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10 Best Christian Movies to Watch on Amazon Prime



Christian movies are a beloved genre. If you’re looking for an excellent movie to watch, Amazon Prime has plenty of Christian titles that will keep you entertained from start to finish. This list will explore the best Christian movies on Amazon Prime right now for you to watch on your next movie night.

1. The Pilgrim’s Progress (2019)

The Pilgrim’s Progress (2019)

Vision Video/YouTube

The Pilgrim’s Progress is a movie based on the book by John Bunyan. It tells the story of Christian, a man who travels to the Celestial City to find peace and happiness. He is helped along his way by the Evangelist, who helps him overcome obstacles such as Vanity Fair and Slough of Despond. The film stars Michael York as Mr. Worldly Wiseman, Sir John Gielgud as Talkative, Anthony Hopkins as Mr. Greatheart, Genevieve Waite as Faithful, Oliver Reed as Hearty, and Harry Andrews in several roles, including Faithful’s father-in-law Pliable and Obstinate.

2. Run the Race (2019)

Run the Race (2019)

Image Source: MyFlixer

Run the Race is a 2019 Christian movie filmed in South Africa. The story follows Michael (Clayton Barber), a former Olympian whose track career ended due to an accident. He becomes a pastor and tries to help his church members overcome their struggles. The film was written by Mark Dalley, who also directed the movie along with Richard James Allen.

The storyline and plot of this movie are very well developed throughout the movie; they’re entertaining while still containing meaningful messages about life’s difficulties as well as how vital faith in God is when addressing them. The movie also presents some themes related to forgiveness and redemption that may resonate with many viewers depending on their personal experiences or beliefs regarding religion or spirituality.

3. Overcomer (2019)

Overcomer (2019)

Overcomer Movie/YouTube

In this Christian movie, Chad Michael Murray plays a character named Jacob, who is a firefighter and a Christian. The story is set shortly and deals with the end of the world and the second coming of Jesus Christ. The movie was panned by critics but had an audience rating of 4 out of 10 stars on IMDB, which means that it’s not so bad.

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4. Christian Mingle (2014)

Christian Mingle is a 2014 Christian drama film directed by David Mackenzie. It is based on the novel of the same name by Michael Field.

The film stars Chris Pratt, Anna Friel, and Craig Roberts. Chris Pratt plays a grieving widower who has lost his wife and son in an accident.

He meets a woman named Esther (Anna Friel) at church, who helps him get back into life again with her support system and faith in God’s love after their first date ends up going horribly wrong due to Esther’s ex-boyfriend interrupting their time together.

5. I’m in Love With a Church Girl (2013)

I’m in Love With a Church Girl (2013)

YouTube Movies/YouTube

The film stars Michael Clarke Duncan as a pastor married to a woman from his congregation, played by Lisa Raye McCoy. When he meets a beautiful young woman (Adrienne Bailon) at church, he falls in love with her. This sparks internal conflict because he has been struggling with lust for years and has had multiple affairs behind his wife’s back. At the movie’s end, the pastor breaks up with his wife and leaves with Bailon with plans to get married soon after.

6. In God’s Time

In God’s Time Movie

YouTube Movies/YouTube

In God’s Time is a Christian drama film directed by Michael Roiff and written by Michael Roiff, Mark Roiff, and Mark Roiff. It stars John Schneider, Tanya Allen, and Michael Roiff. The story follows an ex-marine who seeks redemption after his wife and daughter are killed but finds it hard to forgive himself.

7. By God’s Grace (2014)

By God’s Grace (2014)

The film follows the story of a family who struggles to survive after losing their home, jobs, and possessions in a tragic fire. The family is saved from despair by God’s grace, which manifests in various ways throughout the movie. By God’s Grace features many familiar faces from other Christian films, such as Kirk Cameron and Pat Boone.

The film was produced by David A.R. White, who starred in it along with his wife Cara Mia White (who plays his wife). The couple also worked together on another movie called An Unfinished Life starring Robert Redford. It is available on Amazon Prime Streaming but did not make this list because it does not focus exclusively on Christian themes like By God’s Grace does.

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8. Once Upon a Summer (2009)

Once Upon a Summer (2009)

SunWorld Pictures/YouTube

Once Upon a Summer is a film about the power of forgiveness and the importance of family, faith, and communication. It stars Ray Romano and Patricia Heaton. The plot revolves around a father who struggles to communicate with his daughter after he loses her mother in an accident. The protagonist’s journey throughout this film shows how important it is to forgive someone when they have wronged you and how much we must rely on our families for strength.

9. Selfie Dad (2020)

Selfie Dad (2020)

You don’t have to be a father to appreciate this movie, but those who are will find it incredibly emotional. The main character struggles with his faith and ultimately finds himself through his relationship with his daughter. The main character’s faith is tested when his daughter is diagnosed with cancer.

As he struggles to come to terms with the diagnosis, he also learns that she has been hiding something from him, a secret that could devastate their family. As we follow this father’s journey, we see how God works in our lives no matter what circumstances we face or mistakes we make along the way (even if they’re caused by technology).

10. Letters to God (2010)

Letters to God (2010)

Letters to God is a 2010 movie about a father who loses his daughter in a car accident. The man starts writing letters to God, trying to find some sort of closure. The letters help him move on with his life and eventually find peace. The movie is based on a true story and was released in September 2010 as an independent film by American actor Mark Feuerstein.

Here’s a summary of the best Christian Movies to watch on amazon prime:

  1. The Pilgrim’s Progress (2019)
  2. Run the Race (2019)
  3. Overcomer (2019)
  4. Christian Mingle (2014)
  5. I’m In Love With A Church Girl (2013)
  6. In God’s Time
  7. By God’s Grace (2014)
  8. Once Upon a Summer (2009)
  9. Selfie Dad (2020)
  10. Letters to God (2010)

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