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The Best PS4 Family Games (2023)



The Best PS4 Family Games (2022)

If you are looking for PS4 family games to play with your family, then look no further. We have done the research and found the best PS4 family games for you. These are some of the best PS4 games to play with your kids. Your whole family can enjoy playing these fun and engaging games together.

These are great PS4 games for kids, from toddlers to teenagers. As their parents, you will also enjoy these games because they offer a fun gaming experience that is appropriate for all ages. Whether you want to play with your child or watch them play independently, these are some of the best options available.

Ratchet and Clank

Ratchet and Clank

Source: Insomniac Games

Ratchet and Clank is a game that kids of all ages can enjoy. While it has a lot of complex mechanics, the game is easy to get into for even the youngest players. The gameplay focuses heavily on platforming. Kids will enjoy jumping from one platform to another and trying to beat a level by getting from point A to point B.

But the game also has some deeper elements that older kids can enjoy, too. Ratchet and Clank have some combat in it, but it’s not as complex or difficult as other games in the same genre. This makes it great for younger kids who aren’t ready for more challenging games yet.

Ratchet and Clank also have some light puzzle-solving elements in them, which can be fun for both kids and adults alike.

Portal 2

Portal 2

Source: Jugo Mobile

Portal 2 is a puzzle-adventure game and a sequel to Portal (2007). You play as Chell, a human in the Aperture Science Enrichment Center. Together with your partner, Wheatley, you must navigate through several levels consisting of puzzles and platforming challenges. The goal of each level is to get to the exit before you’re killed by GLaDOS. The game was released in 2023 and was developed by Valve Corporation.

Portal 2 features several aspects that make it appropriate for family play:

  • It’s funny. This game gets its humor from its clever dialogue and characters. Some jokes are based on wordplay or silly observations; others have more nuanced references that might go over the kids’ heads, but they’ll still enjoy the silliness. It’s a good way to bond with them as they play together!
  • It’s full of colorful environments. The graphics are very pretty in general—this time around you’re not limited to just grey corridors—but they also range from lighthearted cartoonishness like in the Ratman’s Den (the secret area hidden behind a wall) to dark dystopian scapes like Stalemate Resolution (where you fight robots at night).

Ori and the Blind Forest

Ori and the Blind Forest

Source: Xbox on YouTube

In the case of Ori and the Blind Forest, it’s a puzzle platformer where you control a forest spirit named Ori as they try to restore balance to the world. It features beautiful hand-painted characters and backgrounds, with intricate level design and gameplay that is challenging but not too difficult.

It’s a game that will make you think but won’t punish you for taking your time and exploring every nook and cranny. It’s also very forgiving in terms of death—each time Ori dies, he returns to the Spirit Tree where his journey begins, but he doesn’t lose any progress made during his previous run.

Ori is an excellent game for all ages, despite having some sad narrative elements like loss and grief. The story is told through brief cut scenes where no dialogue is spoken aloud—just like Journey before it—making it accessible to non-English speakers.

Unravel Two

Unravel Two

Source: Electronic Arts on YouTube

Unravel Two is a co-op platformer that’s playable either solo or with another person, as well as in both split-screen and online multiplayer. As the name suggests, this sequel has you play as not one but two Yarnys–adorable little creatures made of red yarn and big eyes.

While you navigate through the levels, you can tie yourself to your partner so that you can swing across gaps together. You also need to work together to solve puzzles, like determining how to climb up high platforms or make a path by swinging on an umbrella made out of string. It’s super cute, incredibly challenging at times (in a good way), and beautifully designed. Plus it has some of the most heartwarming music we’ve heard in any game recently.

You don’t have to be kids or teenagers to get something out of Unravel Two–it’s fun for the whole family!

Lego Marvel Super Heroes

Lego Marvel Super Heroes

Source: Gfinity Esports

Lego Marvel Super Heroes is a Lego game about Marvel superheroes, which should tell you all you need to know about it. Like other Lego games, it’s an adventure title with an emphasis on puzzles and exploration. There are also a lot of characters and a lot of humor—mostly aimed at kids, but there’s enough here for adults too (particularly if you’re a big fan of the Marvel universe).

The story is fairly standard: Doctor Doom has teamed up with Loki to collect Cosmic Bricks to build the ultimate weapon. You play iconic characters like Iron Man, Spider-Man, and Captain America as they attempt to stop them.

Rocket League

Rocket League

Source: Rocket League

Rocket League is a football game on wheels, but it’s best played with friends. You control rocket-powered cars to flip and fly around the pitch, scoring goals against the opposition. It’s one of those games that seems simple at first, but you’ll gradually learn how to pull off amazing trick shots and sweet saves as you play more.

As much fun as it is playing Rocket League with friends, the single-player mode is also excellent, especially for teaching newcomers how to play. If you don’t have anyone else around to help you master the basics of driving and ball control, this is a brilliant place to start. Once you’re done with the single-player mode, which can be played cooperatively with another person locally or over a network connection using two controllers or one controller each in split-screen mode, there are both casual and ranked online modes so that you can take your skills into battle against others.

The popularity of the Rocket League means that there’s no shortage of matches online at any time of day or night; when we reviewed this game in 2017 we had no trouble finding matches even late at night thanks to its worldwide appeal.


As the name implies, Minecraft is all about creativity. This game is a sandbox where you can build and explore whatever you want, and it’s equally fun in single-player or multiplayer mode. Since PEGI gives it a 7+ rating, we think this game is a great option for families with kids aged 10 and up. The open-ended nature of the game means there are no goals to reach or levels to clear. Instead, you’ll just enjoy exploring the world around your character while building structures using blocks (anything from simple homes to complex bridges). You could even make castles and forts for your army of golems!

There are two main modes: survival mode (where you can die) and creative mode (where you don’t have to worry about things killing you). Survival mode asks players to gather resources, explore their surroundings, create weapons, and hunt animals for food … but also take on creepy enemies such as zombies and skeletons that come out at night. In creative mode, by contrast, players’ characters never die while they’re busy building their creations with unlimited resources (including blocks that allow flight). You can play this game with friends online or offline too—even if only one person has purchased the game!


Let’s be real: not many games have made the transition from chaotic, difficult local co-op to a more streamlined single-player experience with equal success. Overcooked is an exception. Each level of this cooking game for PS4 builds on the last, turning what starts as a relatively manageable food prep mission into a frantic sprint against the clock. And while it’ll test your ability to multitask, it’ll also provide plenty of laughs (and maybe some shouting) when you play with friends or family—which is how it’s best enjoyed.

Since we’re discussing Overcooked specifically, let’s take a moment to discuss its accessibility and replayability: unlike many couch co-op games, there’s no online multiplayer available at all in Overcooked 2. However, don’t let that deter you; if you can find two players who are willing to share your PlayStation 4 screen during gameplay sessions, you shouldn’t miss out on this one! The game is equally fun for one person or four people (up to four controllers supported), and each level has multiple ways for getting through—so even if your first attempt at beating a level doesn’t go so well, there are plenty more opportunities to explore different strategies later on.

LittleBigPlanet 3

LittleBigPlanet 3 is a side-scrolling platform game that’s best suited for young children. It was developed by Sumo Digital and published by Sony Computer Entertainment. The game was released in 2014 for the PlayStation 3 and PlayStation 4, however, it’s currently only available on the PS4. LittleBigPlanet 3 is the third game in the main LittleBigPlanet series.

As with previous games in the series, players control a character named Sackboy (or Sackgirl). This character can jump and grab onto objects to avoid enemies or reach new areas. Players can also use various power-ups to defeat enemies or interact with the environment. As well as single-player content, there is also local co-op play so multiple people can play together.


The journey is one of the few games that can be played by two people on the same PS4, even though it’s a single-player game. It tells a story without any words, and it’s so much fun to watch newcomers experience it for the first time.

In Journey, you play as a cloaked figure who wakes up in a desert and needs to get back home. Along the way, you meet another player who helps you reach your destination. If they don’t want to help you — or if they don’t know how — that’s fine too.

You can also play Journey by yourself. But trust me: With this game, playing with others is much better than playing alone.

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