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The 8 Best Cooking Games for iOS



The 8 Best Cooking Games for iOS

Let’s face it, cooking games for iOS are fun. It allows us to live out our fantasy of becoming a chef and have the chance to cook some creative food in a short amount of time. I’ve spent some time playing cooking games on my iPad and decided to share the top best cooking games for iOS in 2022.

1. Cooking Fever

Cooking Fever

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Cooking Fever is an iOS game developed by PlayFusion, and it’s a simulation game where you run your own restaurant. You have to manage customers and make food, which involves cooking and cleaning. If that sounds like a lot of work, well…it is!

While the main focus of Cooking Fever is on managing your restaurant, there are also mini-games that can be played for extra money. For example, you can play “Cooking Frenzy,” where you cook as many dishes as possible within a time limit — and try not to burn any of them!

2. Cooking Craze

Cooking Craze

(Image Credit: Lovica batice – Cash bro on YouTube)

Cooking Craze is a game that plays similarly to Cooking Fever, Diner Dash, and other games in the same genre. While some may not be keen on this type of gameplay, others will enjoy it immensely.

In order to prepare meals for customers, you must take orders from the customers as they enter your establishment (aka restaurant). You’ll need to collect ingredients and then prepare the meal they request before they leave unhappy with their experience at your restaurant.

If you’re running out of time or ingredients, there are ways to earn more money by asking friends on Facebook or Twitter for help! This can also come in handy when trying to get tough achievements like “The Perfect Meal.”

A nice feature about Cooking Craze is that if you don’t feel like playing through all 50 levels from scratch again after beating them once already then there’s a quick restart button available which allows players who have completed all 50 levels once before taking advantage of their knowledge gained while playing through those initial 50 stages again without having everything reset back down at zero percent completion percentage level-wise when starting over again (which would happen automatically if someone were just hitting start over again rather than using this feature).

3. World Chef

World Chef

(Image Credit: World Chef on YouTube)

World Chef is a restaurant simulation game. You can play as a chef, waiter, or diner in this iOS-only game. The goal is to serve customers their food quickly and keep the customer happy. If you do well enough, you’ll be able to upgrade your restaurant and hire more staff (which will help keep up with the demand).

4. Diner DASH Adventures

Diner DASH Adventures

(Image Credit: Diner Dash Wiki – Fandom)

Diner DASH Adventures is the perfect game if you’re looking to have fun and learn something at the same time. It features four different restaurants where players can serve customers, earn money and unlock new areas. The goal is to get three stars for each restaurant by serving your customers quickly and making sure they aren’t annoyed by anything else.

The gameplay is easy: tap on a customer, choose what food or drink they want from the menu at the bottom of your screen then drag it over to them when ready (it will take longer than normal if there’s something wrong with this order).

After that, all that’s left is waiting until they’re done eating before moving on to another customer. This may sound simple but things get more complicated as players progress through more levels which mean there are more customers coming in faster than before requiring quick reflexes!

If you ever need help getting those three stars then don’t worry because there are plenty of ways we’ve found through our experience playing this game ourselves where we were able to achieve high scores without even realizing it!

5. Chef Town

The 8 Best Cooking Games for iOS

(Image Credit: MY GAME TIPS)

Chef Town is a fun cooking game that lets you play in multiple locations. You can play with friends, family, other people, and even your car. The aim of the game is to serve delicious food to the hungry customers waiting in line outside your restaurant.

The controls are simple: tap on ingredients or cookware to chop them up and drop them into a pot or bowl. Once everything is cooked, tap again to pour it onto plates for serving!

6. Restaurant Dash with Gordon Ramsay

Restaurant Dash with Gordon Ramsay

(Image Credit:

This game is an iOS game on the App Store and was developed by Playfirst. It’s a time management game that has a 4.5 star rating from over 12,000 reviews.

It’s free to download and play all levels, but you’ll have to watch ads or buy credits in order to unlock new levels without waiting for them one at a time. If you do choose to pay for more credits (which cost about $1 per 1 million), this can speed up unlocking new content by several times.

There are many different levels in this game including Paris, Las Vegas, Rome, and more!

7. Papa’s Freezeria To Go!

Papa’s Freezeria To Go!

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Papa’s Freezeria To Go! Is a restaurant simulation game that puts you in charge of managing your own restaurant. Your goal is to make pizzas, salads, and other kinds of food so that customers will come in and eat them. You’ll have to manage everything from hiring staff to making sure the place looks nice.

There are many ways to play this game: you can play it offline on your device or online with friends (or strangers), or even host your own tournament against other players around the world!

8. Cooking Dash

Cooking Dash

(Image Credit: Berry Games on YouTube)

Cooking Dash is an extremely popular and well-known game. It’s one of the best cooking games on iOS, with millions of downloads.

Cooking Dash features a fun story that revolves around cooking and running a restaurant. You have to help your customers get their food as quickly as possible while also keeping them happy. If they aren’t happy with their food, they’ll leave you fewer tips!

This game has great graphics, lots of levels and challenges to complete, plus lots of different ingredients to cook with! Cooking Dash is definitely worth checking out if you want something new in the world of games about cooking and running restaurants or kitchens.

Cooking games can be a great way to keep busy when you’re bored, but also help you learn new recipes and techniques. We hope this list has helped you find one that works for your needs!

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