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Microsoft Teams Update Will Finally Fix Persistent PDF Issue



Microsoft Teams Update Will Finally Fix Persistent PDF Issue

As a result of a new update for the video conferencing platform, accessing PDF files in Microsoft Teams should be more accessible in the near future.

Microsoft has announced that it is working to improve the PDF experience for users of Adobe’s popular Acrobat tool.

Specifically, Microsoft Teams admins will soon be able to set Adobe Acrobat as the default PDF editor app, eliminating the annoying troubles and frustrations that currently occur whenever a user needs to open a file.

Microsoft Teams and Adobe Acrobat

The update is still listed as being in development on the official Microsoft 365 roadmap, with a public release date of September 2022.

The change, according to Microsoft, will allow admins to tweak current PDF preferences in the Teams admin center, allowing users to view and edit files using Adobe Acrobat as the default viewer and editor.

According to Microsoft, a preview of the update will be available this month, and the tool will be available to all users on Mac, Web, and desktop versions of the platform.

The news comes as part of the latest productivity update, which aims to keep it as a helpful hybrid working tool.

This includes the recent addition of updates aimed primarily at using AI and machine learning to improve the audio quality on Microsoft Teams calls.

The new updates, which are the result of a machine learning model trained on 30,000 hours of speech samples, include echo cancellation, a better audio adjustment in poor acoustic environments, and the ability to speak and hear at the same time without interruptions, which will be welcome news for many users.

Microsoft is also rumored to be working on bringing “Microsoft Teams 2.0” to enterprise devices in the near future, after previously restricting it to consumer accounts.

Microsoft Teams 2.0 supports calling, messaging, audio controls, meeting management, and native Windows notifications, and now allows users to resize windows and quote replies directly from the conversation tab in Windows 11.

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