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Top 10 Best Escape Room Games for iPhone and iPad



Top 10 Best Escape Room Games for iPhone and iPad

If you haven’t tried an escape room game yet, they’re a great way to spend some time and get your brain working. They can be hard to find in the app store, though! That’s why we’ve rounded up ten of the best games out there for you to try.

1. Pacific Rim Breach Wars

Pacific Rim Breach Wars

(Image Credit: Pinterest)

If you’re a fan of Pacific Rim, you’re going to want to download Pacific Rim Breach Wars. This is not just another game based on the movie. It’s actually a real-time strategy game where you can play as either the Jaeger or Kaiju, and it’s free to play. The game features a single-player campaign mode and multiplayer mode (both against AI opponents).

You can also choose from different Jaegers like Gipsy Avenger, Striker Eureka, Bracer Phoenix, Cherno Alpha, and more! Or if you prefer something smaller in size then go for Raijin Maelstrom or Saber Athena which are both Kaiju characters!

Overall this game has got an 81 rating on Metacritic which means it’s really good so check out our review below before downloading!

2. The Room: Old Sins

The Room: Old Sins

App Unwrapper/YouTube

The Room: Old Sins is a puzzle game for iPhones and iPad. It’s the follow-up to The Room, which was also released on iOS.

This sequel takes place in the same universe as its predecessor, but you don’t need to play or even have played The Room before playing this one. You can jump right in and enjoy all of the puzzles without missing out on any backstory or context from the previous game.

The gameplay involves looking around your environment through an interactive 3D camera, finding clues that help solve puzzles and unlock new areas of the room you’re trapped in. There are plenty of objects to interact with as well as multiple endings depending on how well you do at solving each puzzle!

3. Death’s Embrace Escape

Death's Embrace Escape

(Image Credit: Solved)

Death’s Embrace Escape is a puzzle game where you have to escape from a dark, scary room. The game is free to play, but you can buy extra hints if you get stuck.

Once you enter the room, all the lights go out and the music gets creepy. You then have 60 minutes to find your way out of this maze of horror and death.

4. Rogues Like Us

Rogues Like Us


Rogues Like Us is a classic escape-the-room game with a good storyline and a good mix of puzzles and hidden objects. You play as an archaeologist who is captured by pirates who have you locked in their cell. You have to find clues and solve puzzles to escape. The graphics are pretty decent for an iPhone game, but it runs smoothly on older devices like my iPhone 6s Plus.

The story is interesting (if not slightly corny), but what I really like about this game is that it’s not too difficult to complete without paying money for hints or boosters. I finished playing through all levels without having to purchase anything, so it’s definitely worth trying out if you want a fun way to pass your time while waiting in line at the DMV or whatever else you’re doing today!

5. Alice’s Patchwork 2

Alice's Patchwork 2

Big Fish Games/YouTube

Alice’s Patchwork 2 is another game from the Alice series, this time with a twist. In this escape-the-room game, you are trapped in a strange place created by an evil queen. You need to escape from her clutches before she can claim your soul!

The game features 15+ levels and multiple game modes for up to 4 players at once, so it’s perfect for families or groups of friends who want to play together. It also includes an intuitive interface that makes gameplay easy even if you’ve never played an escape-the-room game before!

This isn’t the first time we’ve seen Alice’s Patchwork—it was actually released last year on iOS and Android platforms as well (you can find it here). While it doesn’t have quite as much replay value as some other games on our list, it still offers plenty of entertainment while keeping things fresh with new puzzles every time you play!

6. Escape Granny’s House

Escape Granny's House


Escape Granny’s House is a horror-themed escape room game that’s great for beginners and people of all ages. It also comes with multiple difficulty levels, so you can choose the one that suits your skill level best. If you’re feeling adventurous, there’s even a hard mode which is meant to be played in groups of four or five people (though it can technically be played solo). This means that this game could be enjoyed by anyone who likes playing games on their iPhone or iPad, no matter what age they are!

7. Lost Sounds – Adventures of Poco Eco

Lost Sounds - Adventures of Poco Eco

(Image Credit:

If you’re looking for an escape room experience that doesn’t require you to actually leave your home, Adventures of Poco Eco – Lost Sounds is an excellent choice. The game puts you in control of a boy named Poco who must find his way through the world in order to save its inhabitants from eternal darkness. The gameplay is simple: tap on objects and characters in order to solve puzzles and progress through the game. A map shows your current location in relation to other areas you have already visited, but no other navigation options are available—you’ll have to rely on your own instincts when exploring these environments!

Poco Eco has a charming art style with realistic animations for both humans and animals alike; additionally, there are several different types of music tracks available so that players can choose which one suits their mood best at any given moment (some soundtracks feature background noise while others do not). Unfortunately, this app only includes three levels out of fifteen total chapters; however, if they’re anything like what’s already been released then we’re sure they’ll provide hours upon hours worth of entertainment!

8. Geostorm H.E.R.O.E.S. Inc. Global Mission Save Us (Alternate Reality Game)

The Geostorm H.E.R.O.E.S Inc Global Mission Save Us (Alternate Reality Game) is a fun and fun escape room game, which will provide you with an exciting experience of escaping the room. The story of this game is based on the film “Geostorm”, where you have to save humanity from global disasters caused by climate change, natural disasters, and other factors that threaten human lives around the world.

The gameplay length lasts for about 1 hour to 90 minutes depending on how well your team succeeds in completing all levels successfully without any mistakes or errors so that they can be ready at any time if they are needed by their organization called HERS Inc Global Mission Save Us in order to save humanity from total destruction due to climate change etc… You can play this awesome game solo or with up to 4 players at once which makes it suitable for everyone including kids thanks to its intuitive controls so don’t worry about losing interest because it has been designed very well by keeping everyone’s needs in mind like adults will enjoy solving puzzles while children may prefer playing something else instead like watching videos online instead but don’t worry since you can always check out our list below where we’ve got some recommendations too!

9. Tengami


Nyamyam Ltd/YouTube

The Tengami puzzle game is a gorgeous adventure that’s a must-have for anyone who loves escaping. The beautiful art style and relaxing gameplay make it great for kids, but the challenges are also suitable for adults. It’s also good for families because it can be played together—there’s no violence or overly scary content. The game is perfect for casual gamers looking to unwind and explore an immersive world, puzzle lovers looking for a challenge, people who like a good story with their puzzles, or anyone looking to spend some time with family members in this peaceful setting.

10. Hidden Folks

Hidden Folks

(Image Credit: Nintendo South Africa)

Hidden Folks is a hidden object game, available to play on iOS, Android, and Windows. The game has a rating of 4.5 stars on the App Store and 4.5 stars on Google Play.

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