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How to Connect a PS4 Controller to an iPhone



How to Connect a PS4 Controller to an iPhone

The PS4 controller is a phenomenal piece of hardware. It is comfortable, responsive, and has long battery life. It’s also easy to connect to your console or PC, making it one of the best controllers in use in the industry. But what if you want to use your PS4 controller on an iPhone? That’s where things get tricky: using an intermediary device like an MFi-certified Bluetooth adapter or dongle that allows you to pair the controllers together wirelessly over Bluetooth technology. This article will guide you on how to connect your PS4 controller with your iPhone.

Steps to Connecting Your PS4 Controller to Your iPhone

Connecting your PS4 controller to an iPhone is simple, but you need to have a few things in order before getting started. First of all, ensure your controller is charged up and ready to go; this is essential because if it’s not charged up enough, the pairing process will most likely fail immediately. Next, ensure your console is on and ready for use (and also plugged in). To set up your Play station 4 to connect with your iPhone, follow these steps:

  • Locate the Settings menu of your iPhone.
  • Tap “Bluetooth” to get into the Bluetooth menu. It might already be on, but if it isn’t, turn it on by clicking the toggle switch at the top of your device screen. When your Bluetooth is turned on, it will show a green light.
  • Ensure your Bluetooth menu stays open so you can pair with the controller when it appears on your Bluetooth available devices menu.
  • When your PS4 controller is successfully connected, press and hold down the Playstation and Share buttons simultaneously until the light on the controller begins to flash.
  • After the flash begins, you should notice and see the “DUALSHOCK 4 Wireless Controller” pop up on your iPhone device, Bluetooth menu, and other devices.
  • You will confirm the pair status of your controller when the controller stops to blink and turns a reddish pink color.

Failed to Connect? Below is How to Reset Your PS4 Controller 

If you’re having trouble connecting the controller to your phone, try resetting the controller. This process will take about 30 seconds and does not erase any data from the device. To reset your controller:

  • Turn off both devices by holding their power buttons for 7 seconds each.
  • Press and hold the PS button on your controller and share buttons simultaneously until it turns back on, which may take several seconds.
  • Once it’s turned back on, try connecting again with your iPhone.

Download and Set up the App

To get the setup app for the PS4 open the App Store on your iPhone and search for “PS4 Remote Play.” Then tap Get and Install to download and install the app on your device.

Open the app when installed, tap Log in with your PS4 Account if prompted to log in with an existing account, or create a new one if you do not have one already. If you don’t have one, tap Create New Account at this step instead of logging in with an existing account or creating a new one.

To create a new account: Select Sign Up as New User; enter your email address/password combo; select I Agree; enter and confirm your details; tap Next; agree to Sony’s terms of service by tapping Accept on-screen prompts; wait for verification code sent via SMS or email (this may take up to 3 hours depending on where you are located). You should only need to do this once per device so long as you remember your login details for future use.

Troubleshooting Your PS4 Connection to Your iPhone 

If you’re having trouble connecting your PS4 controller to your iPhone, try the following:

Restart both devices. This will force them to start over from scratch and make sure they are communicating correctly. Your phone might need a reboot to clear out any issues that have been causing problems.

Ensure both of your devices have an internet connection. If one or both aren’t connected, it could be difficult for them to find each other connected with one.

Try using a different USB cable if multiple options are available at home or work (and even better, if you can use a wired connection).

Customize Your Game Controls

Customize your PS4 game controls follow these steps:

  • To do this, open the Settings app, tap on “Control Center,” and ensure that “Access Within Apps” is enabled.
  • Next, you’ll want to open up any games on your iPhone or iPad where you can use a controller and press the PS button on your controller when it’s connected via Bluetooth.
  • You should see an additional menu appear on the screen with options for controlling your game with the PS4 controller.
  • From here, you can select what each button does within the game and customize them to fit your preferences.

Final Wrap Up

The PlayStation 4 controller is a fantastic tool for gaming on your phone. It’s also a great convenience when you have to play a game with no touchscreen controls. The pairing process can take some time, so be patient. Once you’ve connected it, you’ll be able to use your PS4 controller with any game on your iPhone, which is a vast improvement over just the touchscreen.

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