The Best GIF to MP4 Free Converter

The Best GIF to MP4 Free Converter

A GIF is a popular bitmap image format that only supports 8-bit images. Animated GIFs were used to provide basic animation capabilities for websites, and are still in use. GIF animations can be used anywhere, like in emails or text messages. You can also share them with your friends on social networks like Facebook or Twitter. The .mp4 file extension is most commonly associated with MPEG-4 multimedia container files that store audio and video data. It was developed by the Moving Picture Experts Group (MPEG).

What is a GIF?

A GIF is a type of file, an image, a video, and an animation. It’s also a container for media files. A GIF extension can be associated with both animated and static images as well as videos.

So what does that mean? Well, it means that you can convert any type of graphic file from your hard drive or from the web to MP4 format using our free GIF to MP4 converter.

Why Do We Use GIFs?

GIFs are used to express emotions, reactions, thoughts, ideas, and opinions. They’re a great way to communicate in short bursts of time and they can be found everywhere on the internet. The best thing about GIFs is that they convey more information than just one image or video clip. This is why they’re so popular these days; they’re fast becoming an essential part of our digital communication arsenal because they allow us to get our point across quickly by using only a few seconds’ worths of footage!

1. FlexClip

FlexClip Video Converter
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FlexClip is a free, open-source tool that lets you convert your GIFs to MP4 and other video formats. It’s available for Windows, Mac, and Linux operating systems.

FlexClip is easy to use—just drag and drop your GIF into the program. Once it’s loaded, click “Convert,” choose the path where you want to save the converted file, then hit “Save As.” That’s it! But FlexClip isn’t just for converting GIFs; it can also convert videos from other sources such as YouTube or Vimeo videos (though these require extra fees).

FlexClip offers more customization options than most online converters do—you can change frame rate (for example from 24 fps down to 15) as well as resolution. Additionally, if you’re working with audio files like MP3s or WAVs then there are options here too!

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2. Adobe Creative Cloud Express

Adobe Photoshop Express
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Adobe Creative Cloud Express is a free video editing software that can convert GIFs to MP4s. It’s available for Windows, Mac, and Linux, and it’s easy to use: just drag the files you want to convert into the app, click “Convert”, choose your output format settings (if necessary) and wait for the conversion process to finish.

GIF to MP4 conversion has never been simpler!

3. Ezgif

Ezgif is a free online GIF to MP4 converter. Just drag and drop your GIFs or click the “Browse” button, then choose your output format and click “Convert”.

Ezgif supports converting GIFs to animated GIFs, as well as converting other common image formats like WebP images (current browser support) and APNG animations (a newer alternative to animated PNG). It also supports advanced options like trimming frames from the start or end of your video, adjusting its speed and quality, cropping it if necessary, adding text captions or watermarks, and looping it indefinitely or not at all—all with just a few clicks.


Image Online-Convert
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If you’re looking for a free online GIF to MP4 converter, then is the site for you. The converter offers a simple interface that makes it easy to add your GIF files and convert them into MP4s in any dimension or format.

To get started, simply drag and drop your GIF file into the website’s interface. Once added, choose whether you want to convert just one image or multiple images at once—this is useful if there are several images within a folder that need converting (or if all of your GIFs are in separate folders). Once selected, click on “Convert” and wait for your file(s) to be converted into MPEG-4 format with little delay!

5. CloudConvert
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CloudConvert is a free online service that allows you to convert your GIF files to MP4 format. It’s easy to use and works well as an alternative to Ezgif or Convertio.

CloudConvert offers users the ability to upload their image files directly from the website or via drag-and-drop from their computer’s hard drive. The website does require registration with an email address, but it only takes a few seconds and doesn’t require any personal information beyond that. Once you’ve registered for CloudConvert, uploading your file is a simple process: just click “Upload Image” at the top of the page, which will bring up a pop-up window where you can select your GIF file for conversion. You’ll also have options for how many frames should be converted into MP4 format (one frame by default). Once uploaded and converted, click on “Download Your Video” under each video on their webpage in order to download it onto your computer locally–this saves time over downloading each one individually.

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6. Convertio

Convertio PDF Converter

Convertio is a free online GIF to MP4 converter that you can use to convert your favorite GIFs from one format to another.

To convert your GIF files, first, download them from the web (or upload them in the case of a local file). Once you’ve done this, simply select the file(s), choose an output format, and click Convert! You’ll notice that there are several options available for you to customize your video’s resolution and quality settings before converting it.

The great thing about Convertio is that it doesn’t require any software downloads or installations. This means you can start converting your videos right now without having to worry about installing anything on your computer.


Giphy GIFs Converter
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GIPHY is the best GIF to MP4 converter. It is free and easy to use, as well as able to convert your GIFs into MP4s in full HD and 4K.

To convert your GIFs, simply upload them through GIPHY’s website or service in the same way that you would with any other social media platform. Then choose whether you want to convert your files into MP4s or save them as PNG files (this will depend on the specifications of what kind of video player you plan on using). After this step, all that remains is choosing which format best suits your needs: 2D or 3D video playback.

8. AnyConv

AnyConv File Converter
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AnyConv is a free web-based converter that lets you convert GIFs to MP4 files in just a few clicks. You can also convert other file types, including MPGs and WAVs too.

The interface of the site is simple and intuitive, with buttons to select your GIF file from your computer or drag it into the window (it works best if you upload multiple files at once). Once uploaded, AnyConv will automatically create an MP4 version of your GIF on its servers for you to download or stream online!

The website’s FAQ section covers common questions about using their service: “How can I export my video?” “What formats does AnyConv support?” etc., so check those out if these topics are new territory for you!

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