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How to Automate WordPress Lead Verification (A Step-by-Step Guide)



How to Automate WordPress Lead Verification (A Step-by-Step Guide)

Lead verification is a cutting-edge technique for screening and validating the quality of online leads. This method will keep your website free of spam and increase the number of people who become clients as a result.

Automating lead verification in WordPress is the subject of this article. But first, let’s speak a little about getting people to sign up for your website.

Because you won’t be able to check anything if you don’t have any possible company leads!

How to Generate Leads in WordPress?

Even if you have a large number of website visitors, the vast majority of them will never return. Your firm can’t afford to lose customers without capturing their email addresses. You must start communicating with your website’s visitors using social media and email lists as soon as possible.

Lead generation relies on effective communication.

Many WordPress lead-generating plugins are readily available, which is a good thing. OptinMonster is the greatest lead generating and conversion optimization plugin out there, and we strongly recommend it.

Using your website’s traffic, you may quickly develop various campaigns to produce new prospective customers.

Visitors who are about to leave your site may be turned into subscribers and customers with the help of OptinMonster’s Exit-Intent® Technology.

As well as lightbox Optin popups, fullscreen welcome mats, floating bars, coupons, and so on. OptinMonster also comes with a variety of extremely appealing campaign kinds. The lead generation campaigns may be built up using a simple drag and drop builder that doesn’t need the user to write any code at all.

To learn more about WordPress lead generation, read our in-depth OptinMonster review.

Now that you’ve learned how to get fresh leads, let’s discuss lead verification and why it’s essential.

What’s Lead Verification in WordPress? (And Why You Should Automate It?)

To improve user engagement, it’s critical to filter and validate new leads as your website’s traffic increases and new leads are generated. With a growing company, it’s almost hard for you to spend hours manually verifying and segmenting each lead in WordPress.

To help you verify your leads, OptinMonster’s TruLeadTM add-on is at your disposal. TruLeadTM saves you time and ensures that just the leads you desire are added to your contact list in the background.

TruLeadTM removes low-quality leads, boosts email deliverability, optimizes email open rates, and helps expand your company. Spambot email submissions may be avoided in this manner, allowing you to concentrate only on high-quality prospects.

Let’s take a closer look at how to automate lead verification in WordPress by following the procedures outlined here.

Automating Lead Verification in WordPress

To begin, go to your OptinMonster account and sign in. Any of OptinMonster’s subscription plans are available to anybody who hasn’t previously signed up for a free account.

On the top navigation bar, click “Leads” and “Lead Verification” to access this page.

Signing up for the TruLeadTM verification system is required. You can try it out for the first 30 days without risk.

A new filter will need to be created once you’ve joined up for the risk-free trial.

Continue By clicking the Create New Filter button:

The first step is to give the lead verification filter a name. It’s an artificial intelligence (AI)-powered filtering application that does an excellent job of identifying the most likely clients.

You may construct a filter using the drop-down menu if you have numerous domains. This tool may also block IP addresses, strings, characters, and more.

An error notice will appear if a user submits an opt-in form, but their email does not match your lead verification configurations:

This makes it more likely that the correct email address will be added to your contact list the second time around.

For one thing, OptinMonster’s lead verification filter corrects misspellings in email addresses, so you don’t lose out on prospective customers in the process.

Click the Create Filter button after you’re done choosing the choices.

A lead will be immediately rejected when it meets the criteria you set. However, you may check the rejected leads to ensure you don’t miss any valuable email address information.

OptinMonster keeps rejected leads for 30 days after they are removed from the lead verification page. A rejected lead may be manually approved or deleted.

These rejected leads will be permanently erased and cannot be retrieved after 30 days.

TruLeadTM allows you to alter and update the lead verification filter as you learn more about the rejected leads. The filter may also be removed at any moment.

The automatic lead verification option may be disabled from the Your Accounts » Billing page at any time.

In the Additional Upgrades section, search for the Lead Verification option and click the Remove button to turn it off.

In Conclusion

And with that, I bid you farewell! Let us know in the comments if you have any questions or comments on this topic.

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