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The 10 Best Minecraft Animal Mods (2023)



The 10 Best Minecraft Animal Mods (2022)

Minecraft is a game where you can do almost anything, but what if you want to do something specific? That’s where mods come in. Mods are add-ons to the original Minecraft game that give you new things and abilities. In this article, we’ll show you the best Minecraft animal mods—including animals that grow crops, magical creatures like dragons and unicorns, and lots more!

1. Animal Crops

The 10 Best Minecraft Animal Mods (2023)

Animal Crops is a mod that adds new crops that can be used to breed and raise animals. The mod adds new crops, such as wheat, carrots, and potatoes. The crops can be planted and harvested just like any other crop in Minecraft. Once you’ve harvested your crop, you’ll need to place it on the ground for it to grow into another crop of its type. Once this happens, you’ll need to harvest the new crop before placing it elsewhere so that it will continue growing into another new crop when placed back down again on the soil surface where they were initially planted.

2. Quintessential Creatures

The 10 Best Minecraft Animal Mods (2023)

If you’re looking for a mod that will add an abundance of new creatures and items to your Minecraft world, Quintessential Creatures is perfect for you. It includes mobs such as the Manticore, who has a scorpion tail, body, and lion head. You’ll also find animals like the Gryphon, which looks like a griffin with wings and talons that can be used as weapons.

You’ll also get to see new mounts like Giant Spiders (which can carry ten players) or Unicorns, which are peaceful creatures that spawn in biomes filled with flowers, although they will run away if attacked by hostile mobs.

The mod also adds new blocks, such as Slabs, so that you can make your furniture or walls with different textures depending on the block type (such as stone slab vs. glass slab). There are also new plants such as pumpkins that grow on tilled farmland just like wheat, but instead of dropping seeds when harvested, pumpkins drop money bags!

3. Rats Mod

The 10 Best Minecraft Animal Mods (2023)

Rats are a hostile mob that will attack players, other mobs, and villagers. They are also able to be tamed and used as pets or mounts. When they attack players, they may pick up their dropped items and run away with them! Rats can also be used to farm seeds and crops creatively by breeding them together to produce baby rats.

4. Doggy Talents Mod

Doggy Talents Mod

Doggy Talents is a mod that adds new abilities to dogs, allowing you to use and train them. With this mod, you can give commands like “sit” and “stay.” You can teach your dog tricks like fetching sticks or following particular objects or people. The mod doesn’t just allow for training, though—the dogs also come in different breeds with unique abilities!

5. Chickens Mod in Minecraft

Chickens Mod in Minecraft

Chickens are a type of animal in Minecraft. They are familiar, easy to tame, and can be used for eggs, meat, and feathers.

There are currently six chicken variations you can encounter: White, Brown, Black, Lava Chicken (spawns in the Nether), Zombie Chicken (spawns only when hit by lightning or during Halloween), and Golden Chicken (rare spawn).

6. Mystical World Mod

Mystical World Mod

Mystical World adds new mobs, biomes, items, and blocks. It also adds new food items and crafting recipes.

The mod adds a new dimension called the Mystical World, where you can find many weird creatures like owls or dragons! You will also see different trees that grow apples, pears, and other fruits. The mod also includes new enchantments with which you can make your weapons even more powerful than before.

Mystical World adds several bosses: Cailleach Bheur (she is an Irish goddess who has control over winter), Shoggoth (a massive monster from H. P. Lovecraft stories), or Medusa (you know what this guy does).

7. Better Animals Plus

Better Animals Plus Mod

Minecraft has a lot of variety. There are tons of mods that add new behaviors, but it’s easy to become overwhelmed by the quantity and quality of mods out there. This guide will help you find the best Minecraft animal mods for your server or a single-player game.

There are dozens of animal mods on the internet, all with different features, so deciding which one is right for you can be challenging. This article will cover some great options: Better Animals Plus (BAP), Peaceful Animals Plus (PAP), and Animal Bikes Mod. We’ll also talk about how each mod works with vanilla Minecraft so that you can make sure it’s compatible before installing!

8. Animania Mod

Animania Mod

Animania is the perfect mod if you want to add a huge variety of new animals to your Minecraft world. It adds new mobs, ores, food, tools, armor, and more. Animania can also add new biomes that fit your biome needs ideally! There are also new dimensions where players can explore with their friends or by themselves.

9. Lots O’ Mobs Mod

Lots O’ Mobs Mod

Lots O’ Mobs is a mod that adds a bunch of new mobs to the game. The mod includes three new creatures: the Yeti, the Dire Penguin, and the Penguin. The first two are unique in that you can tame and ride them. The penguin is basically just an Akita Inu with wings, but it comes equipped with a saddle that allows you to use it as transportation.

The third mob added by Lots O’ Mobs is “The Projectile Chicken”—it’s basically a chicken that shoots eggs at players when approached.

10. Mo’Creatures Mod


Mo’Creatures is an add-on mod for Minecraft that adds many new mobs, items, and other features to the game. It also adds new biomes, dimensions, and ores. Mo’Creatures is an excellent mod for players who like to explore and hunt.

The many creatures you encounter have unique behaviors and characteristics; some are passive while others are aggressive toward the player character (you).

So here we go, these are the best Minecraft animal mods. I hope you enjoyed reading this post and that it helped you choose a mod for your game!

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