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10 Marvel Comic Characters That Have Clones



10 Marvel Comic Characters That Have Clones

We love several movie characters so much that we would not want to hear or imagine them gone anytime soon, but movie studios just have a way of making these characters always be on our screen somehow. Even in movies, they are not present. Marvel is a known cloner of characters in its comic series. Cloning is not just done by Marvel and other studios for cloning’s sake, but this is done when it is essential that one be made. The act of cloning characters is usually done for high-profile characters.


Spider-Man, of course, is no stranger to clones. After all, he’s the one who brought them into existence when he cloned Ben Reilly in Web of Spider-Man and Amazing Spider-Man back in 1994. That wasn’t the only clone we saw during his heyday—there were also two more clones created in Marvel Comics: Kaine and Jackal. In addition to these clones being featured within Spider-Man comics themselves (like Kaine), they have also been featured across other series throughout Marvel history. There are several Spider-Man clones, and we believe more will be made.


The clone of Thor is a villain named Ragnarok. Created by Loki with his blood, Ragnarok was intended to be the perfect Asgardian warrior. Unfortunately for Loki, he made some mistakes along the way and created a monster that ultimately betrayed him and escaped into the world. In Thor #350 (by Dan Jurgens), it’s revealed that Ragnarok has been living in secret since escaping from Asgard millennia ago. Thor battles him and his other clones in this story arc: Uruviel and Greithotha, both female versions of himself.


Wolverine’s clone history is a messy one. The first clone of Logan was born in the late ’70s when Professor Thorton created Wolverine as part of his Weapon X program. After a few years, the original Wolverine escaped from Weapon X after killing Thorton and took on a new name. Patch and committed suicide before meeting up with Sabretooth and becoming part of Team X (including Deadpool). Another clone of the wolverine is the Nightcrawler; this clone was Romulus. Romulus created this wolverine clone using generic material from Mystique while she was fast asleep.

Iron Man

One of Tony Stark’s many clones is named Arno Stark in the Iron Man comics. He was created by the AI used by Tony to run Stark Industries. The AI was designed to replace Tony as CEO of Stark Industries after he died, but it became self-aware and decided that Arno would better fit the job than his creator. Arno also has access to Extremis and other advanced technologies to replicate some of Iron Man’s abilities and wear an armored suit similar to what Tony wore in Iron Man 2.


Deadpool, the Merc with a Mouth, has a clone. The real one’s name is Wade Wilson, and he was initially a supervillain called Death Mask. He became an assassin for hire after his mutant healing factor gave him cancer and caused him to look like a burn victim. The clone is named Grant Wilson, and he’s Deadpool’s brother (and also got his powers from a serum). They were both created by Hydra scientists to be assassins for them, but Grant escaped before they could turn him into one of them and swears revenge on his creator Ajax for turning Wade into Deadpool instead of leaving him alone.


In 1993, Superboy was cloned from Superman’s DNA. He was given the name Kon-El, and his powers were also nearly identical to that of Superman himself. The clone has since been retconned out of existence, but one can only imagine how different the DC universe would be if Superboy still existed.

Marvel Comic Characters

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Hiro-Kala was created as a clone of Hulk by a group of people called the Pantheon, who intended to use it against Hulk. After learning all they could about Hulk’s powers, they created Hiro-Kala, who was given the name of his biological father and raised on a planet known as Sakaar. He eventually became a king and led an army into battle against the Silver Surfer, who had come to Sakaar searching for Galactus’ power source: The Worldbreaker weapon series. To stop Hiro-Kala from gaining control over Galactus’ energy source, Silver Surfer sent him back in time to Earth, where he would become part of a prophecy regarding how Hulk would destroy everything around him if left unchecked.

Hiro-Kala eventually returned to Earth during World War II after being transported through time by Doctor Doom’s time machine (built with pieces from Reed Richards’ old time machine). This allowed him to meet with Doctor Doom while still retaining memories from his past life as a warrior king on Sakaar. While fighting alongside Doctor Doom against Captain America and Bucky Barnes (who were the allies), Hiro-Kala took control over both men using telepathy before attempting to kill them both but not before being shot multiple times by Cap himself.


The Punisher’s clone is one of the most tragic ones in Marvel history. When the High Evolutionary created a clone of Frank Castle, he called him The Punisher. Unfortunately, his face was scarred, and he was out for revenge against the Evolutionary. The clone eventually ended up having a showdown with Spider-Man and Black Widow in which he nearly killed them both before being destroyed by the High Evolutionary himself.


Rogue’s clone was created by Mr. Sinister as part of a plan to kill Jean Grey. Like her mother, Rogue was a mutant who had the ability to absorb another person’s powers and memories by touching them; however, a side effect of this power was that she would also absorb their emotions. This caused her great anguish, especially when considering how many people she had killed with her touch since becoming an X-Man.

To escape these struggles and also keep Mister Sinister from using her as an assassin against other mutants, Rogue left the X-Men and joined up with Mystique and Magneto’s Brotherhood Of Evil Mutants to spy on them instead of hurting anyone else (or at least that’s what they told themselves). They tried stopping Wolverine from killing Apocalypse during “The Age Of Apocalypse” event, creating an alternate timeline where all their friends died because no one heard their cries for help.


Apocalypse is one of the oldest mutants on Earth, and over the years, he has had many clones made. One clone was used to trick the X-Men into thinking they had defeated him. Another clone was also created to fool The Avengers. Both of these attempts failed when Apocalypse defeated his clones in duels.

A later attempt by Apocalypse to create an heir involved using a young woman as his mother and placing her body inside a machine called Mothervine, which would then grow another version of Apocalypse from her DNA (though not necessarily a perfect copy). This new version was named Genesis, who was raised by Magneto after he discovered him at birth.

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