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Google Password Manager Can Now Have a Shortcut on Your Android Home Screen



Google Password Manager

It’s now possible to add a Google Password Manager shortcut to the home screen of your Android phone or tablet as of this month — here’s how.

Google has a helpful tool for Android and Chrome that can keep all the many passwords you require for apps, services, and websites, safeguarding them with your Google Account. Google Password Manager can generate unique passwords for each account and even check if any of your old passwords have been hacked to help keep these accounts secure.

Google Password Manager is available on the web and in Chrome’s settings menu under “Autofill.” Thanks to Google Play Services, password Manager is accessible as a complete applet on Android. This Android-native Password Manager experience is superior to the web app since it allows you to unlock your saved passwords using your device’s biometrics or screen lock. On the other hand, the web app usually asks for your Google Account password.

However, getting to the Android version of Password Manager isn’t straightforward. Your first reaction might be to search for “password manager” or ask Google Assistant for it, but both will take you to the online app. Instead, on Android, launch the Settings app and navigate to the Privacy option to get Password Manager. After that, select Google’s Autofill service and then Passwords.

How it Works

There’s a new way to access the Password Manager on your Android device, thanks to the recent “Google Play system update.” The first step is to ensure that Google Play Services is up to current on your smartphone, which you can accomplish by clicking a direct link to its Play Store listing from your device. According to the support website, you’ll need to be on version 22.18 or newer.

Then, as before, launch Password Manager and tap the gear icon in the top-right corner of the applet to access the settings. You should notice a new “Add shortcut to your home screen” option on this page. When you tap this, a convenient menu with the shortcut will appear, which you can drag to your favorite spot on your home screen.

After that, you may use Google Password Manager by tapping the new “Passwords” shortcut on your Android home screen.

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