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Podcastle hops on the video podcast trend with its latest update




As video-led podcasts gain popularity among listeners, Podcastle, which was primarily an audio recording and editing studio, is launching a new feature that enables podcasters to record high-definition video interviews or solo recordings.

By using the iOS Podcastle mobile app or the Chrome browser, users will now be able to invite and video record up to ten guests. Since everything is done remotely, podcasters can record each interviewee’s audio and video separately, a practice known as multi-track recording. As all interviewees are recorded locally by Podcastle and the files are automatically saved on a cloud database, poor internet connectivity shouldn’t be an issue either.

According to Podcastle, it will soon introduce screen sharing and video rendering, which will let users watch interviews with multiple participants at once and download the video without ever leaving the browser. Additionally, a distinctive branding element can be added to the background.

Users of Podcastle click “Create New Interview” on the desktop or “+” on the app to access the service. Next, they decide whether they want an audio or video interview. However, each choice comes with a camera feature. The interview is then scheduled, and guests are added by email address or by sharing a meeting link. Podcasters click “Start Interview” and press the record button to start the recording. The file is automatically saved after the interview is complete.

Users can add the interview to their project after recording what appears to be a Google Meet or Zoom call and then start working on the audio by isolating tracks, adding royalty-free music or special effects, erasing awkward pauses, and more. The desktop is the only place where editing can be done; the app is only for recording.

Originally, Podcastle was a Chrome add-on that made any online article into a podcast. Today, it is accessible via the browser and on iOS devices, and it offers a comprehensive set of tools and features, including an audio editor, a text-to-speech converter, an automatic background noise, and silence remover, a transcriber, and AI-powered features that make it simple for podcasters of all levels to use tools like Magic Dust, which isolates voices and eliminates background noise.

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