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How to Measure Distance With Google Maps on PC/Mobile



How to Measure Distance With Google Maps on PC:Mobile

You are wondering how to measure distance with Google Maps? Read on to find out how! By utilizing the powerful tools built into Google Maps, you can now measure distance and see travel times from anywhere.

Proceed With Haste

  • Launch Google Maps on your computer or mobile device.
  • Determine where you want to begin, and put a pin there.
  • Select ‘Measure distance’ after clicking on the pin.
  • Establish a series of points along a path to determine the distances between the various locations.

Google Maps is a handy application because it can alert you to the cost of using toll roads, provide real-time information about the neighborhood around you, and even calculate the distance between two locations.

You can be forgiven for not being aware that Google Maps can do what you want it to because the final tool is a little challenging to discover.

Whether you’re on a desktop computer or a mobile device, we will walk you through determining the distance between two locations by using Google Maps. It won’t take you more than a few minutes to start measuring things out as soon as you’ve got the hang of it.

Use of Google Maps on a personal computer or mobile device.


If you are using a personal computer, the first thing you need to do is open the Google Maps website and use the search box to look for the location of where you want to begin. Right-clicking on the location should bring up a submenu once you’ve located the appropriate place.

A directional arrow that points to the Measure distance option on Google Maps.

Measure distance. You’ll find a measurement option at the very bottom of this menu. After selecting it, select another place on the map from which you wish to get the distance to the destination. There should be a box there at the very bottom of your screen. According to this information, the distance in a direct line between our office in London and the British Museum is 3.71 kilometers, approximately 2.31 miles.

If you need to adjust to the points you’re measuring, you can do so by clicking and holding the white dot at each end of the line and then dragging it to a new position. You also can click on another point to generate a route that connects several different locations. Here, we’ve measured the distance between our offices in London, New York, and Sydney, and a dotted blue line will appear to represent our findings.

You may determine the distance between two spots on your map by moving this icon to a second location and then dragging the map around to move it there. You can design a route that calculates the distance between numerous destinations by adding more points to your travel, much as you can on a personal computer.

Tap the Undo button if you accidentally set a point somewhere else. If you want to remove all of the issues you have fixed, press the button with the three vertical dots to open the More menu and then select Clear from that menu.


Unless you have superpowers like Kitty Pryde and Angel from the X-Men, measuring the direct distance between two locations probably won’t accurately represent how far you’ll have to walk.

To give you an example, Google estimates that walking the 2.3 miles (3.7 km) between our London office and the British Museum would be a 2.7-mile (4.35 km) excursion, which is significantly longer than the 2.3 miles (3.7 km) that it gave us as the straight distance between them.

Suppose you want to get a better idea of how far you’ll have to go between the destinations. You may easily add locations to travel between, much like the way you can with the regular distance tool, and you can add numerous destinations to construct a route that includes multiple stops. In that case, the directions feature on Google Maps, which is available on both personal computers and mobile devices, is the best option.

In addition, you may explore alternatives for other means of transportation to see how long Google predicts it will take for your route to be completed. However, in the case of particular modes of transportation, such as public transportation, you can only calculate the time and distance between two specific sites at a time.

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