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The Best Games for the iPhone XR



The Best Games for the iPhone XR

Mobile games are a great way to pass the time when you don’t have access to your desktop or console. They’re also a good starting point for anyone looking to get into gaming, as they’re often more straightforward than other types of titles and thus don’t require as much investment.

The iPhone XR is Apple’s latest flagship phone, so it’s no surprise that some of the best games on iOS right now are made specifically for this model. The device has a 6.1-inch LCD screen with an aspect ratio of 19.5:9—the same as last year’s iPhone XS Max—and its native resolution is 1136 × 2688 pixels at 326 PPI (points per inch).

This means you’re getting more pixels per inch than any other iOS phone out there today, so even though these games may look pixelated on larger devices like the iPhone 7 Plus or iPad Pro 13″, they still look pretty sharp on this new device. Suppose anything is less than ideal about playing them on an iPhone XR or iPad Mini 4th generation tablet. In that case, it’ll be the sound quality since those devices’ speakers aren’t as loud or clear compared with those found in newer models like iPad Air 2nd generation tablets.

Rayman Adventures

While most games on this list are free to download, Rayman Adventures is also one of the best games for the iPhone XR. This game is easy to play and offers tons of fun, so it’s perfect if you want an engaging experience that won’t take up too much time or money. Rayman Adventures has been downloaded over 15 million times, making it one of the most popular titles available in Apple’s App Store.

The game features adorable graphics that make it easy on your eyes while playing and gives you plenty of reasons to keep playing through multiple levels with different objectives depending on how far along in the story mode you are. If you want something simple but entertaining, this would be a great choice because there are no complex controls involved – tap where you want Rayman (the main character) to go!

Alto’s Adventure

You’ve no doubt heard of Alto’s Adventure, a beloved endless runner game that has been around since 2015. The game follows the story of Alto, who is on a quest to collect as many llamas as possible while skiing down mountains and avoiding obstacles in his way.

Alto’s Adventure features beautiful pixel art graphics, an excellent soundtrack, and gameplay that’s easy to learn but hard to master. The goal is to collect as many llamas (the game’s currency) as possible by skiing downhills without crashing into obstacles or falling off cliffs. If you’re looking for something relaxing and easy to pick up but challenging to master, this is one of the best games for iPhone XR users!

Badlands 2

In Badlands 2, you play as a hoverbike driver in a post-apocalyptic wasteland. Your job is to race against other opponents on your hoverbike and make sure that you don’t crash into anything in the race. This game has been compared to other car racing games like Asphalt 8 and Real Racing 3, but it stands out thanks to its cartoonish graphics and simple controls. On top of that, this game supports multiplayer gameplay so that you can compete against friends or strangers online!


Blek is a unique puzzle game that has you drawing lines across the screen to guide an endlessly-spiraling black blob through levels. The line reacts to the environment, so you have to include curves, or it will bounce off walls and objects instead of going around them. You collect colored dots at various points as you progress through the level. Your goal is to collect them before reaching the end of a stage, but no enemies or obstacles prevent your progress; draw a path for your blob and make sure he doesn’t get trapped!

The minimalist design makes it easy to play anywhere, including public transportation or in waiting rooms at doctor’s offices. It’s also straightforward: use one finger to draw a line across the screen while watching where it goes with your other hand—it feels like drawing with gravity instead of against it!


You’ll have no trouble getting Causality, a puzzle game that has you flipping objects to cause chain reactions and solve puzzles. The game features 80 levels, each with its unique challenges. If you’re looking for something slightly more challenging than some other titles on this list, try out Causality!

There are plenty of games available in the App Store that are great for kids and adults alike—but there’s nothing quite as satisfying as finding a title that both children and adults will enjoy equally. One example is Doodle Jump: Remastered, which features simple controls but challenging puzzles and clever level design. This means it can be enjoyed by anyone who wants an easy-to-learn yet difficult-to-master experience!

Donut County

Donut County is a physics-based game where you play as a hole. You have to create a big enough gap to swallow up the world around you. The more objects you swallow up, the bigger your spot gets, and the easier it is for you to move through the level.

Donut County has charm and humor throughout its story, which does not take itself too seriously. It has an attractive art style that makes it stand out from other cartoonish games on iOS devices like Fortnite and Minecraft.

Down the Mountain

Down the Mountain is an endless arcade game where you slide, jump and avoid obstacles to get as high as possible. You can collect gems to unlock new characters, coins to unlock new items, and stars to unlock new levels. You can play in the dark with a flashlight!


Duet is a complex puzzle game that will keep your brain active and engaged. It can be played for a long time and offers the challenge of solving puzzles, making it an excellent game for people who enjoy spending their spare time on their iPhone XR.


Mekorama is another excellent puzzle game for the iPhone XR that’s also relaxing and suitable for players of all ages. You can play it when you’re on the go since it doesn’t require an internet connection, and it’s good brain training for anyone who loves puzzles. The soundtrack is incredibly relaxing—it won’t distract from whatever else you’re doing.

Monument Valley 2

You’re a princess, and you must navigate through a series of mazes to save the day.

In Monument Valley 2, you play Ro as she travels back to her homeland to find her father. You have to solve puzzles by manipulating objects on each level (for example, moving blocks around so that they form a bridge). The game is lovely and peaceful while also being challenging—so it’s great for people who want something more casual but still want some challenge in their games. It’s also not too long at around five hours of gameplay on average if you take your time with it, so it’s perfect for playing during your commute or when waiting at the airport!

One More Line

One More Line is an infinite arcade game that you can play in your spare time. You will rotate a triangle to avoid obstacles and capture orbs to gain points in the game. This seemingly simple mechanic requires quick reflexes and a good sense of spatial awareness.

The graphics are stylish yet minimalistic, giving the game a clean look easy on the eyes. The sound effects add some flair to the experience, making it feel complete from start to finish. Although One More Line does not have much replay value (as in most endless games), it provides enough enjoyment that you may want to try out other unlimited games like Doodle Jump or Alto’s Odyssey if you enjoyed playing this one!

The Room: Old Sins

The Room: Old Sins is a puzzle game where you explore various rooms, each with its secrets to uncover. You’ll solve puzzles, unlock new areas and find more items as you progress through the game.

The Room: Old Sins has been praised by fans for its engaging gameplay and immersive atmosphere. The graphics are beautiful and come with a stunning soundtrack that makes each new room feel like something out of an Indiana Jones film (but with fewer Nazis). The story is told through notes and journal entries found throughout the game’s locations, adding an extra layer of exploration that will keep players coming back for more.”


As the name suggests, Threes! is a game around numbers. The objective is to combine multiples of three (i.e., 2+2=4; 3+3=6). You can swipe cards on top of each other to merge them and create even more significant numbers. When you create an ultimate number by combining all cards, you win!

The game ends when no more moves are possible because your board is entire or your time runs out. That said, it’s important to note that it doesn’t take long for things to get out of hand and for the screen to fill up with cards that make it impossible for you to play any further. So be careful what you wish for—you might find yourself staring at an endless sea of numbers instead!

Threes! is simple but addictive enough that you will draw even seasoned gamers into its world.

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