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Google News Launches New Desktop Design With Topic Customization



Google News Launches New Desktop Design With Topic Customization

With a new design that enables you to follow both local and international news on one page, Google News is updating its desktop website. The redesign makes it simpler to keep up with news on themes and regions that are important to you by putting Your Briefing, Local news, and Top Picks sections on a single page in various columns.

The headlines section and the weather widget were previously displayed first when you logged into Google News. By scrolling down or clicking on these subjects in the sidebar, readers could access other sections including World, For You, and Local news.

To make room for extra columns like Local news and Top selections, the redesign moves all topics from the sidebar to the top of the page. On the top right of the screen, a little area is now occupied by the weather widget. Through a desktop website, Google has attempted to imitate the experience of reading a newspaper or magazine.

“This update is only the most recent method we’re reaching users all over the world with local news. When Google finds local news content that is pertinent to a user’s search, we updated a feature on Google Search last year so that readers everywhere can now view a carousel of local news stories. This makes it simpler for customers to find articles from regional news outlets, the business claimed in a statement.

What’s more, you can click on the customize option next to the Your subjects section to select topics that you want to view on the home page, and even shuffle their order of display.

The updated Google News also contains a revamped Fact Check section, which now also displays the original claim and verified assessment for more information. Google introduced a new “highly cited” label in search earlier this year to draw attention to a story’s primary source.

Google Returns to Spain 

The company said that, as a result of new copyright law, Google News is returning to Spain after an absence of eight years. According to the company, Google News is already available in 125 countries and 40 languages, and it sends 24 billion clicks every month to publishers’ websites.

In order to encourage independent journalists and small news organizations to publish unique stories, Google announced that it is now accepting applications for its News Equity Fund. With the exception of China and Russia, the company will accept applications until July 21 from nearly all nations.

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