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How to Get GTBank Prepaid Virtual Dollar Card (2022)



How to Get GTBank Prepaid Virtual Dollar Card

The GTBank Prepaid Virtual Dollar Card is a product that allows you to access and use your money anywhere easily.

It is an excellent card if you want to make purchases online, pay bills or even send money to friends and family in Nigeria or around the world. You can get yours today by following these easy steps discussed in this post.

What is the GTBank Prepaid Virtual Dollar Card?

The GTBank Prepaid Dollar Card is an international payment dollar card issued by GTBank in collaboration with MasterCard worldwide and/or VISA International.

The GTBank dollar card is available to GTBank customers and non-customers who can use them instantly to cater to all their various payment needs.

How to Get The GTBank Prepaid Virtual Dollar Card

GTBank Prepaid Virtual Dollar Card

Getting the GTBank Prepaid virtual dollar card is not difficult, given how easy the steps are. Before applying, it is good to know that you can get the GTBank Prepaid virtual dollar card as an account holder with the bank or as a non-account holder.

To request the GTBank Prepaid virtual dollar card as an account holder with the bank, you will need to:

  • Completed Application form
  • Issuance fee of ₦1,000

If you are a non-account holder, you will require these to request and get your GTBank Prepaid virtual dollar card:

  • Completed Application form
  • One recent passport photograph
  • A recent utility bill
  • A photocopy of your Driver’s License or International Passport
  • Issuance fee of ₦1,000
  • Annual Maintenance fee of $10 (or its equivalent in dollars)
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How Does the GTBank Virtual Dollar Card work?

The GTBank Virtual Dollar Card is linked directly to your bank account and does not require any verification from other parties aside from yourself. For customers to use their virtual cards, they must first link them to their accounts under “Payment Settings.”

They can then proceed with payments by logging into their online banking portal and choosing which payment method they wish to use on the checkout page of any merchant website where they want products delivered.

After applying for and getting yours, you can activate the card by calling +2348073626701, visiting any GTBank ATM, or

Can Someone Use My Card Without My Knowledge?

Only the cardholder can use the GTBank prepaid virtual dollar card. The cardholder must be 18 years or older; you must not have an account with GTBank to be able to use the GTBank virtual dollar card. While using the GTBank dollar card, the following are not allowed:

  • Giving your password to someone else (your account is in your name)
  • Lending your card to anyone else (you should protect it at all times)

What Happens if I Forget My Card PIN?

If you forgot your PIN, the first thing to do is call the customer care of GTBank, or disable your card using the GTWorld app under the card management tab. When you call customer service, you will be asked to provide the following details:

  • Your name and card number.
  • The last four digits of your card.
  • Your date of birth

How Do I know if My Online Purchase Was Successful or Not?

When you make an online purchase and pay with your GTBank Prepaid Virtual Dollar Card, you will receive confirmation of the transaction from:

The merchant. A merchant (such as Amazon) will usually send a confirmation email when they receive your payment. This email is usually sent to the address associated with your credit card or debit card, so check this address if you don’t receive any confirmation.

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Your bank (GTBank). Use GTBank’s online banking services. It may take a few hours for them to process your payment before sending you any kind of confirmation email about it but once they do process it, expect to get an email from them saying that everything went off without a hitch. Sometimes this can take longer because of high traffic on certain days or bad weather conditions.

Can I Use The Card to Pay Bills?

You can use your card to make cross-border web payments. There are no limits to the number of bills you can pay with your Prepaid Virtual Dollar Card. One of the most attractive features of this card is that it can be used to pay bills across platforms and amounts.

Can I Use the Card to Subscribe to Cable TV or Any Other Service on the Internet?

GTBank Prepaid Virtual Dollar Card is designed to be used for online shopping. You can use it to pay for a cable TV subscription, pay for services on the internet, and any other service that accepts payment through credit and debit cards.

How to Load Your GTBank Prepaid Virtual Dollar Card from Your Domiciliary Account

If you have a domiciliary account with GTBank, then you can load your Prepaid Virtual Dollar Card from the following channels:

  • GTBank Mobile App
  • GTBank website
  • Any GTBank branch.
  • You can also load your Prepaid Virtual Dollar Card nationwide at any ATM or POS location.
  • Get GTBank Prepaid Virtual Dollar Card today

Final Wrap Up

If you think this card could be helpful to you, then it’s time to get one. You can apply for the card through GTBANK’s website or any branch across Nigeria. Once you have applied and been approved, the next step is to load your card with funds.

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