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Apple: Developers Can Now Transfer Ownership of Apps That Use iCloud




The Apple Developer Program has received a significant update from Apple. Apps that use iCloud can now be transferred to another developer, starting today.

You can already transfer an app if you’ve sold it to another developer or want to move it to another App Store Connect account or organization, according to Apple. You can also sell an app to another developer without having to remove it from the App Store.

The company said:

The app retains its reviews and ratings during and after the transfer, and users continue to have access to future updates. Additionally, when an app is transferred, it maintains its Bundle ID — it’s not possible to update the Bundle ID after a build has been uploaded for the app.

The good news is that it’s now easier for developers to transfer ownership of iCloud-based apps. If your app uses any of the following, it will be relocated to the transfer recipient after they accept the app transfer, according to Apple:

The app uses iCloud to store user data, iCloud containers, and KVS identifiers.

Suppose multiple apps on a user account share a CloudKit container. In that case, the transfer of one app will disable the ability of the other apps to read or store data using the transferred CloudKit container, according to the company. Additionally, via the iCloud dashboard, the transferor will no longer have access to user data for the transferred app. Any app updates will disable the app’s ability to read or store data in the transferred CloudKit container.

If your app uses iCloud Key-Value Storage (KVS), the full KVS value will be embedded in any new provisioning profiles you create for the transferred app. Update your entitlements plist with the full KVS value in your provisioning profile.

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