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The Best Pokemon Crystal Cheats (GameShark Codes)



The Best Pokemon Crystal Cheats (GameShark Codes)

The Pokemon Crystal game is a classic that many players remember playing when they were younger.

It’s also a great game to play at any age, and with these hacks, you’ll be able to get a lot more out of it.

There are so many different ways to hack your game, from simple things like changing the text colors to more complex features like being able to walk through walls or cloning Pokemon.

Tips & Warnings

Before you start, you should know a few things about using the GameShark codes below.

  • To use these codes, you need to enter them into your GameShark device (or GBA/GBC emulator) and then save them. You can’t just type the codes into a text file or anything like that; they must be entered directly into your GBA or GBC console by pressing buttons on your controller.
  • Once you’ve entered the code, save it to one of the twelve slots in your cartridge’s memory (if you have one). Then start a new game and run through some dialogue until an NPC gives you an item—this will cause it to activate immediately! From here on out, whenever this NPC gives away items again (such as when he sells them at his store), he’ll give away whatever was last programmed into that slot in addition to any regular items he might have for sale.

Master Code

To activate the Master Code, you must enter at least one game-specific code. Once activated, all other codes will be used in your game.

To enter the Master Code, choose “Access Code” from the main menu and input:

9E959EF6 94A4E4AA 8F479DD3 DD7DC8D4 2FAC5CF2

Cloning Pokemon

This code is used to clone Pokemon in your game, which is helpful if you want to catch more than one of the same Pokemon.

This code activates the cloning feature in the Crystal version, so first, you will have to activate the GameShark cheat device (or find a GameShark code online) and put it into your game before using it.

To use this cheat, choose any PokeMart and then talk to the man who sells items there. Choose “Trade” as your option for buying something from him, then select “Yes, I’d like some lucky eggs,” as usual.

However, this time when he asks what type of item you want? Choose any item except a Master Ball or an Ultra Ball since these aren’t necessary for the cloning process.

When does he ask again what kind of item? Your answer should be “No, thank you.” Now leave from there without doing anything else because after leaving this screen, we’ll get back into another screen where we can buy another item like before but now, don’t buy any other items; instead, save up 1000 coins on your PC (more coins means faster results).

Now go back into Mart’s main room where our NPC was standing earlier; he’ll ask us again about buying something but don’t buy anything!

Instead, talk with him until he brings up another question asking whether we would like some Lucky Eggs or not.

Choose No Thank You again and leave without doing anything else because after leaving from here, our NPC will give us one lucky egg right away!

Walking through walls

The code for walking through walls is the same for both versions.

Enter “99D1A4D2” (without the quotes) as a code and begin playing.

Rare Candy in PC

First, you’ll need to make sure the game is on to use the code. If it’s not, turn it on. Next, select “Start Game” on the title screen and choose “New Game.” Once this has been done, enter one of these codes:

  • Code Effect

8F6D7DFE Activates Rare Candy in PC box (1)

8F6D7DF3 Activates Rare Candy in PC box (2)

8F6D7DFA Activates Rare Candy in PC box (3)

8F6D7DFB Activates Rare Candy in PC box (4)

Max Poke Balls

You can have as many poke balls as you like using the following code:

0200D1C8 00000063

The first line of this code is the same one used to get 99 potions. The second line is where you put your desired number of poke balls. If you want 999, then enter that into the box.

Always Use Bike

Always use the bike. The bike is a great way to get around and faster than walking. You must press Start and select “Items,” then choose the Bicycle option.

You can also move around using the D-Pad or Control Stick, but this isn’t recommended because it only works on specific terrain types, such as grass and water (but not sand).

Level Modifier

You must first obtain a GameShark device to use the Level Modifier code. Then, enter the following code:

  • For Pokemon Crystal:

0115DAFA 000000xx (replace xx with a number from 0-255)

This will cause your Pokemon to gain experience as if they were fighting at that level. For example, if you put in 0115DAFA 00FF0048, your Pokemon will gain more experience while fighting against 4th-level creatures.

Shiny Pokemon Encounter

To use these codes, you must have a battery with the correct time and date.

These codes only work for GameShark cartridge versions; they will not work on emulators.

To activate the code and get into battles, you’ll need to press Start+Select+A+B simultaneously when you see “PRESS START.”

The game will then ask if you want to activate cheats; select “Yes” or “No.” If it asks whether or not your memory has been modified by another device, select “No” since this code is one-use only!

Once enabled, press A + B + Select + Start again after each battle for an extra item from any trainer or wild Pokemon (such as an ultra ball). This is one of the best Pokemon Crystal cheats.

Multiplier (99X)

If you’re playing Pokemon Crystal, you know that the game gives you a certain amount of money and experience points.

You also have to work hard to get the items in the game. If you want to have more items and money, then this code is for you.

How To Use The Code:

  • Get a GameShark device or any other cheating device that allows for codes
  • Enter this code into your game (note: it will not work on GBA):

A9B804A9 7C0802F6 A94E01F4 BCA99CFD 14C8B6A3 C3CCF81E 6BC69FF7 F8232EE4 1A9577FA E4EF4760 A49DA5CA 4BF37CE5 09F1BBEC

Transform Normal Pokemon To Shiny

This code will allow you to transform any normal Pokémon into a shiny one. You’ll need to use it on the first Pokémon you encounter in a battle, as it will only work on them. If you already have that particular Pokémon in your party, this code won’t work! This is one of the best Pokemon Crystal cheats.

1st Pokemon





2nd Pokemon





3rd Pokemon





4th Pokemon





5th Pokemon





6th Pokemon





No Random Battles

  • To activate this code, boot up your game, then insert your GameShark cartridge.
  • Once you’ve done that, select “Codes.”
  • Then choose the “Enable Code” option.
  • With the cursor over “Enable Code,” hold down L and R and press A simultaneously to enter a code.

Infinite PP For Current Pokemon’s First Move

Next, enter the GameShark code:

8103AF6C 00002801. This will add 1 PP to your Pokemon’s first move. You can use this to get your Pokemon to learn all the moves it could learn, or you can use it just for that one particular move.

I recommend using this once you’ve taught a pokemon all its possible moves and want it to learn a new one.

That way, if any moves are left over from the previous list of learned moves (such as with Magnemite), they won’t be overwritten and lost forever!

Max Cash

The Max Cash code is the most useful and important cheat for Pokemon Crystal. It allows you to get unlimited money in your game, which can be used to buy items you need to complete the game.

This cheat can also be used to pay off debts at the Game Corner if you owe any money there.

To use this code, go into any building and simultaneously press Up + Select + R + B on your controller/keyboard/device.

Then, just place it in your GameShark slot or enter it manually into a code entry screen.

Once activated, it will give your character $65535 ($65535 = six hundred fifty-five thousand five hundred thirty-five) every time they enter a building or fight a trainer! This is one of the best Pokemon Crystal cheats.

All Items and Badges

To use this code, you’ll need to have a GameShark or Pro Action Replay cartridge that has the ability to emulate a cheat device. It is one of the best Pokemon Crystal cheats.

You can also use a Game Genie, but it only works on Nintendo consoles, not the Sega Genesis. Once you have your cheat device ready, follow these steps:

  • Turn off the game before enabling any codes
  • Hold down L + R + Select (or Start) simultaneously while holding reset until you hear two beeps from your console
  • Enter one of these codes below based on which version of Crystal is being played (Japanese or English)

Bottom Line

Hopefully, these codes will help you get ahead in your game. You may not need them all, but they’re good to have if you want to save time or have an easier time with specific challenges. Try them out and see which ones work best for your needs!

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