Toyota Partners with Tesla Co-Founder to Recycle Old EV Batteries

Toyota Partners with Tesla Co-Founder to Recycle Old EV Batteries
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Toyota will begin collecting and recycling EV batteries in collaboration with Redwood Materials, a business run by JB Straubel, a co-founder of Tesla.

What Is the Plan?

According to TechTimes, the plan is intended to refurbish or disassemble old, worn-out batteries. The components that will be extracted from this will therefore be used to make new batteries.

Redwood, on the other hand, intends to create anode copper foil and active cathode materials using the materials from the old batteries. They are working to create a circular supply chain for clean energy and electric vehicle products. They will become more sustainable as a result, and this is a significant step toward lowering battery prices.

Recycling Can Make EVs More Affordable Soon

TechRadar points out that Toyota will benefit from the program by not having to contribute to the environmental burden of having to replace its EV batteries when they run out of juice. One of the main factors in lowering the price of batteries is that it will ultimately lead to more affordable electric vehicles.

The market for recycled battery materials is still in its infancy, but it is anticipated to grow as electric vehicles (EVs) become more prevalent and the supply of new batteries becomes insufficient to power them. All of the metals in the batteries can be recycled, even though it can be expensive and difficult to do so.

In the end, it is a revolutionary step to relieve businesses of the responsibility of handling used batteries. More importantly, it prevents used batteries from ending up in landfills, which benefits the environment.

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