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The Best Gaming VPN in 2022



What is a VPN?

A Virtual Private Network (or VPN) is a service that encrypts all the traffic to and from your computer or mobile device. When you connect to a VPN, all of your internet data passes through this encrypted tunnel rather than through the public Internet. This protects your privacy and security by making it impossible for anyone else to see what you’re doing online.

There are both free and paid VPNs but in my opinion, if you’re serious about using a VPN on an ongoing basis, paying for one is worth every penny. I really like ExpressVPN as it’s an easy-to-use interface, 30-day money-back guarantee, and because they take good care of their customers with 24/7 live chat support and a no-quibbles 30-day money-back guarantee!

#1. ExpressVPN – Best All Round VPN For Gaming (2 Years Warranty + 49% Off Discount).

#2. NordVPN – Best 5 Year Plans With Double Price Guarantee!

#3. IPVanish – Fastest VPN Provider With 3389+ Servers In 60 Countries.

How to Use VPN

If you play PC games, the topic of VPNs might sound a little foreign to you. For anyone who browses Steam or Origin regularly, however, it’s important to keep up with the latest trends in software and online security. Using a VPN can help secure your connection when playing online games on your home network or public Wi-Fi, so it’s well worth learning about.

For those who aren’t familiar with this term, VPN stands for “virtual private network”—a way of connecting to the Internet that provides more security and privacy than basic internet browsing does. The most popular version of a “VPN” is the one used by businesses that allow employees to securely access the company network from home or while traveling abroad. In fact, just about every business out there should probably be using some sort of VPN right now (not including you if you’re reading this article) because they’re so important for keeping data safe and secure as it travels over public networks like the Internet.

Perhaps more interestingly, however, is how popular VPNs have become in recent years among gamers who want to protect their data while playing PC games online. This is because there are many ways in which malicious players can intercept an unencrypted Internet connection and tamper with what happens while a game is being played: they may be able to check out what other people are doing on your friends’ list or use cheats that give them an unfair advantage (which is kind of cheating). Some people even say that using a good VPN can make all modern multiplayer games unplayable without one! To get into the nitty-gritty details about all these topics would take another whole article, but for now, here’s everything you need to know about using one:

+ You’ll need a computer with Windows 7+, MacOSX 10.7+, iOS 8+, or Android 4+.

+ Download your favorite app from our [CHOOSE ONE: Google Play Store or Apple]




As of November 2017, the best VPN for gaming is NordVPN. NordVPN has the most servers in over 60 countries, which ensures that you’ll always be able to find a fast and stable server no matter where you are on the planet. What’s more, NordVPN has more than double the amount of servers as most of its competitors. This means that it also offers better privacy and security.

You can count on NordVPN not to log any of your data or information. It does this by using 256-bit AES encryption technology as well as a strict no-logs policy and DNS leak protection features. You can even pay anonymously with bitcoin and get an additional discount when you do so!

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In addition to its many other features, NordVPN is also a good tool for streaming content from services like Netflix or Hulu. When you use a VPN service like NordVPN with Kodi (or any other streaming platform), your ISP will be unable to monitor what type of content you’re watching or downloading due to encryption technology protecting your data stream while using a VPN like theirs. For more information about how NordVPN works with Kodi specifically, check out our guide here.



Source: The Sun

You live in a world where every online activity you do can be tracked by the people who run the websites and apps that you use. Try to remember what life was like before this became commonplace, but you probably can’t. In fact, there’s a good chance that you’re reading this on your phone right now or at least looking at it while sitting in front of your computer. The Internet has changed all of our lives, including how we play games online.

Gamers face many threats while they’re playing games, ranging from rampant cheaters to spies who want to disrupt opponents’ networks. VPNs can help protect against these risks and keep you safe from gaming-related dangers. A good VPN for gaming should have fast connections for lag-free gameplay, unlimited connections for all your devices so everyone in your household can game with protection and peace of mind, a no-logging policy to ensure confidentiality and privacy, the unlimited data traffic for playing as much as you want without restriction, an easy interface so that anyone can use it no matter their tech skill level and lots more features besides. These are just some of the reasons why Surfshark is the best gaming VPN of 2022.

Hotspot Shield

Hotspot Shield

When it comes to a gaming VPN, it’s important to find one that works for you. What features are you looking for in a VPN? If the main concern is cost, Hotspot Shield is an excellent option. It’s free—free as in beer or free as in 100% off your first month of service. If you’re also concerned about privacy, Hotspot Shield has built-in ad-blocking and tracker blocking functionality that makes it easy to browse without being bombarded by ads or having your information sold on the black market. Plus, if you can’t get enough of those precious megabytes, Hotspot Shield offers a 500MB connection per day plan that will keep you surfing smoothly without breaking the bank.

This makes it especially good for gamers who live in regions with low latency but high data charges.

  • We don’t recommend using a VPN in Russia or China



Source: The Esports Observer

ExpressVPN has been my go-to service for several years of online gaming, and I’ve been impressed with its reliable connection time after time. The main benefits of using a VPN include the ability to set up your own server, encrypt your data, and mask your location. You can find out more about ExpressVPN’s features in our full review.

But you don’t have to take my word for it: In March 2018, BestVPNz named ExpressVPN the “Best VPN for Gaming” because it allows players to access geo-restricted content, among other perks. It also ranked second in PC Magazine’s “10 Best VPNs for Gaming,” thanks to its kill switch feature and extra features like ad blocking that protect your identity while gaming. While some VPNs may be better at unblocking certain websites than others, ExpressVPN is an excellent choice because it’s so versatile (and fast!)




Based on the VPN’s pedigree and current standing, CyberGhost has the potential to become a top-tier gaming VPN in five years. It combines an easy-to-use interface with powerful features that fully customize your connection and protection from potential threats. It also offers more than 5,700 servers in 90 countries and is an excellent choice for streaming as well as torrenting.

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With its awesome hardware, you can expect to see this VPN at the forefront of virtual connections for years to come.




If you are willing to pay for a VPN, TunnelBear is the best way to go. The myriad of uses for VPNs has increased over the years, and the gaming community is no exception. Gaming VPNs essentially allow you to play from anywhere in the world and dodge various geo-restrictions (like playing Fortnite on your PS4 when you’re currently sitting in Moscow). These extra benefits make it worth paying for one, especially because TunnelBear allows you to use every feature on their service with a free plan.

Those who don’t know what a gaming VPN is or how they work essentially replace your IP address with another country’s IP address, allowing you to trick websites into thinking that you are based elsewhere. This means that if there’s some content not available in your country—be it games or music—you can access whatever it is by using a VPN.

Accessing geo-restricted content has always been a risky business because it is easy for someone else to track what you do online and where exactly it was done. However, TunnelBear encrypts all of your information when using their service and does not store any logs about what users do on their site. That being said, if someone somehow manages to get past this protection (which isn’t an easy task), then there would be nothing left behind showing which sites were accessed at which times by which user account, meaning that the user cannot be traced back easily by someone trying to find them online through Google or Facebook searches (which helps deter advertisers from tracking users).



Source: Looxcie

  • VyprVPN

VyprVPN is a Switzerland-based provider that is known for its fast speeds, solid encryption, and excellent support. Their no-logging policy is verified through a third-party audit, and they even have their own proprietary stealth technology as an added layer of protection. They are one of the best VPNs on this list.

  • Private Internet Access (PIA)

PIA is based out of the United States and has been around since 2010. It’s extremely popular among privacy advocates for its massive server network (5200+ servers in over 30 countries), no logging policy, and affordable prices ($3/mo with a 7-day money-back guarantee).



When you’re gaming on your computer, it’s important to use a VPN. There are a few reasons why this is the case, but first and foremost, it’s because you shouldn’t trust your internet service provider if you upload games to different sites, especially if you’re pirating them. If your ISP finds out that you’ve been playing games online illegally, they can issue a fine of up to $25,000 per infringement.

PIA is one option for protecting yourself from fines and copyright trolls: it has over 3200 servers in 29 countries worldwide. The advantage of PIA is that, unlike some VPNs, which only have servers in major cities like New York City or Los Angeles, PIA has servers all around the world; in Australia and New Zealand, for example.

The great thing about PIA is that their app gives an overview of what server location has the fastest speeds for any given moment, but their app also shows how many users are currently connected to each server. If a server is overloaded with too many users (and hence running slow), then simply pick another one with fewer users until it gets back up to speed again!

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