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The Best Call of Duty Guns (Most Popular)



The Best Call of Duty Guns (Most Popular)

The best guns in Call of Duty are the ones you’re most comfortable with. If you have a favorite gun and they change it, it could mess up your play style.

We feel it’s important to point out that the guns featured in this article are only some of the best weapons available in Call Of Duty: Black Ops 4. We want to give you options so that if one particular gun doesn’t work for you, there will be another one that does!


The BFG-50 is a sniper rifle that deals serious damage from a distance. It’s good for snipers who want to keep their distance from the action, but it’s also effective for players who like to camp in one spot and pick off enemies as they come by. The BFG-50 has a great range to be used effectively, even far away from the action. The bolt-action nature of this weapon means that you’ll have to reload after every shot, but this just gives you more time to plan your next move!


The M14 EBR is the best gun to use in Black Ops. This gun can be used at any range, as it has good iron sights and a scope. The damage stats of this weapon make it strong enough for close range but not too strong for longer ranges.

The recoil is also low enough that you won’t need to worry about much when aiming down the sight (ADS). This will allow you to keep your crosshairs on target while firing rapidly or semi-rapidly with this weapon.

To top off these incredible stats, the M14 EBR has a fire rate of 90 RPMs, making it good at all ranges!


The Intervention is a long-range sniper rifle. It can be equipped with various sights, including the standard scope, the variable zoom scope, and the thermal scope. It has a high damage output and slow fire rate, making it ideal for headshots or taking out multiple enemies at once. The only downside is that it’s loud enough to give away your position.

CZ-75 Auto

The CZ-75 Auto is a pistol with a dual magazine, making it very influential on the battlefield. It has severe damage and fire rates, making it an excellent weapon overall. It also has a lot of recoil reduction due to its weight, which allows you to shoot enemies without having much trouble when shooting them quickly. Its serious damage and fire rates make it one of the best weapons in Call of Duty: Black Ops 4.

The CZ-75 Auto is a very reliable weapon. You can use it in close-range and long-distance combat situations since its maximum range is relatively good compared to other assault rifles/machine guns used by players in this game mode (excluding snipers).


The AK-74u is a Russian assault rifle that’s great for close and medium range. It has good hip-fire accuracy, severe damage, a fast rate of fire, good movement speed, and reload time. The recoil is also relatively moderate, and its magazine capacity (30/60) and accuracy (80).

One of the best features of this weapon is its relatively low recoil which makes it easy to control in close quarter battles or when you need to get your head down quickly after firing multiple shots at someone who’s chasing after you.


The W1200 is an excellent all-around gun. It’s good at close range, medium-range, and long-range—though it excels at long-range. The W1200 can also kill with one shot to the head or neck.

The only downside to this gun is that it cannot be hip-fired, so you’ll need to aim down sights for maximum accuracy. If you’re willing to put in some practice time learning how to aim correctly with this weapon, you’ll be rewarded with fantastic accuracy.


The RPD is a good choice for a primary weapon in Call Of Duty. It has a high fire rate and is one of the best machine guns in the game. The recoil is controllable, so even inexperienced players can use it effectively. The RPD can be used in most situations, although it may not work well at long range due to its shorter barrel length compared to other weapons.


The MP5K is a submachine gun that has been in the Call of Duty game series since the first installment. It’s an assault rifle with a 9mm ammo capacity and a 30-round magazine. This weapon is excellent at short-range combat, as its high rate of fire makes for quick kills. It’s also very accurate, making it easy to land shots on target.


The UMP45 is an SMG that is good for close and medium-range combat, but it’s not so great for long-range. The UMP45 has a high fire rate, allowing you to spray bullets into the air and kill enemies before they can react. It also has low recoil, so the gun won’t be pushed around by each shot when you’re firing in quick succession.

If you’re playing on a map with lots of corridors or tight spaces to navigate through, this weapon will be ideal for you!

ACR 6.8

The ACR 6.8 is a unique assault rifle. It has the lowest recoil of any primary weapon in the game, making it much easier to maintain control of your shots during long bursts and giving you an edge when you’re firing from a moving position. The gun also has very low damage degradation throughout its magazine. You can fire off several full-auto shots before reloading—a rarity for assault rifles in Call of Duty: Black Ops 4.

The ACR’s iron sights are also excellent; they’re clear and straightforward enough that they won’t interfere with your aim when aiming down them, but they’re still accurate enough that you’ll notice if there’s something wrong with them after using another weapon for comparison purposes (such as when switching between weapons). Finally, this weapon has one of the fastest reload times out there—perfect if you’ve got enemies coming at you from different directions!

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