Apple Customers Can Bring Their Devices Home as Macbook Parts Are Taking Longer Than Expected

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In April, Apple launched its self-service repair program, but just a month or two after, it is already facing several concerns, including a lack of parts.

As a result of the problem with the supply chain, the tech giant will now allow users to take their Apple devices home just in case the fix takes longer than planned.

They can go back to their device to finish the job, though, once the missing component has been delivered and the repair can be resumed.

Apple Users Can Take Their Device Home

Customers who choose to take their Apple device home will be informed by the service center when the pair they require arrives, claims MacRumors.

The device must be returned to the center within five days, after which the appointment will be canceled and they will need to reschedule.

It is up to the service center whether or not the customer can take their device home while they wait for parts to complete the repair. The repair policy with Apple devices is only applicable to certain centers.

The majority of customers who will be permitted to take their Apple devices home are those who live nearby and whose devices still function even when a part is missing, according to Tech Investor News.

Supply Chain Challenge

According to MacRumors, Apple has been having supply chain problems for several months, which have impacted the release and repair of its iPhone and Mac models.

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It takes at least two months for the parts for the 16-inch MacBook Pro to arrive.

Other components, such as the keyboard, battery, and internal chassis for some MacBook Pro models and the MacBook Air, could take several weeks to arrive.

Problem with Apple’s Repair Program

The main problem with Apple’s repair program, according to a blog post by iFixit’s Elizabeth Chamberlain on April 27, is that the parts have to match the device.

The customer must enter the device’s serial number or IMEI when purchasing parts from Apple’s Self-Service Repair Store because the parts must match the device before they can be installed.

Using a serial number at the register could give Apple “the power to block more repairs,” Chamberlain noted.

She continued by saying that because the parts are restricted to only one supplier, the repair program makes Apple the gatekeeper for approving or rejecting any repairs made to its products.

Customers can call or chat with the Self Service Repair Store’s support staff during the pairing process, also known as System Configuration.

Despite the restriction on parts imposed by Apple, iFixit claimed that it still has a positive outcome.

Customers are assured, for instance, that the parts are made of high-quality materials and not subpar knockoffs and that access to the tools is restricted to Apple-certified technicians only.

According to the publication, Apple will be compelled to be more lenient when it comes to coordinating parts with their products as a result of the Right to Repair legislation. Customers won’t have to wait weeks or months for their devices to function this way.

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