Amazon’s Drone Delivery Service Finally Launches

Amazon’s Drone Delivery Service Finally Launches
Photo by Jason Blackeye on Unsplash

At last, Amazon has announced the launch of its drone delivery service. According to the company, residents of Lockeford, California, are scheduled to be the first to receive packages through the Prime Air program later in 2022.

According to Amazon, this particular service will operate so that customers who live in Lockeford will start seeing items in the online store that are eligible for Prime Air delivery. In this instance, one places order as the person normally would. Afterward, a status tracker with an estimated arrival time on the order will be sent to the customer as the drone flies off to the target destination.

The drone will fly to a space above a person’s backyard, find an area free of obstacles, and hover over the yard at a “safe height,” according to Amazon. The drone will lower the package, drop it to the ground, and take off.

The company went even further, revealing a unique feature of its drone system: the drones are equipped with sophisticated sense-and-avoid systems to avoid obstacles. This system will ensure that the drones detect whether an object is moving or stationary and decide whether or not to change course.

Amazon received FAA approval for its commercial drone-delivery program in 2020.

Amazon spokesperson Av Zammit revealed on Monday that the company started contacting customers in Lockeford this week to ask them to opt into drone delivery. Zammit further stated that once a customer enrolls, an Amazon employee will visit to ensure their yard has enough clear space to accept drone deliveries.

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Drone delivery will be free for Prime members, who can only use the service. There will be “thousands of items available” for drone delivery, Zammit said, while declining to offer more details.

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