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The Best Sega Genesis Games of All Time



The Best Sega Genesis Games of All Time

If you’re into old-school gaming, these are the Sega Genesis games you need to check out.

A game where you play as a giant piece of cardboard trying to get back home after being separated from its owner? Sign me up. You’ll have a lot of fun jumping across platforms and beating down enemies in this sweet platformer.

1. Phantasy Star IV: End of the Millennium

Phantasy Star IV: End of the Millennium is a role-playing video game developed and published by Sega. The game is set in a science fiction fantasy universe, where futuristic technology coexists with magic and mythological beasts.

The story follows a group of adventurers who try to save the planet Algo from destruction at the hands of an alien race called Nei.

The player controls Rolf, a young swordsman tasked with protecting Madia, his sister, as they travel across several continents to gather power gems that will help them defeat the invading aliens.

Along their journey, they meet up with various allies, including other warriors from different lands and races, as well as several companions to join them on their quest, such as Nei, whose people were responsible for creating Phantasy Star Online; Lutz, who was once part of an evil organization but left due to his growing concerns about its methods; Myau—a cat-like creature known as “Feline” type which can transform into different animals depending on what skills it learns over time (such as being able to shoot lasers from its eyes); Nial—a cat-like creature known as “Animal” type which can transform into different animals depending on what skills it learns over time (such as being able to shoot lasers from its eyes); Ryudo—a hunter who seeks revenge against those responsible for murdering his family years ago (which later turns out not all was lost after all).

2. Streets of Rage 2

Streets of Rage 2 is one of the best beat-em-up games on the Sega Genesis. The game has a colorful cast of characters, and it’s an outstanding balance between gameplay that’s challenging but still easy enough for casual players to enjoy.

The music in this game was composed by Yuzo Koshiro, who also produced soundtracks for other popular Genesis titles like Shinobi III: Return of the Ninja Master, ActRaiser (a spiritual precursor to Super Mario RPG), and Streets of Rage 3.

Some tracks from Streets of Rage 2 were remixed for Sonic Generations (2011) on multiple platforms, including PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, and Nintendo 3DS/Wii U (where they are unlockable content).

3. Comix Zone

Comix Zone is a 1995 beat ’em up game developed and published by Sega for the Sega Genesis. It was later ported to Windows, PlayStation 2, Xbox, and Nintendo GameCube as part of the Sega Genesis Collection in 2003.

Comix Zone is a traditional one-on-one fighting game in which players control Sketch Turner, a rock musician who has been trapped inside a comic book. With the help of his girlfriend Annie (who has also been trapped within the pages), Sketch must fight through five levels inspired by various comic book genres – horror, sci-fi, superhero – while collecting canisters that unlock new abilities or weapons for use against enemies.

4. The Legend of Galahad

The Legend of Galahad is a platform game developed by Tiertex and published by Mindscape, released in 1993. The player plays Galahad, who has to save the kingdom from evil goblins and trolls. The game features various enemies, including dragons, goblins, and trolls.

The player can collect items such as health potions and weapons throughout their adventure, which they can use to defeat their enemies.

5. Gunstar Heroes

Gunstar Heroes is a run-and-gun platformer developed by Treasure and published by Sega for the Mega Drive in 1993. It’s one of its most beloved games and has been ported to various platforms, including the PlayStation and Saturn consoles.

The game stars an anthropomorphic frog named Red (or Blue) who joins forces with a bear named Brown (or Yellow) to battle against evil forces led by Emperor Demon Hyuuma (or Emperor Hyuuma).

The plot is thin, but it doesn’t matter because you’ll be too busy fighting through colorful stages filled with adorable characters, wondrous weapons, and bosses as memorable as they are challenging.

The soundtracks are some of the best on Sega Genesis games ever made: each stage has its unique theme song, which plays during gameplay or when you enter/exit an area; some songs even change depending on if it’s night or day!

Most people agree that Gunstar Heroes’ soundtrack is one reason this game stands out among others released during this era!

6. Ecco the Dolphin

You’re a dolphin, and you’re swimming around under the ocean. What kind of game is this?

Ecco the Dolphin is something like an underwater Super Mario Bros. The controls are simple enough to grasp within minutes, but they allow for complex movement and exploration that makes the experience feel more profound than it is.

There’s no high scoreboard or point system here; Ecco is all about being in this world and exploring it with your curiosity and wonder.

The graphics are well done for their time; not mind-blowing by any means, but still impressive (and possibly even more so) for how much variation there is in each level’s design—it makes every environment feel unique from one another.

Sound design is also top-notch: you’ll hear everything from soothing ambient noises to ominous music as you play through each stage.

Not only does it add atmosphere to each section of the game, but it also helps communicate clues about what sort of obstacles might lie ahead—for example, if something starts playing louder than usual as soon as I get close enough, then I know that means there’s danger nearby!

7. Castlevania Bloodlines

In 1994, Konami released Castlevania Bloodlines, a side-scrolling action game for the Sega Genesis. It was the sixth title in their franchise and was also known as “Castlevania: The New Generation.”

This game is unique because it has two playable characters: John Morris and Eric Lecarde. The story begins in 1929 with a woman named Yoko Belnades seeking out John Morris to help her stop Dracula’s son, Alucard (who used to be Trevor Belmont).

After defeating Alucard and his army of monsters, they return to 1917, where they must defeat Dracula himself.

To save Yoko from being killed by enemies on screen or falling off cliffs into bottomless pits below them, players can change between characters at any time using Up+B or Down+B buttons, respectively, on controller 2 (the second player).

During World War I, the storyline takes place when vampires were at war with humans over territory control due to a lack of resources caused by wartime conditions such as food shortages or lack thereof!

8. Shining Force II

The second game in the Shining Force series, Shining Force II, takes place after the events of its predecessor.

It’s a turn-based strategy game with an engaging storyline and great graphics for its time. The gameplay is fun and easy to pick up. Battle animations are simple but effective, while the music is downright fantastic.

The Sega Genesis version is available on the Wii Virtual Console or as part of a bundle with other Sega Genesis games called “Sega Genesis Classic Collection Volume 2.”

This is worth getting if you’re looking for more games from this console!

9. Contra Hard Corps

Contra Hard Corps, a spin-off of the Contra series released for Sega Genesis in 1994, is one of those games that will always be remembered as one of the best titles on classic consoles.

This side-scrolling shooter puts players in the role of Browny and Lance Bean (two army men) fighting against an evil army that has taken over their world.

There are several aspects about this game that made it stand out among its peers: excellent graphics for its time, great music by Yuzo Koshiro, unique gameplay elements such as branching paths depending on how well you perform during certain stages, challenging levels no matter how much practice you’ve had playing previous iterations in this series before trying it out yourself!

You’ll need all your skills if they expect anything less than perfection from yourself or else.

10. Strider

Strider is a side-scrolling platforming game with an emphasis on action and adventure. You play as Strider Hiryu, an elite member of an organization called Striders tasked with protecting the world from evil.

The game takes place in 2048 and features gameplay mechanics similar to those found in Ninja Gaiden or Castlevania: Symphony of the Night.

Your character has several unique abilities that help you traverse through each level: running, jumping, climbing, slashing enemies with his sword (which has unlimited ammo), and firing his gun at baddies too far away for melee attacks.

Strider features a wide variety of weapons that can be found throughout each stage, so players can customize their arsenal however they see fit – allowing them to improve their fighting style based on their preferences or needs at any given point during gameplay.

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