Instagram tests a new feature to quickly share notes with friends

Instagram tests a new feature to quickly share notes with friends
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Another new feature that would let users post content that would vanish is being tested by Instagram according to TechCrunch. Users can post brief notes, such as announcements, to their “Close Friends” circle or to followers who also follow them using the feature called Notes. Instagram’s version is more akin to sticky notes that disappear after 24 hours, in contrast to Twitter’s new Notes feature, which enables authors to post long-form content.

Marketer Ahmed Ghanem was the first to notice the feature. He shared screenshots on Twitter that appear to show Instagram Notes will be added to the app’s direct messaging screen as a new row above the actual messages. You can add a new note for others to see by tapping the plus button from here.

According to TechCrunch, the Notes can contain up to 60 characters. According to reports, users won’t receive a notification for Notes, but they will be able to view them for 24 hours in the app and respond to Notes via messages.

When compared to posting to Stories, the feature may provide greater visibility for friends’ messages that they don’t want to get lost in the inbox. Instagram will test the feature to see how users react to it and whether it makes sense to make it more widely available. Users can let their close friends know through these notes things like if they won’t be available for calls the following day or if they can be reached at a different number while they’re away.

Instagram acknowledged that it is currently testing the Notes feature with a select group of users.

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“We’re constantly looking for ways to make it easier for you to connect on Instagram. We’re currently testing Notes with a select group of users so that people can quickly share thoughts with their friends, a Meta spokesperson said.

Instagram’s Busy Week

This test comes after an active month for Instagram’s feature releases.

The company launched a number of age verification tools earlier today. It introduced a full-screen feed akin to TikTok last week and expanded its nudges for teens to help them stop viewing harmful content. It launched sensitive content controls and pinned posts earlier this month.

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