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The 15 Best Furniture Mods for Minecraft (2022)



The 15 Best Furniture Mods for Minecraft (2022)

Minecraft has a massive community of players and content creators. Because of this, tons of mods are available for the game that add new items, textures, vehicles, and more. But what about furniture? Sure, there are plenty of furniture mods for Minecraft (and we’ll get into some of those in a minute), but these 15 are particularly useful or interesting:

1. Tinkers Construct

Tinkers Construct

The Gamer Hobbit/YouTube

Tinkers Construct is another popular mod that adds new tools and weapons to your Minecraft experience. You can make new tools like the pickaxe, which has a higher speed than the old one but mines more minor ore per hit. As you level up your tinkering skill, you’ll be able to craft better and more efficient tools that mine faster and longer.

The Tinkers’ Construct mod also features some unique armor sets. If you like making things out of metal bars or sticks of wood, this mod is definitely worth checking out!

2. Jammy Furniture Mod

Jammy Furniture Mod

Jammy Furniture Mod is one of the oldest furniture mods for Minecraft. It adds new furniture, crafting recipes, textures, and even new blocks.

It’s not just a collection of random items; it’s actually got a lot in common with popular mods like Mo’ Creatures or Optifine. It has a few different parts to it: the main mod (jammy furniture), which adds in tons of new blocks and items that can be crafted using those blocks; JFAPI (the API for this mod), which allows other mods to access its functionality; JFAPI Client (a client-side version of this API) so that you can use those features in multiplayer servers; and JammyWorld (an enhanced world generator).

3. Carpet Mod

Carpet Mod


One of the essential pieces of Minecraft furniture is a carpet. Carpets can be crafted from wool and placed on the ground, or you can use various color dyes to change their appearance.

You can also use a carpet as decoration, which will look great in your house when combined with other items like paintings or lights!

Carpets are helpful for more than just decoration; they’re also great at protecting against lava and falling. Placing one underneath a trapdoor will prevent lava from damaging any area below it (and make sure you don’t accidentally burn yourself if you step on it!).

4. Outdoor Craft for MC

Outdoor Craft for MC

Outdoor Craft is a mod that adds all kinds of new furniture and blocks to your Minecraft world. As the name implies, it’s all outdoor-themed, so if you’re tired of living inside and want to build some cool stuff outside—or if you just want to spruce up your house with some new additions—this is the mod for you.

How Do I Install Outdoor Craft?

First, make sure to use this mod compatible with your version of Minecraft (the official website lists what versions are supported). If it is, download the ZIP file from their website and extract it into your mods folder in your leading Minecraft directory. This is usually located at %appdata%\Roaming\.minecraft\mods, so keep an eye out for that folder as well. Next time you launch Minecraft, an update screen should show you that Outdoor Craft has been installed successfully!

What does Outdoor Craft do? How can I get started? For starters, let’s take a look at some features included in this particular mod:

5. Macaw’s Furniture

Macaw’s Furniture

Macaw’s Furniture is one of the most significant furniture mod collections out there, and it’s definitely worth checking out. The mod adds multiple new items that can be used as furniture in your home or in a public area (like a store).

It includes:

  • More than 100 different blocks to make all manner of furnishings and structures, including stairs, fences, walls, and slabs.
  • More than 45 tools for crafting these blocks.

6. ModernArch Mod

ModernArch Mod

ModernArch Mod adds modern architecture to Minecraft. It’s an excellent mod for building realistic cities, but it can also be used for building futuristic or retrofuturistic buildings. The mod’s creator is very active on social media and has released several updates with new features since the mod first came out.

The ModernArch Mod works best with other mods that add items like doors and windows because you need those items to build your structures.

7. Kitchen ++

Kitchen ++ Furniture Mod for Minecraft

Kitchen++ is a mod that adds more kitchen items to Minecraft. It’s great for people who want to make their kitchens look more realistic and functional, and there are plenty of items available in this mod to make your cooking experience more enjoyable and fun.

The Kitchen++ mod adds the following new items:

  • Cooking Tools (knife, cutting board, mortar & pestle)
  • Food Preparation Tools (large bowl, medium bowl)
  • Food Storage Containers (large sack, small sack)
  • Food Serving Dishes (bowls/plates/cups)
  • Eating Utensils (spoons & forks)

8. Dany Furniture

Dany Furniture Mod for Minecraft

Dany Furniture is a mod that adds many new items to the game. It’s perfect if you’re bored of the same old furniture and want to add variety to your Minecraft world.

This mod adds a lot of decorative elements such as tables, chairs, couches, and even beds!

9. The Hospital Mod – Facilities Pack

The Hospital Mod – Facilities Pack



The Hospital Mod – Facilities Pack is a mod that adds a bunch of new items and blocks to the game. These items are used to build a hospital, but don’t worry—it won’t be hard! When you install this mod, you will find yourself with everything you need to build your very own hospital.

This mod adds a lot of new blocks and items to the game. Some of the things it includes are new beds, operating tables, and more! These items can also be found in different colors, so if one color doesn’t suit your theme, try another one instead!

This mod also adds new tools like syringes, which can spray medicine onto people everywhere on their bodies! So if someone has broken bones or torn ligaments, then there’s no excuse not to heal them quickly because guess what? You now have access to many goodies thanks to this beautiful addition from The Hospital Mod – Facilities Pack (which should hopefully be installed) by now.

10. The Hospital Mod – Pharmacy Pack

The Hospital Mod – Facilities Pack

The Hospital Mod – Pharmacy Pack mod adds five new items to the game, including syringes, drugs, and more. It also adds a new mob called the pharmacist that sells all these goods in exchange for money. The mod also adds a new biome called the pharmacy biome with some custom blocks and plants that can only be found there. There’s even an entire dimension dedicated to this one-of-a-kind area!

11. Medieval Architecture

Medieval Architecture Minecraft Furniture Mod

The Medieval Architecture mod adds a variety of buildings to your Minecraft world. And the best part is that it’s compatible with Minecraft 1.7.10 and Minecraft 1.8.9, so it should work with most versions of the game (although not all).

This mod helps you build various structures from medieval Europe, including castles, keeps, towers, and more.

12. Furniture Mod

Furniture Mod for Minecraft

This mod adds a variety of new furniture to the game. You can use it as decoration or craft your own furniture with it. This is also compatible with other mods that add additional pieces of furniture, so if you want to create a giant mansion filled with expensive-looking furniture, this mod will help you do just that!

13. Tamriel Treasures Mod

Tamriel Treasures Mod

Tamriel Treasures Mod adds a lot of new furniture to Minecraft. It adds furniture from the Elder Scrolls universe, such as wooden chests and writing desks and more functional items like mannequins that you can use to display armor and weapons. This mod also allows you to use your own custom textures for many of its items.

14. Scarab’s Missing Furniture Mod

Scarab’s Missing Furniture Mod is a popular mod that adds a lot of furniture to Minecraft. It also adds a lot of new blocks and new items. Many people use this mod because it is very useful for making houses or buildings in Minecraft.

15. MrCrayfish Furniture Mod

This mod adds over 50 different pieces of furniture to your Minecraft world. Best of all, it does so without removing anything from the game’s natural feel. The furniture is made of different materials and can be used as storage containers or decorations for your house.

There are many great furniture mods that can enhance your Minecraft experience. However, the ones listed here are some of the best furniture mods around. If you want to expand your home and make it more colorful while still keeping the classic look and feel of vanilla Minecraft, then these mods will definitely do just that!

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