertaking.

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