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The 10 Best Online Multiplayer Scrabble Games



Scrabble is a classic board game that’s been around for decades. It’s a great way to play with family and friends, but sometimes you want a little more action. That’s where online multiplayer scrabble games come in! These ten games are some of the best, and they’re all free. So grab your tiles and get ready to try them out:

1. Funky Potato

Funky Potato is a free, multiplayer mobile game available on iOS and Android. It’s very similar to the classic board game Scrabble, but instead of players attempting to form words with their tiles, they must arrange them in sequences. Funky Potato aims to create long sequences of letters while avoiding getting stuck with blank spaces on your rack. The longer your sequence is when you play it down on the board, the more points you score—but make sure it doesn’t overlap another player’s arrangement!

The way these game works makes them ideal for casual play; there are no timers or penalties for making mistakes. You can take as much time as needed to make each move because, in Funky Potato, there are no turns; everyone plays simultaneously against each other and at their own pace.

2. Scrabble Blast!

Scrabble Blast! is a multiplayer online word game that lets you play with friends or strangers. You can play in your browser or even on the go by using your mobile browser or app. The rules are the same as in classic Scrabble: Each round will have a randomly selected board layout, and players take turns placing letters onto the board to form words from their racks (which start with seven random letters each). Your goal is to find words worth points and get rid of all your tiles first so that you win!

3. Hasbro Scrabulous

Hasbro Scrabulous is a Facebook game that lets you play Scrabble against your friends. The interface is very similar to the Scrabble game, and you can use any official tilesets from Hasbro.

We love this game because it’s easy to play but challenging enough to keep things interesting, even for experienced players. Plus, since it’s on Facebook, all your friends are playing too!

4. Scrabble Sprint

This is one of the best online multiplayer Scrabble games because it allows you to play against other real people. You can play in a tournament mode or in a quick game, and there are many different options for how you want to play.

You can play in English, French, German, Spanish, Italian, or Portuguese. Then choose whether you want to be a player or an observer before starting your game. In addition to these options, there are also 3 difficulty levels: beginner (1), advanced (2), and expert (3).

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If you have never played Scrabble before, I recommend starting on the beginner level until your skill improves enough for more difficult challenges!

5. Scrabble 3D

Scrabble 3D is a new take on the classic board game with a 3D twist. You can play against other players online or go solo against the computer. The graphics are simple and clean, so they won’t distract you while trying to get your words together in as little time as possible. It also comes with several features that you might find handy:

  • Multiplayer mode – Play against other people from around the world!
  • Chat feature – Chat with friends and opponents mid-game, or just send quick messages to each other.
  • Dictionary feature – Use this tool to check if your word is valid before submitting it for scoring purposes! If it isn’t in there yet, then make sure someone else doesn’t already have it (and avoid using an invalid word).
  • Word finder feature – Find all possible words that can be made from tiles on board (including those which could be formed by combining multiple letters). This may help out when trying to figure out what could possibly come next after completing one’s turn; especially since most of us aren’t very good at math when playing Scrabble online multiplayer games…or offline ones, too sometimes, haha 🙂


Word games are among the most popular pastimes on the internet. If you like word building, word creation, word-finding, or any other form of wordsmithing (such as crossword puzzles), then you’ll want to check out SCRABBLE WORDSMITH.

SCRABBLE WORDSMITH is a fun way to spend your time online. With this game, you can enjoy entertaining challenges while challenging yourself at the same time! You’ll never run out of new ways to test your skills and prove that you’re a master at all things literary.

If this sounds like something that would interest you, keep reading! We have more details about what makes SCRABBLE WORDSMITH so great below!

7. Scrabble Club

Scrabble Club is a free online multiplayer scrabble game. The game offers no in-app purchases and is available on mobile and desktop. You can play against other players around the world.


  • It’s free! No other online scrabble game is this affordable.
  • It has the same rules as Scrabble, so you’ll be able to learn quickly and easily if you’re familiar with the board game or have played it before.


  • The app uses ads, which may be annoying if you don’t like them popping up while playing a game that requires focus (like Scrabble).

8. Babble King Online

Babble King Online is another excellent online multiplayer Scrabble game you can play with friends or strangers. This game is real-time, so you’ll have to strategize your moves based on other players’ actions. You’ll also be competing against the clock, so make sure you plan and make every move count!

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The game’s rules are very similar to regular Scrabble: each player has 15 tiles on their rack at all times, and they must use those letters to create words that score points. However, unlike in most versions of this board game, where you’re allowed to take as many turns as you want until someone wins (which often results in long games), Babble King Online only allows players one turn per round. The first person who makes a valid word using all 15 tiles wins!

9. Word Blitz – blitz and make words in this scrabble-like word game for free!

Word Blitz is a free online scrabble-like word game that can be played against real people or against the computer. It’s very similar to Scrabble, but it has its own unique rules and gameplay style. You can play it in any browser on your desktop computer or laptop and on your mobile devices with an app available for Android and iOS devices.

You’ll start with 7 tiles each turn—4 letters and 3 blanks—and one point for each word you make during your turn. Each blank space counts as 0 points when scoring at the end of the round (in other words, they don’t count towards anything). After everyone has had their turns playing all their words (or if no one makes any words), then things get interesting: for each word you got rid of during your turn by playing another letter onto it (i.e., making an 8-letter “quint”), all players will lose 1 point! This is referred to as “quinting” someone else’s word, so if every player quints someone else’s words, then everyone loses 1 point apiece…and this continues while there are still different people who haven’t been quinted yet! So once everyone has been quinted out, we take care of our scores: whoever has the highest score wins!

10. Words With Friends Classic

This game is rated 4.5 stars on the Apple App Store and has a high score of 4.5 stars on GooglePlay. It’s also free to play, so you can enjoy a high-quality Scrabble experience without paying for it! The interface is simple so that anyone can jump right in—whether you’re a veteran or just starting, this is one of the best online multiplayer scrabbles games.

You’ll find that there are a lot of options when it comes to online Scrabble games. Some are free, some require payment, and some are even multiplayer. The point is that you can play a game of Scrabble wherever you want!

Unyime Anthony is a gaming enthusiast specializing in first-in-class gaming content, including PS4, Xbox, Nintendo, and Movies, to educate and inform readers.


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