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The 8 Free ABC Games Online for Kids (2022)



The alphabet can be a lot of fun! It’s also a tool that helps kids learn their letters, letter sounds, and spelling. We’ve put together eight free ABC games online for kids with some educational benefits in mind.

1. Jam Badge

Jam Badge

Jam Badge is a fun and colorful ABC Games Online for Kids that will teach you everything you need to know about the letter J. The main objective of Jam Badge is to match up the animals with their corresponding letters so that each one receives a badge corresponding to its name.

Jam Badge is a game that lets you create and share music with your friends. It’s fun to make music with others, even if you don’t play an instrument!

In Jam Badge, each player has their own instrument. They can choose between electric bass, drums, or guitar by clicking the buttons on their screen.

The song starts playing, and they need to press the button in time with the song’s beat. When they do this correctly, they earn points for themselves and help complete their team’s song!

By clicking on “Create” at any time during gameplay, players can start creating their own songs from scratch by choosing different sounds and instruments from within a large selection of choices available in this game mode (or simply use one of many pre-built tracks).

The features of this game include:

  • Over 20 different badges for kids to earn
  • A variety of different animals, including frogs and foxes
  • A fun way for kids to learn letters and their sounds

2. Sticky Splat Soccer

Sticky Splat Soccer

Sticky Splat Soccer is a game where you have to kick the ball in the goal while trying to avoid hitting yourself. The objective of this game is to score as many goals as possible without hitting your hand or foot on your own goal, which will earn you a penalty. When you talk about ABC games online for kids, you can’t let this game out of the list.

The rules are simple: You have five seconds to prepare for each kick, and if you hit yourself, that’s one strike toward your three-strike limit that ends the game. If you get three strikes before scoring three goals, it’s game over!

When playing Sticky Splat Soccer online with friends or family members (or even strangers), it’s important to remember that everyone won’t always be available at precisely the same time—so if someone suddenly logs off mid-game because they need something else done right away, it’s okay just leave them hanging until they return later on another day when there isn’t anything else scheduled yet either way – this way both players still have fun even though one person might not be playing right now due their schedule being busy elsewhere but still want their turn anyway!

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3. Ice Skating

Ice Skating

As the name implies, this game is all about ice skating! You must collect alphabet letters by jumping onto them or sliding over them. You can also collect a letter by skating on it.

Unfortunately, obstacles in your way make collecting these letters quite challenging. For example, there are walls with spikes on top that will hurt you if you touch them. Also, there are holes that will cause you to fall through if they’re covered in ice (which they usually are).

4. Muddy Puddles

Muddy Puddles

The game may be called Muddy Puddles, but it’s about learning to count.

In this game, you count the number of mounds on the screen and then click on your answer. The correct answer will cause mud to splash out of the puddle and hit your character.

The more mud hits you, the fewer points you earn. If you miss one mound entirely or get less than half right (e.g., if five mounds are visible and they’re 3, 5, 7, 9, and 11), then no mud splashes!

You can start over as many times as needed until you get all ten correct or reach a score where no amount of correct answers will improve your total score enough for us to consider it valid (i.e., if we determine that this is not an honest attempt).

This is usually around 100 points because most people don’t know their numbers past 20 without checking first!

5. Cookie Kart Racing

Cookie Kart Racing

Cookie Kart Racing is a free-to-play ABC Games Online for Kids that offers a variety of levels and tracks, as well as upgrades to your kart. It’s also suitable for kids with autism or ADHD.

Kids will love the bright colors, upbeat music, and familiar characters in this racing game set in a candy land theme park. The game has an original soundtrack that kids will enjoy as they race against other characters like Cookie Monster and Big Bird.

Cookie Kart Racing offers interactive gameplay where players can customize their own character using unlockable hats, glasses, and costumes. There are also fun power-ups such as throwing eggs at other cars or firing rockets out of your engine!

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The game allows you to turn off these powerups if you want more of a challenge when playing with younger children who may find them distracting (or even offensive).

Cookie Kart Racing is available on iOS devices such as iPhones or iPad (Android coming soon), so there’s no need for multiple devices if you have multiple children playing games!

6. Global Glitch

Global Glitch

If you’re looking for a fun way to teach your kids about the world, Global Glitch is a great choice. It’s an educational game that lets players travel all over the globe, learning about different countries and cultures along the way.

This game teaches you all sorts of things like how many languages are spoken in each country, what kind of food they eat, and even includes real-life photos from each location. If your child enjoys playing these kinds of games, then this one should be right up their alley!

7. Puzzle


Puzzle is an ABC game online for kids where you connect the dots to reveal a picture. They are usually for younger children, but you can also use them with older kids. Puzzle games are fun and an excellent way to teach children about letters, numbers, shapes, and even basic math skills.

Now that you know some popular free ABC games online for kids let’s look at some of our favorite sites!

8. Catch the Ninjalinos

Catch the Ninjalinos

To play Catch the Ninjalinos, you must first start a new game. You can do this by clicking on the green button labeled “Play” in the upper left corner of your screen.

Next, you’ll be taken to an introduction screen where you will see three ninjas and a phrase that reads “cute ninja plushies.” The three ninjas are named Poppy, Twiggy, and Budderball. They are all wearing yellow shirts with black stripes around their waists.

At this point in time—before starting any games—you should know that if you want to save your progress so that it will not be lost when you exit out of them (for example, if they’re too tricky), then simply click on one of those three little boxes next to each other at the bottom right portion of your screen (they’re called Save Games).

Each one has different colors on them so that they stand out from each other better; Red is for saving progress while blue means no saves were made yet.”

These are just a few free ABC games online for kids that we’ve found, but there are many more. Check them out and see if they’re suitable for your child!

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