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9 Best Heist and Bank Robbery Movies on Netflix



Heist movies are some of the most entertaining genres out there. They’re perfect for a movie night when you want to watch something exciting but don’t want anything too intense.

Heist movies give you a good relaxation feeling; here are some of the best heist movies to watch on Netflix right now.

1. Red Notice (2021)

9 Best Heist and Bank Robbery Movies on Netflix

The film Red Notice is an action-packed movie starring Dwayne Johnson and directed by Rawson Marshall Thurber.

It was released in 2021 with a budget of $100 million and made a box office gross of $400 million worldwide.

The plot follows Russian mafia leader Baba Yaga (Johnson) as he attempts to elude Interpol’s pursuit after he has committed a crime that resulted in the deaths of many people.

Baba Yaga is on the run by law enforcement authorities and rival criminals who wish him dead.

Red Notice is rated R for violence and language throughout, sexual content/nudity, drug use and some graphic nudity (including brief full frontal male nudity), mature themes throughout generally associated with an adult audience, as well as some milder crude humor/references throughout directed at adults only. Red Notice is one of the best Heist and Bank Robbery movies on Netflix.

2. Coin Heist (2017)

In this movie, a group of students conspires to steal a rare coin collection from their school, but their plan turns into something much bigger than they ever imagined.

Coin Heist is one of those movies that makes you think, ‘how did I miss this?’. It’s not just another typical heist movie where the characters don’t have any motivation other than “revenge” or “money.”

However, Coin Heist does provide both for its characters in a way that feels unique. This is considered one of the best Heist and Bank Robbery movies on Netflix.

3. The Last Days Of American Crime (2020)

9 Best Heist and Bank Robbery Movies on Netflix

This is it if you’re looking for a film that will keep you on the edge of your seat. The Last Days of American Crime star Nicolas Cage as Jim Ford and Michael Peña as Charlie Wright.

Together they travel across America to commit crimes to stop crime before it happens. Dan Bush directed the film.

The movie was released in January 2020 by Blumhouse Productions and Universal Pictures.

The Last Days Of American Crime have received mixed reviews from critics but are nonetheless considered an exciting heist movie. This is one of the best Heist and Bank Robbery movies to watch today.

4. Army Of Thieves (2021)

9 Best Heist and Bank Robbery Movies on Netflix

Army of Thieves is a heist movie about a group of soldiers who plan to rob a bank. The movie starred Gary Oldman and Andy Garcia and was directed by the Russo brothers (known for their work on Captain America: The Winter Soldier).

The movie is set in the future, where the world has been ravaged by war and famine, which makes it an exciting setting in its own right.

This is one of those heist movies you can watch if you’re bored or need some mindless entertainment. It doesn’t require too much thought at all.

5. Triple Frontier (2019)

Triple Frontier is a 2019 heist film directed by J.C. Chandor and starring Ben Affleck, Oscar Isaac, Charlie Hunnam, and Garrett Hedlund.

It follows five special forces veterans who plan to rob a South American drug lord’s $75 million stash to fund their retirements, but the heist continues with attendant challenges.

Triple Frontier is ranked as one of the best Heist and Bank Robbery movies on Netflix.

6. Lupin (2021)

Lupin is an action-packed movie about the legendary thief Lupin the Third, who uses his wits to steal from his enemies.

Lupin plans to steal a gem called “The Water of Life,” but he’ll have to go through a lot of trouble if he wants to get it. In this film, most of Lupin’s allies are also coming back.

Jigen is back, and so is Goemon, Fujiko Mine, and Inspector Zenigata.

They’re all here because they want revenge on Inspector Zenigata for arresting them in previous films.

Takeshi Miyazaki directed Lupin(2021), released on June 26th, 2021, in Japan with English subtitles available and other languages like French or Spanish, depending on where you live.

It has received mixed reviews from critics, with some saying that it didn’t live up to their expectations while others loved every minute.

7. The Hurricane Heist (2018)

The Hurricane Heist (2018)

The Hurricane Heist is a 2018 action thriller movie starring Toby Kebbell, Maggie Grace, and Ryan Kwanten. It was directed by Rob Cohen and released in 2018.

The runtime of this movie is 1h38min. This film got a rating of PG-13 from the MPAA for intense sequences of violence, action, destruction, and mayhem, language throughout, and brief drug content.

It’s about a group of thieves who attempt to steal from an emergency evacuation shelter during a Category 5 hurricane in New Orleans but have to fight off corrupt cops while at it.

8. Son Of A Gun (2014)

As a kid, Venkatesh was kidnapped by a notorious armed robber and murderer named Guna. After spending ten years with Guna, Venkatesh decides to seek revenge against him.

An intense battle of wits ensues between the two men as they try to outsmart each other and get the upper hand in their struggle for supremacy in the criminal underworld.

Son of A Gun is a 2014 Malayalam action film written and directed by Rajesh Pillai. The film is based on the life of Venkatesh (Mammootty), a notorious bank robber who was arrested in 2001 after robbing 22 banks over 15 years.

9. The Saints (2017)

The Saints (2017)

The Saints starred Jon Hamm, Ethan Hawke, and Dan Stevens and was directed by Scott Mann. The film is based on the true story of a real-life bank heist conducted in London in 1983.

The heist was a real-life heist in which 72 men broke into a vault at the Hatton Garden Safe Deposit Company over the Easter weekend with tools as varied as an angle grinder and suction pads. The loot amounted to about $15 million (approximately $30 million today).

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