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How to Change the Wallpaper on Samsung Galaxy S22



How to Change the Wallpaper on Samsung Galaxy S22

If you are enjoying the Android operating system and have a Samsung Galaxy S22, you will want to know how to change the wallpaper on it.

All of the settings on this phone are easy to locate and the images are beautiful.

The home screen is the main screen on a Samsung Galaxy S22. You can put your favorite widgets and apps on the home screen and change their wallpaper.

Your home screen is the main screen when you turn on your Samsung Galaxy S22. You can add widgets and apps to your home screen and change its wallpaper. You can have multiple home screens on your phone and swipe between them to add widgets or change the wallpaper. First, let’s learn how to add a widget to the home screen.

  • Swipe right on the home screen.
  • Tap Widgets.
  • Find the widget you want in the list of widgets.
  • Touch and hold it until a box pops up asking where you want it located, then drop it onto an area of the home screen that isn’t. occupied by another widget or app.

To change the wallpaper on Samsung Galaxy S22, here’s what you do:

  • Touch and hold an empty spot on your home screen.
  • Tap Wallpaper and themes.
  • Choose a category: To choose one of your photos, tap My images > All images > the image you want to use as wallpaper (e.g., “Black cat licking lips”). To choose a live wallpaper, tap Live wallpaper > the wallpaper you wish to (e.g., “Kittens in the snow”). To select a preset image, tap Images > the image you want (e.g., “Polar bear family”). To use an app’s image as your wallpaper, download and install the app on your phone and then find it in Wallpaper and themes, under Images or Live wallpapers categories.
  • Tap Set to assign the new background to either the Home screen only or the Home screen & lock screen(s).

On your Home screen, touch and hold an Empty space

  • On your Home screen, touch and hold an empty space.
  • Tap the Settings icon.
  • Tap Wallpaper.
  • Select either Gallery or Live Wallpaper to set a new background image for your Home screen.

Tap Wallpaper and themes

  • Locate the Wallpapers and themes section in your settings.
  • Select a new wallpaper from there.

Tap the category containing the wallpaper you want to use (e.g., Home screen)

Change the Wallpaper on Samsung Galaxy S22

The steps below will show you how to select a wallpaper for your home screen.

  • Tap the category containing the wallpaper you want to use (e.g., Home screen). The phone will display the current wallpaper and then list the available options under that category: Lock screen, Home screen, and Home and lock screens. You can also choose a custom image from your Gallery app or take one with the camera on your phone. The following images are displayed: Live wallpapers, Gallery images, My wallpapers (which includes preinstalled images), Wallpaper store (*#06#), and Video as a background (*#06#).
  • Tap Video as a background (*#06#) if you want to use this feature. This option is only available if you have an S pen stylus connected to your Galaxy S22 (or another type of compatible stylus connected).

Please choose one of the following options: My photos.

Select a photo from your phone’s gallery, then press Set as wallpaper.

You can have the image fill the screen or scale it and have the background show through blank space. Alternatively, you can crop the image to fit on your home screen, lock screen, or both.

If you don’t see an option that works for you, select one of our wallpaper categories at the top of this page and choose a photo. Your wallpaper will be set as your home screen wallpaper.

Choose one of your photos to be displayed as the wallpaper. Live wallpapers

If that’s the case, you can choose one of your photos to be displayed as the wallpaper. To do this, select Wallpapers in the Personalize menu. Tap on Gallery images and then select the photo you want to use.

Live wallpapers are available that animate your home screen background with movement or color changes. Choose the Live wallpaper option and then select which one you’d like to use.

The last option is Wallpapers, which displays a selection of wallpapers that came with your phone. You can search through them until you find one that suits your tastes and then tap on it to set it as your wallpaper.

Tap a Live wallpaper to display it on your Home screen. Other images

You can also use a video or GIF as your wallpaper. You can turn any photo on your Samsung Galaxy S22 into a still image and set it as the background for your Home screen, Lock screen, or both. You can create your picture out of multiple photos by using one of the many available Photo Collage apps in the Play Store.

To set an animated GIF file as your wallpaper:

  • Go to Settings > Wallpaper > Gallery.
  • Select Animated GIFs and browse through the file explorer to select it as your wallpaper. You may have to scroll down to see this option.

Select one of the preset images that came with your Galaxy S22 phone or use an app from the Google Play store to set an image as your wallpaper. Settings for more wallpapers

  • Slide your finger up the screen to open the app menu.
  • Select Settings and touch Lock screen and security.
  • Touch Wallpaper to select one of the preset images that came with your phone, or touch Wallpapers from Gallery or Google Play store to set an image as your wallpaper. You can also choose a live wallpaper, a video-like image that responds to your touch by moving up and down or side to side, depending on where you press the screen.
  • Download an app from the Google Play store to get more wallpapers for your device.

My device’s walls are too big for my home screen! How can I fix it?

To change your phone’s wallpaper, follow these steps:

  • Open up the Settings app on your Galaxy S22.
  • In Settings, select Accounts (the one with a face icon).
  • Under Accounts, select Wallpaper to open the wallpaper picker. You will see various wallpapers from which you can choose. You can also upload a custom wallpaper by selecting the Custom option at the bottom of this page and selecting an image from your device or downloading one from the internet and saving it to your device.

To change the Samsung Galaxy S22 wallpaper, you need to go into your settings, go to accounts, and select a wallpaper.

First, you have to go into your settings. Then select accounts.

You can choose what wallpaper you want and save it from there. And that’s it! Pretty easy, right?

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