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Reddit upgrades its live audio product Reddit Talk with a soundboard, new discovery features




A number of updates to Reddit Talk, the social media platform’s Clubhouse-like social audio product, are being rolled out to help hosts interact with listeners more effectively. A new soundboard for audio effects and a topic selector, which lets hosts choose up to three topics for their talks, are two of these. Additionally, a method for hosts to launch live shows directly from their profiles is being tested. The company also revealed that the Reddit Talk Host Program, which assists new hosts in getting their audio shows discovered, will begin on July 11th.

The updates are intended to increase engagement and compete with Clubhouse, which has over ten million users and was valued at $4 billion last year. Reddit, on the other hand, was most recently valued at $10 billion, but Reddit Talk lags its audio-based social network sibling by a full year.

However, rather than on a standalone audio app, audio programs like this might make more sense on a network where users have already established communities. Reddit stated in February that the number of daily active listeners of Reddit Talk had increased by more than 250 percent in just three months, but it hasn’t revealed the total number of users who have streamed its programs. Over 500 moderators and hosts from Reddit’s various communities have used Reddit Talk since it launched in April of last year (aka subreddits)

Release Date and What to Expect

According to Reddit, the soundboard feature will launch the following month in order to enhance the user experience and give conversations more emphasis.

The desktop version of the feature will include a music track as well as the following eight sounds: air horn, tada, drumroll, sad trombone, applause, boing, cha-ching, and ba-dum-tss. There won’t be any trolls virtually honking for attention because the soundboard is only accessible to hosts.

Other Features to Anticipate

This month will also see the gradual rollout of a Reddit Talk topic selector. Listeners can now find relevant live talks that they might be interested in thanks to this new update. Now, the home feed’s live bar will suggest discussions from related communities that the user is following. Additionally, since the update allows hosts to choose up to three topics for their talks, they will be able to reach more listeners.

The company also disclosed that the Reddit Talk Host Program would now run from July 11 through October 11. The program was scheduled to begin on June 15 and end on September 15 when it was first announced last month. Reddit did not provide a justification for the delay.

The Host Program primarily aids Reddit Talk show producers in promoting their programs. Reddit moves hosts’ talks up the page so that more interested viewers can find and listen. Between July 15 and September 15, hosts must present at least four talks every 30 days (a total of 12 talks) to be eligible. Before July 1st, those who weren’t invited can sign up to participate.

An exclusive Reddit Talk hoodie, microphones, and even a Reddit Talk trophy for bragging rights are among the other program rewards. Invitations to a private server with other Reddit Talk hosts and team administrators are part of digital awards.

Since its initial testing in April 2021, Talk has undergone updates that include the addition of a live audio feature for the web, recordings of previous conversations, comments, and emojis, and a live bar at the top of the home feed to display chats that are currently in progress.

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