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The Best Minecraft Xbox One Seeds (2022)



The Best Minecraft Xbox One Seeds

Some of the best Minecraft seeds ever made still work on the Xbox One version of the game, which means you can enjoy them even if you’ve switched over to Microsoft’s current-gen console. However, since some seeds are more popular, they get used quickly. It can be difficult sometimes to find those great seeds guaranteed to spawn you into a massive Minecraft world with plenty of great biomes—but we’re here for you! Here are a few excellent Minecraft Xbox One seed we’ve found by combing various Reddit and YouTube threads.

Super flat: 1088930035

Super flat - Minecraft Xbox One Seeds

(Image Source: YouTube)

This is a flat plains biome. It’s not the most exciting variety of Minecraft, but it’s one of the safest and easiest to survive in, so it might be an excellent place to start your first world. The terrain consists of a grassy plain with no hills or mountains; you can see for miles in all directions. This means there are no landmarks or features to help you orient yourself until you build something—so take your time exploring this area before starting construction!

It may seem like there isn’t much here, but when you look closely at this map, there are some exciting places where someone could build their house or farm:

Jungle temple spawn: – 764516769

Jungle temple spawn - Minecraft Xbox One Seeds

(Image Source: Minecraft Seed HQ)

This is a good seed for players who want to explore the jungle, as it has an ancient temple next to a jungle biome. To find this seed, simply set your Minecraft world to – 764516769 (the number in brackets). Once you spawn in and look around, you’ll see the temple directly below you at 0,26. The temple can be accessed from that point through some steps carved into the hillside. Be aware that there may be hostile mobs lurking nearby; however, if you head just west of where you spawned and follow along the coastline for about 600 blocks (until you hit an ocean), then turn around and go back east towards where your spawn point was located earlier on this page (before we moved on), then continue northward until reaching another ocean shoreline once more…you should notice that there is also an underwater dungeon there!

Desert temple and village at spawn: – 1792890196

Desert temple and village at spawn - Minecraft Xbox One Seeds

(Image Source: MrcreeperGam1ng on YouTube)

This seed spawns you in a desert temple and village just a few hundred blocks from the spawn point. The village has a desert well, two blacksmiths, and even a library for you to use your newfound wealth. There are also two desert temples nearby–one of them is hidden away underground in an abandoned mineshaft. In other words: it’s perfect for whoever wants to live out their D&D fantasy by slaying monsters with an enchanted sword until they level up enough to beat bosses like the Ender Dragon or something equally epic!

Desert temple, village, desert well (and two more temples): – 75268560

This is an excellent seed that’s located in the desert biome. It has a desert temple, village, and desert well. It also has two more temples that are close to where you spawn!

Desert village, blacksmith, desert temple, jungle pyramid: – 704980254

This is a fantastic seed. It has a desert temple at spawn, a blacksmith in the desert, and a jungle pyramid on top of a jungle temple. The best part about this seed is that you can walk around the desert village without getting hungry.

Huge mushroom field biome at spawn: – 1390340066

This one is a lot of fun, and it’s pretty easy to find. If you spawn at – 1390340066, jump into the water and head straight down. You’ll end up in an underwater cave that leads to another cave with a bunch of mushrooms growing inside it. They’re huge! You could just swim around in there for hours, having fun collecting mushrooms, but if you want something more exciting than just swimming around like a fish out of water, go ahead and dive deeper into the underwater tunnels until you come out on land again (where there are no mushroom fields). There will be many other things to see here: caves full of hostile mobs who can kill you quickly; rare blocks like diamond ore and coal deposits; maybe even some dungeons for looting treasure chests!

If all this sounds too dangerous for your taste, don’t worry—it’s possible to make your way back up toward where we started without getting killed by monsters or drowning in water (which would also mean dying). Just follow these steps: First, make sure that everyone else has left their game session so they don’t accidentally get killed while trying to help us win gold medals at science fairs everywhere; then, put down any torches or lanterns before embarking on our journey through the darkness without light sources because they could cause serious accidents when misused during times when visibility is reduced due to natural causes such as lack of sun shining on earth’s surface due to being surrounded by darkness caused by lack of light sources such as stars only being visible during certain times each day rather than 24 hours per day 365 days per year which would result in less need for artificial lighting which allows people not working late nights/early mornings jobs because they’re too busy sleeping instead of working.

Big jungle and savanna biome spawn next to each other at spawn (1.8 only): 1426681478

The seed is 1426681478. It has a jungle, savanna, and plains biome at spawn. The coordinates for the seed are X=0 and Z=0.

The biome that spawns at this location is the mesa (or desert). This particular version of mesa has oak trees, desert shrubs, and cacti, making it even more interesting to explore!

This particular version of Minecraft 1.8 only has two biomes: forests and deserts (it should be noted that some types of biomes don’t exist in this version).

Ice plains spike biome at spawn: – 1526961190

An ice plains spike biome has been generated at spawn in this seed. The seed was submitted by a user named “Rafael,” who says it’s the best seed he’s ever found.

The seed is: -1526961190

This is a two-minute walk from where you spawn, and once you’ve arrived, you’ll be greeted with a fantastic landscape.

The ice plains are beautiful in their own right, but the big draw here is the spiky outcrops of rock that protrude from the ground. They’re called “ice spikes” and rarer than other types of biomes, making them even more special.

Witch hut in swampland biome within 1000 blocks of spawn (1.8 only): 909568303

Witch huts are some of the most valuable structures in Minecraft, so it’s a good thing they’re relatively easy to find. You’ll want to travel 1000 blocks from your spawn point to find this witch hut. You’ll be looking for a swamp biome surrounded by plains, and then you need to look around until you see three trees with leaves on them (this will tell you that there’s water nearby). Then head over 100 blocks north-west and towards where the sun rises (west). Once there, keep walking forward until you see a small hill with an oak tree growing out of it. Walk up this hill and head south until you come across another small hill with an oak tree growing out of it—this one will have some vines hanging from its branches, though!

Now just walk into these hills and follow them around until something interesting pops up: a white brick structure with vines climbing up its side! That’s right—you’ve discovered your very own witch hut!

Huge mesa with exposed mineshaft at spawn (1.8 only): 710463992

This seed spawns you in a massive mesa with an exposed mineshaft. The area is primarily flat, but giant mountaintops are nearby and to the east. You will be able to see the mesa from your spawn point, which should make it easy to find when you start playing.

We hope you’ve enjoyed reading about these top Minecraft Xbox One seeds – any of them would be a great place to start or continue your adventure in the Pixelated world. Don’t give up if you haven’t found what you were looking for. It could be right around the corner!

Savannah Badlands Split (-78688046)

The seed is for Minecraft 1.14 and the Bedrock Edition, and it can be played on Xbox One, Windows 10, iOS, and Android.

The Savannah Badlands Split (-78688046) seed is one of the best Minecraft seeds because it’s full of resources and places to build a village. You’ll spawn near a flat expanse with ample room for growing crops and building houses as you expand your civilization across vast grassland plains (that will turn into savanna once you get enough tundra).

A few minutes away from your starting point will lead you to a large desert biome with lots of sandstone nearby—it’s an excellent place to build a castle or other building out of marble or bricks if that floats your boat!

Mountain Ranges (700682)

This seed is a good choice if you want to start off in a beautiful, mountainous area.

You’ll first want to head west and then south from spawn until you find the mountains. Once there, climb up and towards the top of one of them. You should find an abandoned mineshaft with lots of coal inside it!

If that sounds like too much work for you, there are other things worth exploring nearby as well.

The Ocean Monument Seed (1152091468)

This seed is a great starting point for new players interested in finding diamonds. The Ocean Monument Seed has plenty of diamonds to be found, thanks to the diamond ore available in the nearby village. This is also a good place for you to start your own village and build your first house, as there are plains that can easily be mined and tilled into farmland.

If you’re looking for a mix of biomes, then this seed will provide them all: plains, desert, forest land, and even a tiny savanna biome as well!

Massive Dripstone Cave Spawn (-582063378)

You’ll be able to find a cave in this seed, but that’s not all. There are also many other caves to explore. Caves are great places to start your Minecraft experience, as they’re usually full of valuable resources like diamonds and gold. This particular seed has an abundance of caves for you to find and loot!

Do you know what else makes this seed awesome? It’s almost guaranteed that you’ll have diamonds every time you play it because of how many caves there are in this area! No more spending hours mining for resources or paying for them on Xbox Live Marketplace—just load up your world, collect your diamonds from one or two mineshafts, then go home with a fortune in hand!

Snowy Mountains and Silent Villages (460628901)

This seed features a snow biome but is not as cold as you’d expect. Instead of a barren winter landscape, you’ll find yourself amid an amazing-looking snowy mountain range with plenty of villages nearby—and no mobs or animals around to bother you. The only downside is that this seed doesn’t have any trees, so if you’re planning on building anything large and fancy, your options are limited until you can chop down some trees yourself.

The Best Seeds Can Take You to Great Places!

If you’re looking for a new world to explore, plenty of Minecraft Xbox One seeds are available. These are the best places to start:
Placement: 05300210012306055090100170090501080004205020300900600

Description: This seed takes you to an island with a stronghold. The stronghold is surrounded by mountains and has caves and ravines nearby. There’s also an abandoned mineshaft nearby, perfect for taking shelter when night falls.

The best Xbox One seeds are all about adventure. With these seeds, you’ll find new biomes in Minecraft that you may have never seen before. Some of them even contain villages with NPCs and quests!

If you’re looking for something more relaxing, try one of our other awesome Xbox One seed lists: Best Survival Seeds or Best Creative Seeds.

There’s something here for everyone, with so many different kinds of seeds to choose from! So what are you waiting for? Look at our list below and prepare for exciting new adventures in your favorite game!

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