Discord AutoMod Tool Can Help Block Harmful Messages and Spam

Discord AutoMod Tool Can Help Block Harmful Messages and Spam
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Discord, an instant messaging social media network, has unveiled a new AutoMod tool feature after years of grappling with its members’ bad behavior. In 2020, the site received 235,000 reports, with 65 percent spam and 13 percent harassment.

AutoMod is now available on Discord.

On June 16, Discord gave its admins and moderators access to AutoMod, which allows them to detect and block damaging communications before they are posted on the network.

According to The Verge, the utility may be found under the Server Settings menu. Admins and moderators can define a list of words and phrases they want the system to check for and block after gaining access. Depending on the community they’re moderating, they can add up to three custom filter lists.

Those who utilize the forbidden terms or phrases will face the consequences. If someone posts something disrespectful, administrators and moderators will be contacted.

How Discord Handles Harassment

Since it was discovered that Discord played a role in the Buffalo shooting event, where the suspect utilized the server as a personal diary, the platform has been in hot water.

According to TechCrunch, the program could not locate or access the suspect’s server despite typing in unsettling keywords.

Now, the platform is searching for measures to prevent a repeat of the incident. In an interview with Kotaku, discord revealed how it tackles threatening conduct from users, harassment on the platform, and other issues, including doxxing and bullying.

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Discord would publish a Transparency Report that details its users’ online activities. It takes time for the report to be submitted because it currently has 250 million users.

The company’s trust and safety team will evaluate the report, look for evidence, and gather as much information as possible whenever the figures are released.

The team initially concentrates on reported messages, but depending on the severity of the report, they may expand to servers.

The team takes action if there is a demonstrated violation of the platform’s rules and standards. They either delete the offending message or shut down the server completely.

Other Features and Premium Membership

Aside from AutoMod, Discord also introduced two new admin and moderator functions. The hub is the first feature, containing articles created by community builders.

According to Gizmodo, Discord touts the hub as a place where admins and moderators can read articles about how to engage, establish, and grow their servers properly.

Another feature is a separate admin community server where moderators and administrators can communicate and learn from one another. The platform also intends to use the facility for educational events.

Discord also stated that its premium subscription, launched in 2021, will be expanded. It will enable community founders and owners to charge for access to their servers.

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